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1. Philippines.
2. Lifting and swimming, continuing boxing (soon)
3. I was born catholic but my father converted to Islam when i was a kid and for a few years of my life i was a devout muslim until my roman catholic mother reshowed me the light, but before that i lived in a phase wherein I was blackpilled and was a cumbrain and was an advent communist who held no God and was an incessant cumbrain. I have changed now because i see that there is a natural order to the world and that for better or worse the religous which the spanish have left in my country has brought it to new heights. I now go to church everyweek and stop by the big one near my school on the way home or at least try to from time to time, I consider my very birth as a miracle since my mother had an inverted uterus and it is only through the grace of God that i was brought into this world.

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accidentally left whilst i was purging some servers sorry bros

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