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my account was deleted

nice to see Mr. E is still up to his autism

after all this time

you like isreal

just block Mr. E

aren't you a trotskyist JOO

ok you deserve the ban

your getting banned

please abstain from trotskyism in the future

international workers day gang

so why attack communism

dont google "communism doesn't work" or some bullshit like that

Let me address all your points in a paragraph

your not involved

this is a 1v1

This is a clear cut 1v1

[1] "communisim would lead to stagnation of society." this is false as research jobs still exist and would develop more of technology etc. so there is no stagnation in form of progress. [2] "if everyone had equal outcomes, communisms ideal outcome why would humanity need to advance further?" Look at the point addressed above and the outcome of communism is a classless moneyless stateless world but socialism achieves global communism and like i said it would not stagnate as their are variety in jobs especially research related.

>typical ad hominem omg basic economics or attacking me instead of real arguments

hahaha i see your a intellectual

Jager writes slow

i dont know how i do

>jagers typing speed

whats your wpm

ok let me address these points

[1] "lets say someone invented a new technology that was benifical to peoples lives like computer technology like video games." ok lets do that as a fake situation [2] "when video games first came out they were very costly and it would be imposible to give everyone equal outcomes when we are talking about a new invention." But not everyone gets a video game, the currency of the soviet union and communism in general is labour vouchers so using this if we take your "labour points" you owned by making your product you would then use this for your needs and your wants and this can be anything from a car to a phone or this video game in your example. [3] "communisms ideal of "the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few" would completely stagnate all kinds of quality of life advancements, scientific advancements and so on." false like i said if you put work into something you get a voucher that could then get a better quality of life etc. and when we say "the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few" as in we need basic human things like homes and food then saying this phrase. Also you said advancement and scientific advancements but i replied to this earlier and i said that there is still research but none the less.

its just that i like to make my responses as detailed as i can and address every single point

and of course your lack of knowledge of socialism makes it harder since i have to explain more

type up your response jager

Nigga its 5:00 am

@Jager type a intellectual respons and not just a "muh morals i cant believe you like communism"

you know morals is subjective right?

read the ego and his own

its a collective thought

Unless your a theist

which this means nothing

since muh god

So i win?

since "i dont want to man i am so tired i dont feel in the mood"

thats a nice dodge

its what 5:14 am

but here i am

debating faggots on the internet

so dont use

the common excuse of

"basic economics!!!"

just dont become a sargonite retard

its cringy


present your arguments

*types in google **communism does not work***

if you say its a shithole

"the ussr is such a bad place to live"

oh god..

it was socialism

y'know the thing that transforms a country to communism

do you even know what communism is?

its a global world country stateless classless moneyless

There has been successful socialist states

like what?

thats the only one i can name



let me explain venezuala

70% of the economy is private

50% of healthcare private

how is this socialism

tell me how

ok so you acknowledge socialism works

i can name 1

and thats cambodia

and vietnam invaded it since there was a genocide

a socialist country

actually invaded cambodia

since pol pot

was a genocidal


what un-succesful socialist states

like name one

Proof of the "millions" slaughtered

dont say holodomor

since i could do that all day

provide proof

i can tell you what happened

so some farmers (richer peasents) had made up most grain production then a weather famine happened which wasn't that bad but it hurt a bit but guess what the richer peasents called "kulaks" hoarded the rice and kept it for themselves and they wanted to make more profits from these grain so they withdrew it. so the soviets collectivized the land and the kulaks had already done the damage and a famine happened on a scale of 2-3 million dead but then the soviets fixed it later over the next 2-3 years

thats what "holodomor" is

@Deleted User sorry if you cant provide proof to a "historical fact"



>the black book of communism

i already read the book

watch the video

there is no proof whatsoever of these deaths

show proof

i am waiting

dont make fun of me

provide proof

or you prove your a bitch ass nigga


ill wait

well i won i guess

>"its capitalist invention"

nice fallacy

on to your next argument


on to your argument

Worker's owning the means of production

either that

the definition of high stage socialism

which is abolishment of commodity production

then of course communism

being a stateless


once i win the debate

i plan to get a lightweight title

@Deleted User nigger i engaging right now

no difference in class

no money difference

now we know your a good debater

How is it obtained?

abolishing class

yes he insulted communism

without a argument

how does it never work

how is that a failure?


those poor korean goyim

not a failure

not a failure

i have to admit

pol pot did genocide

pol pot is a bad guy

even mao didn't like him

China is a success

but it turned capitalist

DPRK was succesfull and still is

cambodia is ruled by a opportunist

vietnam works

[1] DPRK is not going through a famine and is not poor so its not surviving plus all those media stories are garbage and they have higher per capita than most of asia [2] china is revisionist and abandoned socialism in favor of opportunist revisionism [3] vietnam is not capitalist and strives under socialism [4] for russia

its functional

and an economic system

is it basic?

its complex

come on pussy

socialism has

read das kapital

or the communist manifesto

communism is global



socialism transforms into communism

@Deleted User no it means everyone needs to be communist

@Deleted User no it means everyone hasn't become socialist yet

we need everyone to be socialist to try communism

no socialism is transference

you retard

it cant be communism

how does socialism effect communism except setting things up, communism takes effect when every state is socialist

the world

will be communist soon

you realize



a 1 country

i guess its a win

you provide no arguments

you dont explain communism not working

and no proof for the "genocides" or "historical facts"

show proof of it

you cant find it

>waste of my time

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