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2017-11-13 18:14:46 UTC [Radical Centrist Death Squad #memes]  


2017-11-15 02:48:08 UTC [Radical Centrist Death Squad #memes]  


Hmmm whose that person?

2017-11-22 22:35:58 UTC [Radical Centrist Death Squad #memes]  



2017-12-07 09:15:06 UTC [Radical Centrist Death Squad #nsfw]  

Hot but why

Fuckin why? Though to be honest I've known fuckers that would do something like that.

2017-12-17 09:38:12 UTC [Radical Centrist Death Squad #nsfw]  

Sounds painful as fuck

2017-12-17 16:20:49 UTC [Radical Centrist Death Squad #nsfw]  

I don't speak German. All I got was the perfect woman something something. @(A.S.M.R) red

2017-12-18 05:08:11 UTC [Radical Centrist Death Squad #nsfw]  

Ahh nice

2017-12-19 00:28:34 UTC [Radical Centrist Death Squad #memes]  


2017-12-19 05:53:14 UTC [Radical Centrist Death Squad #memes]  

Sad! Lol

2017-12-20 03:08:04 UTC [Radical Centrist Death Squad #memes]  



Do what?

Ohhh that Senate guy?

Just watched a couple min of it. Is it me or does he sound like one of those MGTOW guys?

Screw him. As far as I can tell you've more than adequately explained your side of things and like you said you've been examined n cleared be others already. Why help that choad gain subs by u responding?

Oh and I meant his voice not what he was saying about the MGTOW thing

What's happening so far with that. I'm not real familiar with CRP

Btw we can voice if u want.

Damn he's retarded then?

How so?

Doesn't sound like it. Sounds like a damn Google search

What a retard

I thought doxing was digging for hidden personal info

Hell at that point your literally broadcasting it!

Don't blame ya there.

Besides sounds like he's dropping a match on himself

Did ya see the thing about Cenk Uyger?

Hold on a sec.

Check my latest Twitter post

Or wait I'll tweet it to you

Or rather I'll post it here lol

I'm Still new at this shit sorry

Read the story

It's hilarious

Even Breitbarts reporting it among others

Some more detailed

Some less

Oh I didn't think it was illegal lol. Just hilarious. I mean it's Cenk getting what he dishes.

So what do you think of Trumps Tax Cut and the Dem reaction to it?

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