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Why does that Gadsden flag have to be owned by shitty right libs?

Btw, you can't really be a libertarian and right.

That's bullshit.

Same as anarchist and capitalist.

What are the rules here?

Do we have to be nice to ethnonationalists?

That's fascists for you laymen out there.

I was under the impression that this was just for /leftypol/ folk and lefties.


I'm not some person who's angry at white people, I just hate national chauvinism and social class.

Yes, national chauvinism in my country benefits white people... or at least it appears to to those white people.

Well yeah.

Suppression of people over minority characteristics is bad.

Religion, color, gender, sexuality...

Ummm, I'm not in a knowledged position to confirm or deny your claim.

But I will tell you that race is bullshit.

Arbitrated bullshit.

It just sounds like a justification for slavery or some shit.

Race does not have a place in discussions of biology.

It's a social construct.

That's why the only real thing about race is that people believe in it.

Two parter.

Yeah, well, we pretty much all do.


Yeah, race is a social construct.

We arbitrated it.

I'm not ignoring genetic differences, but most of them happen within populations.

AKA ethnic groups.

Nothing substantial enough to qualify a different species.

Well, people are definitely different in different parts of the world, but race is qualified as a social category.

The thing that complicates race is the inclusion of social elements.

Which are physical how?

Yes, btw, that is how intelligence is perceived.

Maybe, there's a lot of things that effect intelligence.

But race is qualified by social relations.

>their autism

I get that, but I think there are other entertaining, more progressive ways to berate without engaging in the kind of rhetoric reactionaries employ.

I should have said something at other words...

Oh, fuck liberals.

Well-meaning, sure, but the only good thing a liberal can do it go left.

Idk, I support antifa at an ideological level.

When you say bankers...

It's important to remember that anyone can be a member of the ruling class.

I will say as a Jew that I do not support any ideology that scapegoats the Jews, but that Israel is also bad, and it has nothing to do with them being Jews.

Well yeah, they're shitty imperialists.

And the Mideast is fucked to hell and how are they helping?

Maybe I'd like them if they were communizing.

The Mideast could use a more potent Arab Spring.

A commie one.

I'm gay, tbh.




I mean... I'd prefer if they were a boy.

>race denialism
That sounds like a bunch of garbage.

I wonder why it sounds like garbage...

What could be at stake here for alla y'all who believe in race?

So you were taught about race in school?

School in America?


Why would the capitalist superstructure of America want to teach people about race?


Oh, I see.

We're effectively all the same.

>cultural Bolshevism

Cultural Marxism is just a modern update of the Nazi term cultural Bolshevism.

You know... (((Bolshevism?)))

>believing IQ memes

Okay, and my IQ is very high. Doesn't stop me from being crazy.

This is some really leftist opinion on race in here right now.

Really woke.

"Muh races."

Psychologist had it at above 160 or some shit back when I was 8.

And the fucking methodology never changed.

Wow, I'm super good at shape puzzles!

My mom's side is Catholic.

You all are way too attached to this IQ meme.

For what purpose?

It sounds pretty fucking stupid.

But I mean, white nationalists are posturing ethnic chauvinism because they reeeeeeally need the sense of purpose in this meaningless universe.

>implying mudhuts are ineffective just because they're ugly.

afaik they insulate very well.

Science has shown they are.

Waiting for a good faith argument that isn't feels-based from the fascist.

I think I'll turn into a skeleton before that happens.

You can point to research, MUM, but you're misappropriating it and concluding that the causation is them "being black." Why don't you try looking beneath that?

Applies to all fash, period.

Like I know you.

Is this the part where you tell me you're disinterested in continuing the conversation?

"My boyfriend is black, so I can slur it up, my dudes."

"...not to persuade by sound argument but to intimidate and disconcert."


Tfw people dogwhistle and say they were baiting when pressed.

That could be anybody.

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