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SCP channel, daddy?

So, my cat attacks me when I call her thr N word

Idk how I did it

But my cat understands racism

And chose the wrong side

My cat should be an hero

But my wife wants to keep the angry shit

No, when I call her a N||ice guy||


Nah. She's a lovable little bitch

But she's still a bitch


She's like 13. I tried that, she's too old to learn

I adore these. Have you considered using the Old Republic era as well?


Here are a couple quickies I found based on my previous suggestions:

Welcone to gang gang


Can I come too?

I wear tacticals and boots unironically cuz they're comfy, I went through an EP course about 8 months ago, and I'm that guy that has a full STOMP medical bag

Oh and I took Krav Maga for 3 months because it made me cool until my schedule didn't line up with classes

Do I pass?

(Take out the meme value and I think it's actually a decent (not gr8) resume for a civie)

I mean we all saw the video they put out to try to scare the US?

Like dude what a fucking meme

Me and a buddy of mine who was in the army saw that together and he was like "Wanna go invade a 3rd world country?"

Military is a strong word

My fucking security team from my last job was better organized than them

Imagine how quick you could roll an Abrams through them

Here I was hoping you miswrote it as "hole country"

Cuz I was gonna make a shithole countries joke

But no dude you read my mind

Give an Abrams a day and it will give us Venezuala

I'd be more afraid of the Taliban than the Venezuelan "Military"


How DARE you

Poor Eurofag

Excuse me while I Kermit Suicide in your honor

With a Gat

Go steal an actual AK from your uncle


Let's take over a small providence, burn it to the ground, and return it to the Natives to celebrate

*Rhodesians Never Die intensifies*

It's a server that eats Liberals <:boomer:512863208659484693>





<:Todd:514232691445727242> <:ricardo:508373141446328320> <:atf:461039454128177152>

<:Rhodie:554820608962068528> <:NoCanada:554814407306117120> <:HONK:565269749697871872> <:NOANIME:452597365208252467> <:shooty:499384761953812482> <:sadhands:555873770410344469> <:knowdesire:503438353518034944> <:boomer:512863208659484693> <:brainlet:521853888999981057> <:allofthem:499389737342337055>

<:Sudoku1:532312003281420288> <:Sudoku2:532312140875563017>


<:Class_Agent:425339829673394177> <:Class_Sniper:425339840847020032>


<:DougD:502817002650599434> <:trump:482689315638476830> <:patrick:526752067738664968> <:vernic:542888036137041929>

<:sippo:564175581969907712> <:PepeSmile:565252248355995651> <a:PepeLaughing:554567651117236227> <:pepeLaugh:537856584793980928> <:pepeHA:537856584639053875> <a:PepegaPls:564240292614504448> <a:PepeDoor:530871081817604126> <a:HACKERMAN:565252248154931231> <:monkaHEHE:537856584794243072> <:peepoHappy:537856586203267093> <a:peepoPooPoo:563048961686896742> <a:peepoFlick:568643063442964481> <:forsenY:542493145343066112> <a:FeelsShootMan:537856584798306304> <a:FeelsLagMan:537047544367415336> <a:FeelsLurkMan:530871081171419162> <a:FeelsOhWait:537856584886517780> <:BlurLaugh:552932499437781004> <:autismo:566425045765980170> <:boomerHD:564698341363941376> <a:flam2:539506703079833601> <a:flam1:530834557839212547>

I'm in a lot of servers stealing their reacts

These reacts are saved from



*Probably over the Venezuela memes I posted*


Irony: I had my first sober smoke in about 4 months, and it was in fact a Marlboro

I need to get back into the gym at nights like I used to

*1776 Will Commence Again*

So I crashed my truck

Truck is fine (1996 Chevy)

Car I hit, not so--yeah

2010 Ford Focus

Everyone is good

But fuck me sideways, this was the year my accident was supposed to drop off my record

Not as bad as it would have been if I wasn't backing out of my driveway

They were in the court

American steel

In other news, anyone wanna buy my truck? My wife's been telling me I don't need two vehicles 5ever now

1600 out the door

Needs a Tranny Cooler attached to the radiator to stop a tranny leak, and the AC needs recharge

Otherwise? Solid truck

Bang is my go to

So guys

People always talk about Punisher being the Threeper/ /k/ comic character

But where's the love for Hawkeye?

Like once a year? But I mean the idea that this regular dude trained his way to being an avenger

And he trained with a bow mo less

No less*

Like in the comics, Clint developed such balistic awareness that he was chosen to be Captain America briefly because he was the best at throwing the shield

Also true

Boogaloo time

The way of the Mercenary isn't over, you just won't be working for the proverbial good guys

Sucking dick is for fags

Wait what am reading

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