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Wait, why is the data dump the same channel as shilling? Why is there non-affiliated shilling on the first place?

Yes but you just commited the big jew, you put the useful data dump with the shilling, therefore people that need the data get ads

And why would they get ads here if we have a channel <#507048102260113408> just for that?

They are when they want the data dumps, and that was the point

but now you changed it

3. Do not post gore and do not post porn. This rule is in place so that mods do not have to monitor a NSFW channel.

Does that mean we won't have a NSFW channel or did you just not add it yet?

Are roles given and known only by mods/admins?

And what's its power?

And purist?

Shouldn't Detention be shown separately so that it's easier to spot and bully degenerates?

Uh, I didn't get it

So the Detention role is a role for punishment not meant to be seen?

Well I think this is the first server that did such

EA Slav joins the battle

Two badly managed servers are not supposed to be good examples

Silly and gay, but too little of a detail to be worth the autism

Special Operation: NU-Server, start

Are our upper ranks officially Duginist?

lmao, we also need some maxresdefaults

Having in mind that this server differs from what RWIS proposes, we shouldn't carbon-copy their emotes

A comfy server for fellow feds*

F for that Dwarf server btw, I feel bad for quitting but would feel worse staying there


Did my leaving note produce any fruits?

huh, nice, but I was expecting something positive out of it

Huh, weird considering that none other was, unless he did take the advice and cleaned his room

Well my comment was that the server was a mess on first sight


Can only think of Musk, and to some minor extent birdo and *maybe* Maximus for a last choice

All three are friendly and comfortable enough to give some private details about their lives, but that's just on what I can remember

>The Lazy Emperor

Crowgo interacts too little

I wouldn't know




Dead small server is awful optics

look not white

This is haram

How closed is this tunnel ?

This is evil

I want to burn it at the bonfire

I want to see it destroyed

I want to tell my friends and neighbours about it so that we can kill it together

Do emotes go through?

Nah, obv not

@Nathan Explosion Remember that your optics are part of the server's optics faggot

They are, you won't want to enter a server where a shitty guy torments you on a global conversation

I was pretty sure it would, lol

Which makes me wonder why you thought you couldn't

I don't know why these two are contradictory

What tunnel ban? What happens next?

Well that got gay really fast

I question your notion of good games

Or didn't care? Are there rules for it?

one guy came by and said "ooga booga kill whitey"

It doesn't show when they open, I'm just checking for a reaction

I volunteered for it before

y tho

That would sully my image

Yes, I don't care about the ban, but I won't be banned for THAT

Did something happen?

>tfw no :varg:




Level me up Scotty



Halo is anime

More motives for you not to drink



<:ancap:521375203893182472> <:ancom:520002567988838401>

Hello there, Foul Soul. Interested in sharing a political test result for first impression? Politiscales is particularly useful

You may not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like <:30yoboomer:521380551316209668>

Can't expect much socialism from a bandit <:ancap:521375203893182472>

Quite the anglo pride you have there, Mr. Bowman

Come on, bandit, just because your name is black doesn't mean that you have to be antagonistic

Hi there. How are we supposed to call you?

Calling him either Mr. Commies or Mr. bad would not be really productive

No one had interest in posting a political test result. SAD.

Breaking windows is gay, obviously

>tfw Hitler

You can't stop minorities from voting democrat, unless you physically remove them.

anyways is always wrong anyway


A lot of gamers getting in. Praise the sun, Ventruvi!

Now we have two Milks though


I see two spaces, one must be removed @The Big Oof

Should you not put those 3 parts in a single message so that you can pin it entirely @The Big Oof ?

Most likely, even if it wasn't created to be one

That name is a sperg magnet, and spergs are the perfect target for lefties. It's the start of the creation of a honeypot ecosystem

Yeah, I'd say no as well

Stop shilling, Snake

The state is the extension of the great leader that created that society under its fist. It's logical that the role of the state should be to unconditionally rule and to expand its society infinitely, crushing every enemy on its way.

Genocide with light absorption

Worldwide conquest by a single tribe

3,993 total messages. Viewing 100 per page.
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