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Its bad optics all at once. Spencer cucked on YouTube after the MSU thing. PF had a huge info drop on Unicorn Riot. Now Heimbach. The only thing to do is stay strong and realize that if we weather this storm we'll be infinitely stronger for it.

All this will do is separate the people who can't hack it from those who are truly committed. It's a blessing that the cowards and traitors split before things get hairy.

I disagree with that somewhat. The system could incarcerate or kill everyone in the movement and it would be forgotten about in two news cycles. The key is persistence and ensuring the next generation isn't quite as fucked.

On that point I agree 100%.

Leaders rise and fall, the boots on the ground are what make a movement strong.

Fucking A.

I was agreeing with your statement.

24 straight hours of push ups.

Message a mod.

10 total messages. Viewing 250 per page.
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