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you know that boomer mean born during the baby boom, after the war?

dunno, was he speaking metaphorical?! and even if it was abloished, no one would start buying selling slaves, i hope

wasnt he always talking about how the black people need to leave the plantation, back when the whole "slavery was voluntary"-shitstorm happened

but I doubt he says this cause he want to buy himself some fine slaves

yes, he either doesnt realize or just doesnt give afuck if what he says can be misinterpreted

I think he wants to abolish this cause its no longer needed, leave the past behind and make america whole

having private prisons which have to meet quotas to be profitable sure is a fucking mess

combined with this 3-strikes shit its just a endless source of labour

so he just wanted to say "amend aritcle 13"

ah, watched a netflix trailer. I think they made a movie about the whole thing

ye someone gave him the wrong address, he was supposed to slaughter turks in cologne this weekend

uni newspaper..

they prolly work for the washington post by now

Graham Uncucked

its a NAFTA press conference, lets talk about dem circus

fat murican whamen would reee so hard at this

30 squats mandatory to even be allowed on the train 30 more for free ticket

we live in a society

like the people in garmany that still think they live under german reich law

yes they called ReichsbΓΌrger (citizen of the reich)

they print their own papers and driving liscences

yeah a few yeras ago one of them shot a few police officers when they came to take his guns

lol what a cuck

I consider our intelligence service a subsidiary of the CIA

the BND gave you the "source" of the WMD-scam, remember?

also he sits there all day and cuts it into a short video

well a live-stream would be interesting nonetheless

hes a comedian, im sure he could fill πŸ˜„

how do they get their driving liscence?

"Lady, this is a police station and no senate commitee"

mine lives but is dead to me

fucked his married secretary, gets divorced from my mum, moves to fucking latvia and marries again, eventually gets divorced again and moves to the city where me and my siblings live and expects us to care for his now sorry ass

oh yeah forgot to meantion he left my mum with most of his debt

shes still working with 69years to make the money to keep the houe her parents build

as I said, dead to me, no point beating corpses

yeah my mum was able to find a better man

nah he just moved to the same city wwhere me, my brother and my sister live

my mum live in another town

he wasnt there when it mattered, he was in latvia, then when he fucked that up he came back to germany broke and sick and was like "hey help me build a new life here"

well hadnt much contace he mostly pressured my sister into helping him

he wanted me to drive him to some clinic one day and I told him i look up a bus connection for him, he then hung up, havent spoken to him since

yeah feeling pretty ashamed to be related to him

I just dont want to fuck up like he did

yeah, just doenst make building relationships easier

thats the plan

id make a throwaway for that stuff and be accused of russian bot

beer gut is a thing

Austria is the better Germany tbh

they tackle issues no one in germany dares to touch

beautiful if you like mountains

prolly not but they dont take shit from arab looking people so behave πŸ˜„

im sorry, its just brown skin, black hair

I know youre a sufi kurd

i was in poland in 10th grade for 2 weeks student exchange

was pretty dope

France without Paris, Paris has fallen

Great Britain has shitty weather, the continent is ok

i know one sentence "I dont speak french" "Je ne parle pas francaise"

I learned to walk in Singapore, but dont remember anything

I always wanted to visit Prague, back when i lived in Munich it was pretty close

where are you at anyway

a freind of mine visited the US in the 90s, booked some place in harlem. when he was coming up the stairs from the subway some black folk wanted to rip him off. he was like "I am a german tourist, is this how you welcome guests?" they ended up helping him with his lugagge πŸ˜„

yall eat rotten fish

the Stauffenberg conspirators wanted to use it when they had overthrown hitler

also being happy makes you look better

so this morning I called my doc for the blood work results, turns out why I feel so shitty all the time is low key lyme disease, didnt stop me from driving 700km, but man am I done now

and it was from a fuckin mosquito

yes ill get the penicilin tomorrow

nah you can get brain fever, thats worse

didnt have any tick this year just an infected mosquito bite

fucking militant vegan ticks

so the limits in the test for borelliosis is 0,8 and I got 0,9 so I dont think its that bad

I just imgaine him getting the calendars out of their box from the cellar. "Gotcha"

phd in vocal fry

IWF is in on it too

you are no real language!

if tanken works there like in Germany you can fuel up your car then walk in tell the clerk what station you want to pay

or you can drive away, notrecommended

yeah there are some unmanned stations here too but not that often

and today I read that after 22:00 you have to walk in first and have the pump unlocked

you dont have gas station which also sell all kinds of stuff?

cigarettes, bveverages, food

in italy the even still have "servicio" you dont even have to get out of the car, have some mongrel fill your tank and pay out the window

more expensive than doing it yourself ofc

italy not being that cold helps i guess πŸ˜„

you wouldnt believe how many dipshits put the wrong fuel in their car, worked at a breakdown service for some years

or like my sister who put motoroil into her servo streering

not the actual motoroil tank

you got the basiscs covered then πŸ˜„

drove my new van for 8000km and didnt have to shit yet, not even refill wiper fluid

8000km do you use miles in sweden??

from march this year

oh other miles then πŸ˜„

i just use in in warhammer40k

so yeah, working as a beekeeper racks up my milage a lot

I rent out hive to eco woke companies

so i have to drive to a lot of places where my bees are

they pay a lot of rent so it isnt an issue

189€/month for one hive

they get all the honey from the rented hives

as business presents and stuff

i started this year and have 8 hives out for rent and like 50 for myself

yeah have to wait and see how many make it through the winter

yes minus taxes ofc

its not one trip lol

during swarming season i have to got check on every hive every 10 days

summer solstice is end of swarming season, really get it why people celebrate it now πŸ˜„

end of april early may

I dont eat it that much, i treat it more like medicine

500kg in my basement atm

sure thing just pm me your address

its quality honey, water content below 18% not gonna spoil for some decades

nah i need moar buyers πŸ˜„

ugh dont know about that, you can ferment honey and make honey wine

its better than honey wine imho

arabs andd turks always want honey in comb

had some arab buy a bucket of 10kg he was gonna mix it with walnuts

its quite healty i guess

also they are also bred (dont know if this is the correct term for plants) for sweetness

like I breed my bees to be chill

Carnica with some Buckfast here and there

you breed queens and bring them to an isolated place where the drone population is controlled

then they get gang raped by those drones

so you have to select the queen mother strain and look for a strain you want to combine them with

or you can just let them make a queen themselves and see what happens πŸ˜„

yes almost all my hive a are docile as fuck

i dont even need to use protective gear

being immune to bee venom helps though

can get some stingers here and there if you are not careful

I had my first season as apprentice with not so docile bees and gloves were forbidden

next season I didnt care anymore πŸ˜„

i walked around with swollen everything for some months

does your mom work for big tobacco by any chance?

you want to see my cars?

well I profit from female labour

but they are bees

worker bees are all female

they have no ther purpose then fucking, so yeah

but they get stabbed if they dont die fucking

they fuck midflight

and one queen only has sex once but with up to 16 drones

wakanda forever

i just finished infinity war

if you only have sex once in your life might as well go for that

what games you like?

so team shooters and strategy, hmm Space Hulk Tactics is just around the corner

have you heard of Darkest Dungeon?

XCOM, Battletech, Frostpunk

i guess you dont like Overwatch otherwise you wouldnt be playing tf2

at least go for PUBG but its shit too

me neither, id rather play a round CSGO

Empires of the Undergrowth is fun, building an ant colony fighting spiders and bugs

yeah I still play it if I'm bored

D.VA main πŸ˜„

Ana is pretty good if you know what youre doin

also played a lot of Zen and Hanzo when I get the chance to DPS

Soldier is they have pharah

Have you checked out Quake Champions?

my brother plays it a lot and is alway on about how its the most skill based shooter yadda yaddy

Doom was great

and if you havent played it yet I recommend Spec Ops: The Line

ans I usually dont play cover shooters like Battlefield or MoH

and its single player only

but man that game is great

I still need to play Ruiner

well one day one flight

the rest of the life is hive duty laying eggs

and maybe swarming

I recently wired 5€ to a youtuber for the first time

well people should follow his advise and make themselves better persons not follow him like jesus

yeah while Kav's exes had his back

he is in romania, what else is there to do?

gypsy furry vee?

not following Vee for more than a few months

I like him just cant listen to his voice for too long

his prophet tommy robinson video had me laughing

Who is behind "Way of the World"?

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