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Hello all

Thanks Norah ! @norah fox

Well I am a woman and I am coming with my husband

This is a disgusting banner. We will fight this with everything we have

I'm coming with my hubby from ct and we will be at the rally

What is bellamys Twitter handle, where can I find the tweets

Where do I find his other tweets? Like he one about black men looking down on little white men in the south etc...

I tweeted it out

Fuck antifa

Why do you say Antifa is not fucking around??

And how would you know that, out of curiosity? Do u live in the area?

I just drove 8 hours I ain't fucking around

So when you say, not fucking around what exactly? Do they normally fuck around?

Nobody is

Thanks for the warning just wish you would be more forthcoming about details

Well the police will be all around they now we are coming if they are violent they will be arrested

They know*

Has one of them posted anything in particular on social media or something?

Well I am a woman and I am coming to the rally with my hubby

Oh for sure

Is there still room for kesslers afterparty

Or no more tickets ?

Aww man

Why was a knife hidden in a damm bush???


I saw the national guard rolling in on the highway into cville

Getting a bite to eat now then getting my torches

Virginia is so pretty btw


Where do you park for this thing??

where ls everyone

We just left mcintyre

Those people are stuck

34 total messages. Viewing 250 per page.
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