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2019-02-09 14:15:05 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #auto-roles]  


2019-02-09 14:15:10 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #auto-roles]  


2019-02-09 14:15:20 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #auto-roles]  


2019-02-09 14:15:36 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #auto-roles]  


2019-02-09 14:15:39 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #auto-roles]  


2019-02-09 14:15:42 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #auto-roles]  


2019-02-09 14:15:46 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #auto-roles]  


2019-02-20 14:28:54 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #quotes]  


2019-02-20 14:29:11 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #quotes]  

The Alice Teller ones are pretty good

2019-02-24 06:28:00 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #auto-roles]  


2019-02-24 06:28:03 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #auto-roles]  


2019-02-24 14:58:38 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #auto-roles]  


2019-02-24 17:36:47 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #auto-roles]  
2019-02-24 17:37:01 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #auto-roles]  
2019-02-24 19:23:05 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #auto-roles]  

You have to wait mate, everyone has to go through vetting before getting access to the server

2019-02-24 21:46:18 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #auto-roles]  


2019-02-24 21:46:23 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #auto-roles]  


2019-02-24 21:46:35 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #auto-roles]  


2019-02-24 21:46:56 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #auto-roles]  
2019-03-04 21:24:34 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #quotes]  


2019-03-13 08:08:06 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #quotes]  

*"At this time, we are surrounded on all sides.
The enemies attack us, and the treachery bites from us.
For two years we have been linked to chains of censor.
For two years, our name of legionnaires are tolerated in newspapers only to be insulted. It's flowing over us a rain of mockery in the applause of enemies and their hopes that we will perish. But these knights of cowardice, like their masters, will convince, moreover, soon that all the attacks they have accumulated in the hope of destroying the legionary movement, all troubles and all desperate efforts remain vain attempts.
Legionnaires do not die. Righteous, immovable, unbeatable and immortal, we watch everlasting at our victory against all the attempts of helpless hatred "* - **Corneliu Zelea Cordeanu** in For My Legionnaires

2019-03-15 20:56:58 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #auto-roles]  

Rip anton

2019-03-16 08:54:07 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #auto-roles]  


2019-03-16 08:54:12 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #auto-roles]  


2019-03-16 08:54:27 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #auto-roles]  

@Deleted User here, ching chong

2019-03-16 09:44:20 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #auto-roles]  

I removed it for you

2019-03-17 10:57:10 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #quotes]  

"A time is coming when men will go mad, and when they see someone who is not mad, they will attack him, saying, 'You are mad; you are not like us."

St. Antony the Great

2019-03-17 16:39:10 UTC [Nationalist Union #general]  

2019-03-24 21:40:00 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #auto-roles]  


2019-03-24 21:40:02 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #auto-roles]  


2019-03-28 08:02:36 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #auto-roles]  


2019-03-28 08:02:44 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #auto-roles]  
2019-03-28 08:02:58 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #auto-roles]  
2019-03-28 08:03:19 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #auto-roles]  

!info @yThos

2019-03-29 20:10:49 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #auto-roles]  


2019-04-01 05:18:30 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #quotes]  


2019-04-01 22:00:57 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #quotes]  


2019-04-01 22:01:35 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #quotes]  

"*The law of honor: Go along only on the paths of honor. Fight, and never be a coward. Leave the path of infamy to others. Better to fall in an honorable fight than win by infamy.*" - **Corneliu Zelea Codreanu**

Thule (Formerly Alcoholocaust) is BACK
THULE is a close knit, Right wing political Discord with an active Chat & VC (Looking for staff)
Casual & Serious Discussion with no restrictions on speech (as long as you don't break ToS)
All are welcome, but acceptance is earned


2019-04-08 06:04:30 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #i-to-mmdcclxxi]  


2019-04-15 21:03:46 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #quotes]  


2019-05-03 20:13:07 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #quotes]  


2019-05-03 21:30:59 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #auto-roles]  
2019-05-03 21:31:04 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #auto-roles]  


2019-05-03 21:31:13 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #auto-roles]  


2019-05-03 21:31:27 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #auto-roles]  

Where is tatsumaki

2019-05-04 08:29:52 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #auto-roles]  


2019-05-04 08:31:01 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #auto-roles]  

@Deleted User bot commands only in here

2019-05-14 05:49:29 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #auto-roles]  

You can use !orthodox or !catholic @SlapTrap

2019-05-14 05:51:07 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #auto-roles]  


2019-05-15 21:59:43 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #i-to-mmdcclxxi]  


2019-05-15 22:00:17 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #i-to-mmdcclxxi]  


2019-05-16 05:19:03 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #i-to-mmdcclxxi]  


2019-05-16 06:00:06 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #i-to-mmdcclxxi]  


2019-05-16 17:26:17 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #quotes]  

>pagan using anti christian quotes to "strenghten" his stupid beliefs

2019-05-16 17:27:00 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #i-to-mmdcclxxi]  


2019-05-17 03:47:00 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #i-to-mmdcclxxi]  


2019-05-17 05:03:02 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #i-to-mmdcclxxi]  


2019-05-18 15:14:48 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #auto-roles]  


2019-05-18 15:15:28 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #auto-roles]  

Bruh moment

2019-05-18 15:16:08 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #auto-roles]  


2019-05-18 15:16:18 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #auto-roles]  
2019-05-18 15:16:47 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #auto-roles]  

3 months

2019-05-18 15:17:03 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #auto-roles]  


Radical Politics Lounge, is the lounge where the radicals from left wing, right wing or neither of these like Extreme Reactionary, Communists, Radical Socialists, Fascists and Third Position come to discuss and debate each other to see which side is better and also talk about how radical politics is more interesting than mainstream poltiics or worldview. Moderates are welcomed but they will be guests.


⚔ Debate Nationalism 🛡

⚔ Server for patriots of all stripes
🛡 *** Left wing nationalists and opposing opinions also welcome! ***
⚔ Daily Questions and debates
🛡 Self-improvement channel

***Server backup link (join if link is dead):***

2019-05-22 19:23:39 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #auto-roles]  

@Deleted User what happend niggwr

2019-05-22 19:23:39 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #auto-roles]  


2019-05-22 19:23:40 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #auto-roles]  


2019-05-22 19:23:52 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #auto-roles]  

Im not into vetting sorry

2019-05-22 19:24:39 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #auto-roles]  

I can but I don't think I'm allowed to in this situation

2019-05-22 19:24:54 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #auto-roles]  

@Mankn II yo muhammad

2019-05-22 19:24:59 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #auto-roles]  

We have a situation here

2019-05-22 19:25:12 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #auto-roles]  

I know nigger

2019-05-24 17:21:22 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #auto-roles]  
2019-05-27 07:01:59 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #auto-roles]  

Check the pinned message @Tea and Bayonets

2019-06-19 13:27:38 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #auto-roles]  


2019-06-25 12:31:01 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #quotes]  


2019-06-25 16:23:19 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #quotes]  

@Deleted User not really a good comparison

2019-06-27 23:10:18 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #auto-roles]  


2019-07-03 12:27:56 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #auto-roles]  


2019-07-03 12:28:24 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #auto-roles]  


2019-07-03 12:29:14 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #auto-roles]  


2019-07-12 20:52:12 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #auto-roles]  

<@&542297417534406658> tf are you doing nigger

2019-07-12 20:52:14 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #auto-roles]  

Wake up

2019-07-12 21:56:42 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #auto-roles]  

Not really


A new server focusing on politics, religion, philosophy, and current events.

Server advertising is allowed as well in our shilling channel.


Sorry guys

2019-07-28 12:26:17 UTC [Imperium Nostrum #quotes]  

Stop talking here tards

@Deleted User I myself don't have a problem with pagans generally, but just with those who act really retard or don't understand how things work

I hope I'm not sperging but there are some people who try to call themselves romanian nationalists but they are pagans


there is no such thing as romanian nationalism and pagan in the same sentence.

usually, "pagans" are just edgy teens or people who don't know what to do with their lives

I don't know if you will understand this

but romanians are a christian people since the beginnings

when you say romanian, you say christian

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