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@Eris role me

watch your mouth



cozy server

account gone in 3 2

what was your previous avi


what was previously


where do I get one

I’m white, tall, handsome, charming, have above average wealth and I don’t like kikes

now how do I get one

show me your face xela

that’s all lesser men and or women, though

and femboys deserve to get owned

show your tiny dick

just get some Europeans

don’t taint him

yeah, do it xela

I want to see if you’re cute

@Deleted User now show your butt

alright, look

it’s a vetting process

I was here before u

but I was banned, lol


I don’t even think I did

show me femboy ass

I’m gonna turn your ass yellow and purple


mango is good

you fell into Bear’s bussy

and then had his way?

hey guys daily reminder that fren stands for far right ethno state!!

@Deleted User give me a kiss, bitchboy

I’d drink more if I wasn’t on opiates

I’d rather not die at 20

chug it, slut

pull a Chris chan

cum in a cup then mix it with the rest

then chug, slut

much better, you adorable faggot

on a leash?

what’s not to love about that

free use

push her face into the concrete, step on her and use her


can’t catch me, copper

I think kikes are a bigger worry

nah, it probably us

shut the fuck up, bot

we’ve got a couple prescriptions too, but they’re more recent than old

mostly opiates and benzodiazepines

Xela, if you come over I’ll drug you with GHB

So you’ll become a complete lustfilled whore

What’s your type?

Pain clinics

Alright, come over and you’ll get some oxycodone

@Deleted User you’re invited


hell no

actually, sure

I’ll fuck this faggot commie


@Deleted User give me a hug

show me ass

eris showed ass

no you don’t

I’m going to fuck the life out of @Deleted User

I’m gonna go eat, be back soon

don’t watch abime



gross name

you’re getting the rope bran

the day of the rake can’t come soon enough

you think it’s a good name?

Black is a myth, lol

Suck mine instead

You can only worship one

I’m possessive

You sure do love my cock 👀

Just DM 🤷

you’re fuckable too, silly

in due time

adorable faggot

you just said you’re thirsty for cum

cum is at the end of the rape

so bend over

shouldn’t even need to be said, I’m going to gag you then fuck you until you whimper

he’s always horny

I usually curb my behavior... sometimes. 🤔

@Deleted User Is this true?


am I the only one who got in yours? 🤔


depends, who was it 🤔

don’t worry, I’ll discipline him

rope him up and lash his back twenty times for being a slut

nobody owns you yet except me 😇

and I’ll make sure it stays that way

harassed, lol

he won’t have much choice

it did get boring

it wore itself out after 2 seconds of me looking at it


I don’t think it’s LGBTQ at all

Also, I personally don’t have any problem with anyone but kikes

The Third Reich was pretty nice

Not to be LGBTQ+ but what’s poppin

Every single human being is a hypocrite in one way or another

Eris secretly loves BBC and wants to be put in her place

I genuinely hate Google with every fiber of my being.

It might just be the most corrupt and morally evil company.

Genuinely kill them off

imagine eating the rich

haha very funny my good rebel friend hehe



fuck toy

excuse you

I own numerous, but that’s about as far as the term applies to me

to be eris

cause she cute n smol

can’t even tell what it is


could be you, alright

how’s your head feeling?

I think being in control is much more fun, personally

tell panda his not is doing God’s work



the responses it pools are great, though

constantly confuses new users

even though it says bot

I’ll stab you so you can pass out, try to get some sleep from that

go buy some melanin

first off, shut your phone off

doesn’t help

and then lay there in bed for 2 hours with your eyes closed until you finally fall asleep

that sounds comfy

I have a hard time falling asleep, but once I do, I sleep ~11 hours

fuck u

Is that the disorder people die from? 🤔

go to sleep earlier, need


I’m in London, where do I go to get stabbed by a black person

I’m going to piss on you

what even is this

and goodbye 3 people I don’t know


I’ve seen numerous white people

I also smelled weed **constantly** in Camden

Fucking everywhere

It’s decent

I live in Oslo and that’s a barren wasteland

So I’d take anything else tbh

nah, not as far as I can tel

or maybe I’m used to it

ew cummie

post bussy

worth a shot

did alex leave, by the way?

did he say anything prior lol

he kept messaging me and crying about it cause I wouldn’t answer, but I already told him I’m on vacation 🤷

can’t really be on discord all day

let me see, Bear

don’t be a hypocrite bear

you just talked down to those who won’t post their bussy

hypocrites get the rope

ur not with that much


that’s subjective


leave the bussy to your future husband

say you’re really really horny and need to snag a few pics in the bathroom

I’m sure they’ll understand

I work for all the bussy I get 😤

go shower, stinky

bring me with you

me neither, I’ve gotta shower in a bit

let’s kill two birds

metaphorically speaking

unless you do want to kill some birds

yes or no

which part

I’m proposing we shower together to save on hot water (:

nonsense, just think of me as your daddy or something

that’s not lewd at all! you’ve never showered with your dad?

next you’ll tell me you never went through penis inspection

@Eris this fool hasn’t had a penis inspection day

it’s alright, maggie

you sound innocent enough so I’ll show you the ropes

prove it

I’m just looking for a spooning partner

nothing more

spooning is NOT lewd

stop spreading prude propaganda

that’s me cuddling u

just kidding

that’s me trying to take your life

you slut

who’s your boyfriend

it’s me

I’m him

it’s alright, you’ve got dementia

just try to remember

I’m going to gaslight you

oh god it’s this person

someone else

I had this tranny commie add me and I thought it was the same person under a different nick

the left can’t dom > the left can’t meme

she took the kids


they took the kids


thought you were cute up until now mag

jojoposting is strictly forbidden

fuck you and your dumb show

can’t escape from this

it’s too entrenched in my interests and circles

I’ve tried escaping it

from which server is Skyler from?


when do you get off work, Bear

I’m the best in the world at it

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