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Just got here. Representing DS CT Bookclub. Lots o'channels, damn

Yeah, we all need active management. Plastics everywhere. Most food is toxic. Everyone has to be a nutrition expert these days

You can supplement the foundation hormones. Progesterone is available over the counter. Make damn sure you buy one without estrogen

Can't really take T direct easily, there are regulatory hormones and they'll convert it into.. is it DHA? if they're not addressed

I felt a difference for a month, get the feeling you can build tolerances to most hormonal treatments

Dudes at 20 have the T level of a 60yr old from the 50s. All men need to look into it

Living in diversity sinks T. Alcohols & sugar sink T. BPA and other mimics in synthetics sink T. Lots of room for prevention

We all did. Just look at the garbage advertised as kid food or served at the schools

Guess the way I look at it, out generation gets to make a lot of noise. Our kids will be Greek statues, paragons of health. We can strive high but it's too late for the summit

Women need to get in on it for sure, part of managing the household is handling the pantry. Man shouldn't be distracted having to read ingredient labels on every food & supplement looking for gotchas

Lot of supplements do more harm than good, secret corn syrup and the like

Kellogs life purpose was to engineer food that decreased 'passion' in men. Before anyone knew much about hormones. Quaint

@rKKKselected Can't remember specifics, think I was researching abolishinists at the time. Look up his cracker diet. He was Christian. Good intentions, bad results, Jews caught wind and the rest is history. Kike devils aren't creative, they just promote our failed expiranents

Corporations can be useful, when they fail you have one figurehead to blame, the CEO. No democratic musical chairs

All for CT. @yeah dude Ping me or William Wallacr, we lead vetting for CT Bookclub

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