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those CZ P10s are supposed to be killer though

i might buy one if i can find one and dont go something else

this new stock is fucking great


good way to use an insurance claim for a new paintjob on car

nice, you got a tiny sticker no one will notice until the maintenance scrapes it off

@Mr. Bowlnonymous i dont fuck around

i use this on my 5.56 rifle

its pretty great

but the PRS is one of the better sniper stocks out there

@BadGoy1488 go put up some AWD flyers for us and ill like you 😃

bitch a year ago i was flyering on crutches


there's a lot

hold on

its mostly on there

there's some great shit

now that shit fucks with the normies

not recruit them, but makes kikes and niggers scared again


haha ive flyered for most groups

i even flyered for IE as a vanguard member


IE is a fed database

Damigo cut a deal to avoid 20 year minimum sentencing

theres no way hes not helping the feds

and if you follow their rules they get your full fox


hes a little faggot

im 5'9

5'8 is acceptable

at 5'9 im taller than most people on the planet

and make spinners feel like winners

im genetically perfect

i'm a smaller model of the master race designation



@The Final Bowlution they will eventually let u back in...its ok

unless u are grumpy and dont want back

@Vanguard just get rich and then help make it happen

figure out which ones are best at combat, agricultural, construction skills, things useful

then make a list

@Vanguard ive got my .308 AR for DMR use almost done

you're a fed goy

guys what kind of gun should i buy?

sould i get a pistol?

@Vanguard hire me a good salary to do good shit for you

yeah yeah

Bowlman will forge his own forces

yeah avoid groups

i'd never join one again

I'm a sleeper cell psycho

trying to train the youth

ill have about a $150k profit on my home when i sell it later

my woman didnt work out @Vanguard

i dont know if i have the heart to explain it rn

these two can summarize and get me raged


I have gone up to differential equations

im a math genius

I'm just legally a genius

both need a lot of math

@Vanguard this is Patrick Bowlman faggot

I got doxxed last year

so i had to nuke all acccounts

and just have this


my thought to be breeding woman turned into a disastaer like a mofo

lifes been chaos

i thought i had a winner for breeding

and she was the worst possible

currently is homeless in FL

i greyhounded her across the country

and told her id kill her if she didnt get on the bus

she cost me over $1k in assorted things

including stealing money for drugs

turns out she had a 10 year old white son she abandoned as a teen

i did some background checking

then it turns out she had a 3 year old spic daughter in FL

which was a complicated thing with births and ruined her ability to make white babies

years of being a junkie

a spic ruined her ability to reproduce

and i found out she flew out to fuck niggers for drugs some years ago

lol i shipped her across teh country

i nuked her

ask these guys

i nearly went over the deep end

and went full nuclear on dealing with her

@stellarwick my life kind of is one in a really violent psycho way

i learned to manually program the kill switch on and off in my brain

i sent her across the country

and am being a good boy

back working on training lads and building weapons

its just psycho at university

20 year old babes

like 16 is hot to me


im back on track

i wasnt looking either

ask these faggots, ive been on a rampage restoring orgder


did anyone talk to me

fuck you all

war is hell

I hate war

but its all i want to go back to

it does but i miss it dearly

@Vanguard would be cooler if he lived closer to me

lol im still in AZ

i might cancel my south move plan

no shit

its why im selling soon

northern NV is an idea

every state i went to in the south I hated

but i was on the road by myself or with a cunt

idk what to do

i need to science for someone for good money

man I hated VA and TN lol

everything looks the same

i drove through both states all the way through

ive seen it all


im just gonna ryderpoast IRL

VA is wretched

im happy in rocky mountain country and gun maniacs

im becoming celibate

``dick is about to be punted``


ok anglin

i need to schedule my CCW class soon

this weekends booked up

i am sick of getting holds on gunstore shit because my security clearance got hacked

well yeah in AZ we hardly have gun laws.

but if they run a background check on me right now

i get a delay

due to the OPM hack.

i want some opoids

i can buy them

it just makes me wait a handful of days after doing check


am i being talked to

im confused

i dont

i do most my shit private with cash

but .308 lowers thats not easy and im not in a milling mood


either way, send me your opioids


i hate mushrooms

ive done so many hallucinogens they just make the evil come back

id likely kill you and rape you

yeah ethanol is the biggest killer

id rather have someone smoke weed like a scholar than drink like a frat boy

weeds mostly not laced with shit

that would cost more money to do

and is a scare tactic used for decades

ive seen recent articles

they are funny

show GC/MS or GTFO government

i'd be ecstatic with a few grams of fentanyl right now

im going to be a lot more evil in a week or 2

im going back on amphetmaines

since im too tired and unproductive

so ill be taking them again

thanks free health care

what addictive stuff

try to science me boy

im a douch i vape

i neeed to destroy something

i dont like meming anymore

the only thing that gives me peace is working with weapons

I didnt see the meme

i dont care

fight me


someone fight me

later man

im gonna drink until i get more mad

and maybe until im not mad

god damnit @Mr. Bowlnonymous WTF is up with the nonstop trump emojis

do you think hes playing 8D chess and is a genius still?


you are kicked


i called him on his habit he does NONSTOP

its annoying

he didnt answer and spammed me

plus i dont like him

or know him

someone can invite him again i dont care

im just not gonna be spammed with trump faces

fuck you vic

you guys are fucking idiots you know

I have returned to the lair of the Bowl

some1 reddit him

or 4chan it


What girls really want


CBD helps

turmeric isnt bad

but get the extract

curcumin and piperine

and if they need to get off of opioids, kratom is a safe way to help get off dependence

kratom is a great plant

its the pot for normal people that they dont know about

kratom has saved me from multiple hardcore opioid addictions

ive saved lives with it

i lost 6 people in 2016 to opoids

never again on my watch

have him get some kratom over pain pills

research that shit

a gram scale is cheap

toss and washing it is awful but it works

yes native plant its the leaves

its native to southeast asia


lots of domestic places sell it

some states have outlawed it

i think he knows about it too

im the kratom / drug pharmacology guru

and that radical nazi larper dude u know

and Kratom

if hes already on opioids

safest way to ween people off


see if he can stop without wd

and if the pain is too much

order him kratom

@Vladislav_Hardbassanov i saved that mamzer ex of mine i nuked with it. she was a 3x30 oxy a day user when i picked her up

i had no idea, she had lied to me about it

and iw as like jesus christ. lucky you know a guy with lots of kratom vs going cold turkey

i got her clean in a week

still nuked her

@everyone I love when I watch any random evil video on youtube, and @Tactical BowlCut has a comment near the top on it.

i know.

i drove 2some thousand miles to prevent her from going homeless

and kept her from having to go cold turkey on oxys

and pretty much saved her life in multiple ways

and man when i found out on that shit on her

and she pulled a shotgun on me

I just......

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