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Fuckin spooks

Rob banks. Firebomb the police

Assasinate your leaders. Forget the proles. They will only lick their boots like dogs

Fight for yourself. Fight for the ones around you that make you happy and unique

Use the money to fund your own anarchist spaces

Which one?

Oh I just joined.

Tbh found it on reddit cause the last post left server i was in died.

Seems to be the issue. Either the post left server turns into Nazi shitposting or just dies off. Or turns into a philosophy discussion server which is cool but kinda loses the bite that post left has when it happens

True true.

Drink the milk. Stirner definitely approbes

Ban anim4

@Faery tell that to nearly every illegalist who used their stolen funds to do that. Also I run an underground music thing and I still need to pay a landlord to be quiet.

1900s but still. Also you say living outside of the capitalist spectrum but does that mean opting out of grey markets as well?

Right now you sound like "you dislile society but you live in society" style intellectual

As far as the spaces im sying money is needed. Stolen money is grey market money at that point

So you just proved what i said ealier is correct

Then you are saying pretty much all anarchist bookstores, printing presses, distros are illegitimate

Shit thats relevant isnt here on discord either but here we are

We all do things to make this shit better.

Idk why he is even using internet. Hes a Tru Anarchist who rejects everything.

Feminism was never cool.

And hurt leftism

Idpol destroyed leftism and created unneeded power structures thag should have been destroyed.

What the fuck is a ruler?

What if the child sex slave consents though?

Taxation is theft but also property rights dont exist

2019-08-09 19:32:59 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #auto-roles]  


Mestizo. Mostly Spaniards by blood

2019-09-08 05:56:17 UTC [333 #lobby]  

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