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I wanna send to arch but I'll probably get in trouble

But I like Daddy's server

The only man that can defeat sargon


Wow what a racist

Racist Nazi scum

Try me boomer


You're the one with the animal in your pfp

A Nazi furry

So you getting gassed while u gass

Okay liberal

Technically it isn't a democracy

It's a republic

Federal presidential constitutional republic

Well it is right I guess

Me when America


Americans claiming to be free while they can't even sell lemonade on a street corner wew

German ww2 wargear with swords and armour? Sounds pretty gay to me

There isn't panzer waifu

Basically cuck porn


I'm not crying it's just raining




@Jeremy Okay; human of the same racial heritage that of Barack Obama


Mig-19 and Mig-21 is clapping shit rn

Phantom and F-100 getting eaten by communism

Cause they have no other food

@Jeremy shut up kachigga

I play Russian tanks because Russia gets the 122 and I've married that gun

Imagine playing German tanks when the 122mm exists ๐Ÿ˜‚

@Engineered Eldritch Catgirl we have a 152 kappa )))))))))))))))

No u nerd


>18 transgender people

Bruh that's actually a fucking tiny amount for this year

And 40% of trans deaths are suicide anyway so it's not exactly like people are hunting them down to linch them

>giantess AOC

Kill me

Imagine changing your entire society and even the motto of your country just to attempt to make people turn on commies but then most of your youths become commies anyway

Inb4 "But muh moodslims"

"imagine owning 2/3 of the planet losing the next 300 yrs wars and being taken over by muslims"


Muh constitution




@!GPT ahh welcome "Edgy American on the internet number 34376"

How do you come up with such based and brand spanking new memes?

How's that wall coming along?

You mean the parts that were there before trump was elected? That little bit?

Because you already had walls and fences built before he came along

167 miles W H E E Z E


You mean like the ones on your boarder already?

Well I was talking about the Mexican drug cartels that Mexico are backing going over to shoot up cops but yeah sure you ignore the fact I was talking about the boarder big lad, you guys are pretty good at ignoring your boarder problems overall

Literally everything you say about Muslims here is the same with you and Mexicans so all u doin really is throwing stones in a glass house

And what do you do for a living exactly?

Me when liberals


So do u

Imagine thinking the anime pfp meme is still funny lmao

You're on the same intellectual level as AOC right now @!GPT

Like calm down, no one cares that people like Japanese stuff more than cowboys

I'm 20


Ram Ranch is the essence of American culture

The only good American doe


Carson is my king

It's a secret, it's just a poorly kept secret

At least it's easy enough to remember the names of those that shop there tho

Asians are hot doe, gotta admit

@SPOOKY Phil, Ruler of Heck wolverine with the bowsette crown

@r.lupus America is one big race mix

True that, bring back the empire

Britain: *raises taxes by 1p*

America: *screaming, crying and sucking french cock noises*

>ethno nationalism

Imagine crying that everyone is a leftie that doesn't want an ethnostate

@Gservator sauce on thicc elf?

I love u @Gservator

... why?

I'm scared

948 total messages. Viewing 100 per page.
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