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gotta love /pol/

my favorite

And a favorite


what the fuck

Lol, did they just add as many "alt-right" people as they could think of?


The magic of water

The added Jon tron

And put him next to trump

That's actually the best

Heil SShives

Get it

If only there were a shadow

can i destroy it?

meant to get in with my alt account

Accidently went in with this one

I need this for totally legit reasons

I used the same term

Just shortened it

bunch of retards

Good lord man

Her eyes my guy

About three miles in between

Shit, are we talking about a discord server or a country?


No other way to get that out of my head

Lol, they blocked me or they only take messages from friends

I got put in the time out corner for doing that

And that's what I did. Im in the time out zone two

I joined, left, came back, and timed out

At least its not a ban

I haven't the slightest idea as to why we're banned

Lol, I'm an atheist gamer too

124 total messages. Viewing 100 per page.
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