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Hello goyim. Greetings from Flaridah

When I say autistic, I mean bad at speaking with strangers

I play my League of Legends and don't talk about it

Would rather talk about racism and racism accessories

Splinter Cell > Metal Gear

Will do after this game. Champ select delets friend list

My name is Rockwells H8 Bus

Twitter @PanhandleFash

We talking about Based Stick Man?
Trump puts up AJ portrait. He might blow up Chicago and Detroit

I have always been an advocate of Roman handshakes as a greeting for eachother

Defoo the Hebrew

sup goys


>tfw the Soviet Union never really dissolved

Heraclitus was right

We are just in a chaos phase

Based Spicer with the White pill


That was from Archer

We forgot about this



If post apocalyptic world turns into a video game, I hope it is Dark Souls

>not wanting to be immortal and constantly fight for the reignition of fire

Glassing the middle east would also solve global warming by creating a large reflective surface. We could get the hippies on board

The chess game is over. All that is left is a game of Risk between Israel and Russia. God help us.

Has Spicer spoken about this yet?

Is this a slow news day? I haven't seen much aside from democrats turning on that one senator who is waiting for evidence that Assad did the gassing

Is there any way to weaponize the fact that anything we touch gets blacklisted from society?

I don't think my phone mic is working

Is Halberstram coming back too?

well fuck

Someone come talk to me

My brain just expoded from that

My little brother has blue eyes and brown hair

Being a Floridian, Jackson made my state real

I am at the point where I don't believe anything that isn't a live report of gunfire

WTF I love Islam now

Ever notice how the pacific ocean still has fish?

Nukes are spooks

Fukushima dont real

I was shitposting, but then people brought up real shit. I don't know what to think anymore

People took that thread a bit too seriously

Vodka spill

The fact that matter reacts to being observed means that meme magic is proved by science

Then explain SCP-173

Because the rest of the country is skinny

Recorded from Baron Trump playing Beseige

Yo Ballin'

You strike me as a tomahawk missile

I was looking forward to a roadtrip filled with activities 😦

>when one letter changes the whole message

How do make myself sleep?

Everyone would fight over number 88

Khakis are explicitly White

Is this guy one of us? This guy can't be real

It was, but I love Tuck's face. That is the face of White supremacy

Everyone should fear Comrade Dragonlord

Speaking of nigger music, some of them are really tallented

Moar discord servers

TRS Gators is my group. I'm in IS too

Teaching a new phone how I type

I need some poverty tier lodging if anyone has any ideas

Does anyone need a roommate?

That should be fun. At Auburn, we collected shitlibs like flies

Skynet knows

Bring bepis

116 total messages. Viewing 250 per page.
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