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2019-01-11 23:16:18 UTC [Outer Heaven #join-log]  

2019-02-01 03:47:12 UTC [Compfy California #vetting]  

2019-02-01 04:06:49 UTC [Compfy California #vetting]  

yeah ill answer those right quick

2019-02-01 04:12:56 UTC [Compfy California #vetting]  

1. 18 m
2. socal
3. (a)demographics(illegal immigration included) (b) welfare (c) zionist control of our major institutions
4. towards shittier people, shittier laws, shittier life. Goes without saying that I don't agree with it.
5. not much you can do DAILY, but you can spread your ideas, workout, take actions to become successful in a given field, have children and raise them well, and prepare for the worst.

2019-02-01 04:14:56 UTC [Compfy California #vetting]  

btw (don't read too much into this) but this isn't ALL the vetting you do right? It would be pretty easy for some one to just make up answers

2019-02-01 04:19:51 UTC [Compfy California #vetting]  

I dont take issue with the questions

2019-02-01 04:20:03 UTC [Compfy California #vetting]  

Just that questions are all you have to vet people

^ is that real?

whats her name?

Burn this channel <:oven:319777396192444419>


14 total messages. Viewing 250 per page.
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