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The level of shitposting here is the highest I have seen in any server

Wouldn't be enough

All that power to rule them all

Degenerate "worker's" state

Both are shitholes

One is an isolated husk that could very well have become a proper socialist state

The other one is capitalism in one of its most horrid forms

Depends on revolution, and all of its variables

What its basis are, am I experiencing it or witnessing from the outside, etc

Not sure, still many things to learn

I grabbed from trotsky

Plus it fits the bill

Strong words there

Specially when you talk about a state that is only communist by name

They have all the tools, only their leaders stop them

The only problem with south korea

Is US imperialism

And capitalism

And even there it isnt in the worst


Capitalism is bad, period

Let's have a chat about capitalism

My dad is a factory worker

Only doesn't get minimum because he has to work in foreign countries


Why did he have to do that

Because fucking capitalist and neoliberal policies of my country fucked up our economy, leaving the poor poorer and the rich richer

Only porkies benefited from it, all of the lower class got cucked

Why do you wish to know?

It isnt now, government changed


Cant remember correctly

Sub minimum?

Yes ik, he doesnt

Close enough but I am not going to disclose that shit here

Yes she does


Wtf he is pinochet lover?

I never assumed anything

Though that helicopter nickname

Curious, because just today I saw that minimum was at 500

If my family had that much money alright

Sure a deviation

Explain how 1 out of 5 families here are living with an income just above minumum

Explain how we had rocketing unemployment under a neoliberal governament that sold everything off

Except that things started getting better with our left wing governament

It is only social democrat by name

Not really it isnt

If anything, they may get a little closer to center economically, but I wont bet on it, after all, passos coelho

The thing with the left wing government

We are not selling of things that profit the state anymore

Unemployment rate is falling

The mail service for example, when it was privatized it just turned into a shitfest

Ours was too

I realized but ours was amazing

You had mail on time, almost no mistakes

Not exactly but whatever

The royal family fled there when it was a colony and king Peter the Fourth granted it independence, now being founded, it was portuguese colonists

But "Mario" as I was saying

Our nationalized companies worked like well oiled machines



Portuguese airlines

For a rail system we Carris, but idk if it is private or not

More examples with shitty capitalism, belmiro de azevedo

Portugal's richest man, until he met the maker a few weeks ago

He owned a whole line of several supermarkets

He pays his employees minimum and sub minimum

Well, he paid

But his son keeps the legacy

He's not the only example of that, but whatever

Has, but he's the main guy

We have some foreign ones as well, and minor ones outside of azevedo's grasp

Well there are cases around that indeed

But now the guns regarding that are pointed to the country's main porky scoundrel

Ricardo Salgado, banker

Conned a bunch of people and did backside deals with former ministers

Proffiting like all banks do, wether legally, through loopholes or illegally

I'd feel partly satisfied, partly on my guard

You against that?

Sure thing

Because it is "immoral to take money they dont want to give"

Then they should tax them

The rich...


With SA

Evasão fiscal, uma delicia

@ClibtardMario sonegação... A legitimate defense...

My own two cents about that draghi


Or from porkies not wanting to give up what they dont need, even if it benifits others

Gotta agree on that SA

Sometimes a necessary measure

Also Draghi, if the idea is making them stay

Even 5% is bullshit

What about the working classes, how would you deal with them?

Even when the government is plagued by those same that support that big owners suck the people dry

I am just waiting for someone to just come out of that fog unscathed and them cut the throat of any pretender that tries to defy his private empire

Monopolies arent inherently bad... Are you fucking joking?

Exploitation... Way too much financial and social power

Mario that sounds like typical horsecrap

Overrated, if it is a problem of course it shall be adressed to!

No mario it isnt fair because someone will crave the others share

Btw Mario tell me if you may

That sounds way to gremialist to me tbh

How much do earn, collectivelly, regarding wage and income?

Very porky there mario

But Mario that's just a sweet side appearance

You always have people that get paid poorly even if they perform extenuating tasks

You always have profit in mind, regardless of others

Better leaving off a bit of your money to pay your employers better than to leave them in the minimum survival for your own sake

Welp it is a bit obvious what I would do


Why dumb tell me

Worked well for yugoslavia and catalonia

Due to social causes, not economical ones

They werent closed mario

"Sorta"... They had workers of theirs working in foreign countries

They had an impact yes

Btw mario can I pm you for a side thingy?

But Mario that's because they were uncontacted by outside economy as well

No other state wanted contact with a communist one

@ClibtardMario Portugal had severe shortages during our dictatorship, which heavily supported monopolies for example

Or not having one to choose, or not being accepted

They were right with ceausescu tho, SA

The fucking bastard hogged shite for himself and party officials

Here we can get some decent stuff in those values, partially, but I am not following in that sort of thing

Guys we are forgetting the patron saint

The one

The only

Our lord and saviour

Bunkerboy Enver Hoxha!

I dont

I mean he did good stuff

Very good stuff in fact, but he fucked up with personality cult and paranoia

Dont compare hoxha to stalin tho

Ah ok


Ancap is just cancer

Btw SA

Why do you support the DPRK

That doesnt mean you should support them though

I mean

They are still a fucking shithole ruled by a retard

I dont disagree in a sense

But you still have the constant missile provocations

And most importantly

Juche isnt a thing you should take seriously

It is just a tool to solidify their dinasty

Justified with nukes... That's playing with fire


Must be meme but whatever

But what is exactly "dangerous revisionism"? Saying that juche is a tool?

Not at all

After all, juche has fucked over NK as a worker's state, you cant even call it communist


It still proves my point

The people of north korea could be a peaceful and a true communist nation

But those retards leading them fucked it up

I wouldnt count that even as a problem

Or better said, as the worst of problems

The thing is: they are self sufficient, there's enough for all. The problem is that you have those maniacs holding on to their power and controlling their own people in an almost orwellian fashion

You even have a "loyalty" system that openly creates classes, in a society that was supposed to be classless

Monarchism revisionism... I am not even talking about that shit

Making the essential shorter

You have people in DPRK living luxurious lives for being lap dogs and regular masses living in precarious conditions

How is this fucking fair? It is just for the kims to consolidate their power

In the best of cases before

You cant build a house on an uneven foundation

But anyways point presented

Tell me, how the fuck does "monarchist revisionism" or whatever that means relate to this?

That's a crude comparison but id advise you to restrain from using those terms: it just makes you look blatantly ignorant


I see where you're going with this and you're right

In this case it reminds me of the system orwell devised in his 1984 novel

You have an ideology made to preserve its high caste in power, the mechanisms are terrifyingly similar in fact

You are American SA?

How is the alt right there? (No pun intended)

He and many others in history

Cant fully agree with many things you're saying but whatever

In the least jail would suffice

Would not be the first to do it

Well comrades

Imma retire for today

Just one question

Welp fuck in the right moment

Estava a pensar nisso mesmo tbh, há alguns mesmo assim

Seems tempting

Had to send an anti porky song to fit the supposed debate


Why the fucking hell are fascists even allowed here?


I think you're the one not understanding sarcasm m8 @Deleted User

@Deleted User Viva à cadeira

> Assumindo que sou bolchevique


Cadeira aquela de onde o salazar caiu e partiu os cornos

Devia ter sido colocada no panteão nacional

Fascista ou não demorou a morrer

Pois n

Vendeu aos alemães


Sabes aquele volfrâmio que ele lhes vendeu? Eles pagaram com notas falsas

Contrafração feita em campos

O dinheiro que nos "pagaram" foi lentamente retirado para não fazer panelinha

Nenhum governo é perfeito. Claramente, e do o salazar foi o que esteve mais longe dela

Não sabia que uma taxa de analfabetismo de 26%, de até 50% em zonas rurais, uma população na miséria e uma rede de educação mediocre é futuro


Em que bolha é que vives

Havia sim: Se fosse assim tão bonito não terias todos os tumultos que tiveste no alentejo e no centro

Durante o salazarismo o que tinhas era uma rede de irrigação razoavel, é a unica coisa pela qual aquele espantalho merece ser vista como positiva

área de investigação... De um país em completa autarcia e com 40% do PIB na defesa

É assim eu também gosto de mistificação ideológica mas epá, que fazer né


Vai dizer isso aos que sofreram com os saudosismos dele

Omfg esse video


Que titulo meu deus

O sensacionalismo

Nomes ajudariam sff

Por parte do espantalho nem por isso, mas a economia estava cheia dela

Do comentador

Ah sim


Ye de facto era renomado na área

Mas sim já o tinha visto a falar sobre o salazar

Eu via mais quando era pequeno

Enfim, ver uns quantos salazaristas ou simpatizantes a defender o espantalho não é nada que não tenha visto antes (referindo-me ao video)

Chamar ao homem um santo é jocoso no minimo dos casos

Ele tinha de facto uma ética mas era altamente reacionária e levou o país à miséria

Já agora

Se não és a favor do salazar és a favor de quem?


PPM presumo

Nada na direita é de agradar

Eu gostava de ser burro o suficiente para me preocupar com uma linha de sucessão para ser sincero

Mas hey

Uma forma de governo não passa de uma aprimoração


É estupido

Revela que a monarquia não passa de uma ideia decadente e simplória

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