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How's it going

Who's all here?

How did the last discord get banned?

Is everything fucked?

Can you give me a basic bitch summary?

Sounds good.

20,000 republicans in Illinois just voted for Arthur jones. An overt neo Nazi.

That's fucking awesome.

Lol apparently the RNC was making robocalls in his district telling everyone that he was a Nazi. That's probably where the 20,000 votes came from.

Was it discord that leaked them?

Sticking to audio seems like the best way to go about things

It has to be done then and there. They can't mass screencap

Also, almost all petty infighting is done through text. Look at how our friend Ricky Bobby talks online vs how he talks with striker

Kessler is free

How did so many people get doxxed after UTR?

Yeah but your face is just a face. Not much to go on. I'm guessing Airbnb helped

What if you're from out of state without a social media presence

If you're wearing a hat and sunglasses then they're SOL.

Anyways, Kessler is free.

How did the guys who kicked DeAndre's ass get caught?

Damn. This is why antifa swats cameras out of people's hands

More discord logs just got leaked from IM people. What if we set up some 8chan board for all our discussion?

It was from Vex's group.

@PunishedHadrian TRS guy leaked the logs of Vex's fashlash and fuck the alt-right server.

I think most of our shitposting chats should be on our own 8chan board.

Always assume there's an infiltrator recording every conversation

Jereb just got snatched up by the feds

Black shirt, jeans, and boots isn't good?

Ugandan warlords

When you accidentally filet your finger with your k-bar

New logo

Curtesy of Anglin

Is Colton the guy with the Hitler tattoo that used to post in the politics and sociology Facebook debate group?

I'm pretty sure that's him.

Colton's tattoo was a weird design right? It was a bunch of straight lines stacked on to of each other and looked like it came out of some old fashioned newspaper print

What happened to him?

Dillon from American Vanguard?

I was part of AV. It was a fucking joke

99% of alt right groups are discord shitposting groups

43 total messages. Viewing 250 per page.
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