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Footage from Charlottesville is on Red Ice radion live atm, Augustus Invictus has Boston on jew book for those interested

To the Goys in VA while the restructuring goes on feel free to add Derrick Davis on jewbook. He can then add you to groups that will allow you all to keep up with events in the area.

that I do not know

it is a crap platform but it helps spread info quickly

I can mesage him and as, but i doubt it. Mind you those groups do meet regularly in RL

My Honor is Loyalty

That is the ink on my arm and a group I semi run, I do not have much time to keep up with it RL

LOL it is me 😄

let me make note of these questions and ask him. VA beach is very well populated with people of our mindset, I do not know rosters there though

I will, as soon as i can get an answer I will post it here

where at?

yeah The Director is resending it

I am here

also dann, I am gonna go eat Sir, the Director is helping me out with our (((problems))) and the info will be released. If I am needed I will be close to my phone. Hail Victory.


If you are in the following states and have jewbook find me there, if not PLS DM me here a way to get directly in touch such as email. The States I need info from are Georgia, TN, NC, SC and FL

I am hardly on discord as it is and this will probably be downed at some point

if you know someone from those states pls let them know. Thanks all.


it is a secret

no one can ever know

idk tbh lol


LINKS the Stormer site or it gets the hose again...


i hoped they would keep .wang

@Hand Banana no need Comrade, but highly appreciated. HAHA i asked him to raise it a bit so he would not poke my eye out 😄

@BLAMsamBLAM makes me happy

I was having Alt Right withdrawals without our media


that is proof that we are all one race

the human race

see we all even type the same!



I just hope TRS begins to push out media again as well

they keep getting shoahd

🇮🇱 hi all I just wanted to say we all deserve our own nations amIright? muh fellow (((nazis)))?



How am I supposed to sit for hours at the time programming without laughing?

I WILL NOT give them 10 shekels anymore

until they fix themselves

I even go out of my way and PAY THEM in the (((right))) currency

VandalVoid still up

LO20 20?

I dont have cable LOL

let me know if they have a good pic of me

Ruptly and Breitbart did not use "good angles" LOL







That is honestly the way he is lol

they always expect us to go around literally gassing people

LMFAO i can see a live stream

i am looking for the show itself

what is the actual name of the episode

those 2 are trolls lol

do add fuel to the fire thought

you want people hating antifa as much as possible lol


I wish i could watch it

but i can pay for the tv jew

yeah we did 0 worng there



and c ville would have been the same

had they not began to attack us


how bad is it goys?


also tell me by the Grace of the Gods that i was nowhere to be seen!

fucking (((media)))


yeah for all their shit they do ok

LOL he is


fuckign cat ladies


well goys

I am gonna conquer some shit as a VAmpire in total war

I need to practice for rahowa

good night fellow goyim


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