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2019-11-09 03:33:19 UTC [Wargus Christi #vetting]  

2019-11-09 03:33:32 UTC [Wargus Christi #vetting]  

Hello kings

2019-11-09 03:33:38 UTC [Wargus Christi #vetting]  

It's me Jim

2019-11-09 03:33:54 UTC [Wargus Christi #vetting]  

I wanted to join much earlier brother but I couldn't get discord to work on my phone

2019-11-09 04:16:50 UTC [Wargus Christi #vetting]  

On top of the regular military PT which is every weekday, I do a lot of running and free weight training in my personal time. I want to do more weight training though, it's just the army focuses solely on cardio and I'm a big guy so I have to work really hard to be a fast boi

2019-11-09 04:19:58 UTC [Wargus Christi #vetting]  

Also I was born and raised Roman Catholic, recently confirmed despite being disgusted with the state of the modern church and their congregation. I endeavour to honour Christ in my daily life, ever since I restored my faith in the Lord my confidence and my performance at work and at home has gone up in leaps and bounds. I try to pray before bed and I get to church as much as I can but the local churches are all degenerate, so I try to bring the church into my own home by practicing the faith true to form. Once I get back from my leadership skills training exercise next week I want to start going to Latin mass every Sunday and see what that's like, hopefully it's all about beauty and the reverence for God, rather than the generic multicultural drivel of all the modern churches.

2019-11-09 04:24:25 UTC [Wargus Christi #vetting]  

I want to join to better myself both in my fitness and my faith

2019-11-09 04:59:27 UTC [Wargus Christi #vetting]  


2019-11-09 04:59:31 UTC [Wargus Christi #vetting]  

I cant see anything anymore

2019-11-09 04:59:36 UTC [Wargus Christi #vetting]  

Did I do something wrong

2019-11-09 05:00:04 UTC [Wargus Christi #vetting]  


2019-11-09 05:00:06 UTC [Wargus Christi #vetting]  


2019-11-09 05:00:14 UTC [Wargus Christi #vetting]  

Oh cool

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