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Hey goys

What's the best source for info about what TWP is doing in Kentucky? Website is sparse

Hey what's the best way to get information about TWP meetings or political stuff in Kentucky? Website is sparse

Btw, wearing a mask in VA is a felony

Don't know if that was mentioned above

Recently enforced against Antifa in Charlottesville

Anyone know where weev is these days? Would like to contact him


@weev isn't his Twitter any more as far as I can tell

Yeah, wanted to see if I could help

Not technology, but shekels

Remember that time a nigger murdered 5 police officers witgout provocation during an unpermitted blm march?

Black people can always advocate for their people, and if one of them chimps out, it doesn't reflect on their ideas

If a white person, after absurd all day provocation, violent mobs, and direct threats, kills someone with a car

They use it as an excuse to shut down any advocacy for white identity

I don't give a fuck about 'fairness', I just want our people to wake up to their overt destruction

@☦Colton of Yore☦ Not trying to start infighting, but I'm pretty newly red pilled -- I am bought in on white nationalism and the JQ, but I don't really understand the attraction to NS

Specifically, what do you see as different/better about NS rather than mainstream white nationalism?

If you want to just point me toward a link or a book, that's cool. Although I can't visit a link on this connection

Appreciate it, I'll try to get a hold of both of those

Understand what you're saying -- but have a lot of reading to do in general

Will do. I basically got red pilled through DS, TRS, and then seeing what happened in Cville has taken it to a different level

Awesome, I appreciate it. At work right now so can't watch full videos, but just read the first few precepts and looks interesting

Scrolled to the end... that precept 88.

Feels familiar

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