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2017-04-19 02:09:21 UTC [Anticom #general]  

WTF is happening

2017-04-19 02:09:33 UTC [Anticom #general]  

I can't tell with this shit stream

2017-05-06 00:32:28 UTC [4th Reich #trumps_wall]

2017-05-06 00:33:36 UTC [4th Reich #trumps_wall]  

he's a german dog is that good enough

2017-05-06 00:33:59 UTC [4th Reich #trumps_wall]  

hitler pics

2017-05-06 00:34:09 UTC [4th Reich #trumps_wall]  


2017-05-06 00:34:41 UTC [4th Reich #trumps_wall]  

i do i just wish i had a picture of my dog as hitler

2017-05-06 00:35:00 UTC [4th Reich #trumps_wall]

2017-05-06 00:35:19 UTC [4th Reich #trumps_wall]  

sorry didn't know it had to be are

2017-05-06 00:35:39 UTC [4th Reich #trumps_wall]  

i mean there are only so many pictures ofhitler

2017-05-06 00:35:48 UTC [4th Reich #trumps_wall]  


2017-05-06 00:36:14 UTC [4th Reich #trumps_wall]  

i used to have a stash on my old laptop. i would dump them if i could

2017-05-06 00:37:38 UTC [4th Reich #trumps_wall]

2017-05-06 00:37:40 UTC [4th Reich #trumps_wall]  

what about this nigger pic

2017-05-06 00:37:58 UTC [4th Reich #trumps_wall]  

in an alleyway on pcp asking people to fuck him in the ass

2017-05-06 00:40:45 UTC [4th Reich #trumps_wall]

2017-05-06 00:41:12 UTC [4th Reich #trumps_wall]  

(ebt card)

2017-05-06 00:41:44 UTC [4th Reich #trumps_wall]  


2017-05-06 00:42:26 UTC [4th Reich #trumps_wall]

2017-05-06 00:42:57 UTC [4th Reich #trumps_wall]  

getting some boarshead sub sandwiches from publix with his ebt card

2017-05-06 00:43:48 UTC [4th Reich #trumps_wall]  


2017-05-06 00:44:44 UTC [4th Reich #trumps_wall]

2017-05-06 00:44:48 UTC [4th Reich #trumps_wall]  

is that rare

2017-05-09 02:00:21 UTC [4th Reich #rare_pepes]

2017-05-10 04:46:13 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

i wouldn't be on this earth anymore without communism

2017-05-10 04:47:05 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

read the screenshot above nigger

2017-05-10 04:47:20 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

stupid niggers can't read

2017-05-10 04:47:36 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

last line

2017-05-10 04:47:48 UTC [4th Reich #general]  


2017-05-10 04:48:36 UTC [4th Reich #general]

2017-05-10 04:49:21 UTC [4th Reich #general]  


2017-05-10 04:49:45 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

the video was sooo fucking funny but it got taken off youtube before i could save it

2017-05-10 04:50:24 UTC [4th Reich #general]  


2017-05-10 04:51:01 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

it ruined my day when i saw it had been taken down. it was great material, only had a couple of views somehow

2017-05-10 04:51:21 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

i've checked everywhere even fucking worldstar hiphop but i'll look again i guess

2017-05-10 04:58:28 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

ho lee phuk, found a reupload

2017-05-10 05:01:38 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

good nigger content

2017-05-10 05:01:56 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

if you were on a walk and passed an alleyway and saw that wwyd?

2017-05-10 05:06:52 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

why do niggers act so literally gay when they're high on that stuff?

2017-05-10 05:07:28 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

that isn't the first nigger pcp video where a dude gets on the ground naked and simulate anal sex it's fucking weird

2017-05-10 05:11:37 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

i think all nogs are latently homosexual and the drugs just remove that surface layer

2017-05-10 05:12:21 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

that's why blacks tend to be the most "homophobic" because they're in denial or all closeted

2017-05-10 05:17:13 UTC [4th Reich #general]  


2017-05-11 06:31:16 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

i'm a baby boomer

2017-05-11 06:32:43 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

what are you stupid lazy kids doing shouldn't you be at work right now don't you know papa needs his SS!

2017-05-11 06:32:57 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

fucking lazy ipad generation

2017-05-11 06:33:13 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

i'm 68

2017-05-11 06:36:16 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

what did you say little punk i'm an a american served in the reserves for thirty years what do you millenials know about hard work

2017-05-11 06:37:12 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

gOD bless ISREAL the onLy DEMOCRACY in the Mid-East !!!!

2017-05-11 06:37:38 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

boomers were born right after the end of wwii

2017-05-11 06:38:06 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

there was a boom in birth when GIs came home from the war hence baby "boom"

2017-05-11 06:38:52 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

my dick don't work anymore

2017-05-11 06:40:32 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

i'm 68 show me what you got

2017-05-11 06:40:46 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

pay for my social security

2017-05-11 06:41:21 UTC [4th Reich #general]

2017-05-11 06:41:26 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

i'm retired

2017-05-11 06:41:37 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

come fight me at my beach house in perdido key

2017-05-11 06:42:54 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

im 68

2017-05-11 06:44:14 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

i braid my pubes

2017-05-11 06:45:12 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

it's what my viking ancestors did

2017-05-11 06:45:23 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

to keep them out of the way in battle

2017-05-11 06:45:50 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

half norwegian me mum was from bergen

2017-05-11 06:46:03 UTC [4th Reich #general]  


2017-05-11 06:46:07 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

that'd be gay as hell

2017-05-11 06:46:46 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

the only guys i know who shave their chests do it because they wrestle and do ju jitsu to prevent it from being snagged

2017-05-11 06:46:56 UTC [4th Reich #general]  


2017-05-11 06:47:49 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

chest hair is the least gay shave you can do
shaving your leg hair is pretty damn gay though

2017-05-11 06:48:19 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

i wasn't counting that lol

2017-05-11 06:48:55 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

i think that's more of a preference thing but i can't imagine why a dude'd wanna shave his fuckin legs unless he's a swimmer

2017-05-11 06:49:33 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

what do you guys think about a dude shaving his arms because i know a guy who does it

2017-05-11 06:49:36 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

gay imo

2017-05-11 06:50:01 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

says it accentuates his arm muscles TOP KEK

2017-05-11 06:50:09 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

no joke

2017-05-11 06:50:28 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

yeah true, this guy isn't one tho

2017-05-11 06:50:36 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

not even close

2017-05-11 06:51:17 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

is this really worth your balls shrinking up from the roids

2017-05-11 06:51:19 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

i say no

2017-05-11 06:53:16 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

when i did judo and ju jistu there were some dudes who came in there from a regular gym who were built like that but they had absolutely no stamina or flexibility whatsoever so they got owned daily

2017-05-11 06:53:31 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

but at least they could lift heavy stuff

2017-05-11 06:53:58 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

it's all important but youve gotta balance it

2017-05-11 06:54:39 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

ngl though it's kind of funny to see some fuckin roid head get his ego crushed when he gets choked out by some small asian guy

2017-05-11 06:54:50 UTC [4th Reich #general]  


2017-05-11 06:55:43 UTC [4th Reich #general]  


2017-05-11 06:55:45 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

that picture

2017-05-11 06:57:05 UTC [4th Reich #general]  


2017-05-11 06:57:28 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

is that just from roids alone or some kind of fake muscle injection shit?

2017-05-11 07:04:14 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

is that real

2017-05-11 07:04:17 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

what the fuck

2017-05-11 07:04:32 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

how can you even post something like that without being arrested?

2017-05-11 07:10:56 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

can someone call dhr on these people

2017-05-11 07:11:58 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

can someone explain the obsession with traps now serious question

2017-05-11 07:14:30 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

our scientists are working on a retrovirus to exterminate all traplovers and pedos and are finishing up work on a delivery system as we speak

2017-05-11 07:15:24 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

the virus will be inserted into all MLP toys from here on out

2017-05-11 07:15:56 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

no only the ones who are pedos

2017-05-11 07:18:23 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

the KEK sign in front of the KEK building used to be my cover photo for years

2017-05-11 07:19:22 UTC [4th Reich #general]

2017-05-11 07:19:35 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

no lol

2017-05-11 07:19:42 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

i'm not into ponies

2017-05-11 07:20:39 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

i posted it because someone was just saying something like that lol

2017-05-11 07:21:31 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

i've eaten raw horse before

2017-05-11 07:21:35 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

fuck horses

2017-05-11 07:21:54 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

nah it's some of my favorite food

2017-05-11 07:21:57 UTC [4th Reich #general]  


2017-05-11 07:22:17 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

do you plebs not eat sushi

2017-05-11 07:22:20 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

it's the same thing

2017-05-11 07:23:01 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

i only eat horse in japan, if someone in the states offered me raw horse i'd probably run

2017-05-11 07:23:23 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

would never eat a dog though

2017-05-11 07:23:51 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

i just like dogs better

2017-05-11 07:24:25 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

in all seriousness i've probably eaten dog before at some point in my travels

2017-05-11 07:24:38 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

you stop wondering what it is you're eating after a while

2017-05-11 07:25:11 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

gator is good

2017-05-11 07:25:50 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

we killed one in my yard once and ate it

2017-05-11 07:26:16 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

that's good

2017-05-11 07:26:21 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

he didn't waste it

2017-05-11 07:26:30 UTC [4th Reich #general]  


2017-05-11 07:27:01 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

as annoying as the LGBT shit can get it isn't a pressing issue to me but when i see fucking PEDO shit it genuinely worries me

2017-05-11 07:27:25 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

it makes me scared to have a fuckin kid

2017-05-11 07:27:46 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

if it's this bad now imagine how bad itll be ten years from now

2017-05-11 07:28:00 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

if pedophilia is socially acceptable

2017-05-11 07:29:06 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

deploy the zapper

2017-05-11 07:29:32 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

do you think they're working their way up the ranks to the pizza pedos?

2017-05-11 07:31:04 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

well i'm pretty sure there's been a few pedo-acceptance-esque articles out now iirc

2017-05-11 07:31:17 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

i think huffpost did one, correct me if i'm wrong

2017-05-11 07:31:50 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

you mean like the #DraftOurDaughters thing?

2017-05-11 07:33:27 UTC [4th Reich #general]  


2017-05-11 07:33:47 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

jk who knows

2017-05-11 07:35:14 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

the fact that people pretend to be being persecuted for being asexual boggles my mind

2017-05-11 07:35:58 UTC [4th Reich #general]  


2017-05-11 07:36:28 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

that would actually be really fun for pol to lure out a punch of pedos

2017-05-11 07:38:30 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

there's no reason to advocate pedo rights unless yer a pedo

2017-05-11 07:38:37 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

but that goes without saying

2017-05-11 07:39:13 UTC [4th Reich #general]  


2017-05-11 07:40:15 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

how would it be implemented though

2017-05-11 07:41:26 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

this shit makes me want to vomit

2017-05-11 07:42:44 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

will you label me as a fag if i follow you

2017-05-11 07:43:01 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

i don't post anything

2017-05-11 07:43:09 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

i want that on my feed

2017-05-11 07:43:24 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

ok but call me one

2017-05-11 07:45:05 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

i don't even know what show that is

2017-05-11 07:46:58 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

i want to fucking punch john oliver in his limey rat face and knock his veneers out down his throat so he chokes to death on them

2017-05-11 07:49:05 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

i never really post but at one point i made a post with the hashtag "BlackWomenAtWork" while it was trending and attached the video of the black women in checkers rubbing food on the ground but it disappeared recently

2017-05-11 07:52:14 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

How long does it take for a black woman to take a shit? Nine months. #LetsGoDucks

2017-05-11 07:54:18 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

is that satire

2017-05-11 07:55:19 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

i love pepe

2017-05-11 07:56:59 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

oh shid

2017-05-11 07:57:03 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

it's 3 here

2017-05-11 07:57:11 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

see ya

2017-05-12 06:14:12 UTC [4th Reich #general]

2017-05-21 01:04:01 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

how to shrooms

2017-05-21 01:04:06 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

do you just eat them?

2017-05-21 01:04:12 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

do you eat the whole thing?

2017-05-21 01:14:22 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

looks like it would taste like shit

2017-05-21 06:38:47 UTC [4th Reich #general]  


2017-05-23 01:06:50 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

we can end the violence guys we just need to love more and hold each other's hands

2017-05-23 01:06:55 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

love will solve this ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

2017-05-23 01:07:31 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

explosions at concert in machester

2017-05-23 01:07:36 UTC [4th Reich #general]  


2017-05-23 01:08:26 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

if we all just UNITE and hug each other the bad guys will give up

2017-05-23 01:09:28 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

i actually managed to miss that meme

2017-05-23 01:11:37 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

ah, just read about it. was gay like expected.

2017-05-23 03:14:16 UTC [4th Reich #general]  


2017-05-23 05:54:08 UTC [4th Reich #general]

2017-05-23 05:55:11 UTC [4th Reich #general]

2017-05-23 13:00:57 UTC [4th Reich #general]

2017-05-24 03:27:01 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

is that a man or a woman

2017-05-24 03:27:14 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

from the second picture i would say woman but from the first i'm not too sure

2017-05-26 23:08:06 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

something just happened that sounds like a "stuff that didn't happen" story but it did and i thought i might share it with you guys because i thought it was kind of funny

2017-05-26 23:13:09 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

fuck just typed it all out and my PC fucking died on me

2017-05-26 23:13:32 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

Will tell story in a bit, it isn't hilarious but it made me chuckle

2017-05-26 23:42:26 UTC [4th Reich #general]  


2017-05-26 23:42:39 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

A part of me has a lot of hope for the younger gen

2017-05-26 23:43:06 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

I think they'll either be totally brainwashed or little stormtroopers

2017-05-26 23:43:18 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

Anyway I'm gonna try to type this shit out on my phone

2017-05-26 23:50:59 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

Lately I've had this credit card scammer company calling me pretty much every day offering to alleviate my cc debt (which I don't have) and today I was feeling kekky and decided I'd let them lead me on a bit and see how far it could go. I always take the callsโ€‹ in the best heavy stereotypical Russian accent I can muster because I don't think these retards can tell the difference. He asked me all the routine questions, visa or mastercard, amount owed, etc. which I gave him falsely of course and when he finally got around to asking me for my credit card number I said "one-four-eight-eight" which took a second or so to sink in to which he responded "Hey, FUCK YOU ASSHOLE!"

2017-05-26 23:51:22 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

I really didn't expect this dude to catch it

2017-05-26 23:52:11 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

I really wish I would have recorded it

2017-05-26 23:52:13 UTC [4th Reich #general]  


2017-05-26 23:52:25 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

It isn't as funny told as a story

2017-05-26 23:56:31 UTC [4th Reich #general]  


2017-05-26 23:56:54 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

I wish I could do a convincing Asian accent holy shit

2017-05-27 00:15:23 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

just watched the black guy one

2017-05-27 00:15:48 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

these are actually really funny

2017-05-27 00:46:51 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

oh boy

2017-05-27 00:47:01 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

i had my speakers on loud and clear when you said that

2017-05-27 00:47:53 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

^gud album

2017-05-27 01:42:46 UTC [4th Reich #general]  


2017-05-27 01:42:52 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

it keeps getting better

2017-05-27 05:07:57 UTC [4th Reich #general]

2017-05-27 23:45:48 UTC [4th Reich #general]

2017-05-28 03:32:46 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

pcp doesn't actually make blacks high it just reverts them to their true form

2017-05-28 03:36:02 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

I've never heard that before

2017-05-28 03:36:12 UTC [4th Reich #general]  


2017-05-28 03:36:36 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

i thought it's because they don't feel pain or fear when they're high on it

2017-05-28 03:37:54 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

I think they just don't want to have to touch a sweaty nigger lol

2017-05-28 06:24:23 UTC [4th Reich #general]

2017-05-28 17:58:09 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

๐Ÿ‡ซ ๐Ÿ‡บ ๐Ÿ‡จ ๐Ÿ‡ฐ ๐Ÿ‡ฎ ๐Ÿ‡ธ ๐Ÿ‡ฑ ๐Ÿ‡ฆ ๐Ÿ‡ฒ

2017-05-28 23:23:17 UTC [4th Reich #general]

2017-05-28 23:23:35 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

It got taken down

2017-05-28 23:23:43 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

Yeah man

2017-05-28 23:23:58 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

Someone has been archiving it on Tumblr though

2017-05-28 23:24:04 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

Just found out

2017-05-28 23:24:42 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

Hence the tumblr filename

2017-05-28 23:25:48 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

For some reason the person who made the backup has posted some irrelevant gay shit on there but scroll through a bit and it's all there

2017-05-28 23:27:13 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

I actually talked to the person who ran it a long time ago and (I assume) she said she wasn't sure how long she would keep posting which I said is understandable and that no one expects her to rush

2017-05-28 23:27:25 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

Idk why she decided to completely delete it all though

2017-05-29 03:07:26 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

@Norwegian Black Metal what exactly is going on in that evergreen attack video? funny but i don't really know the context

2017-05-29 03:07:35 UTC [4th Reich #general]  


2017-05-29 03:18:47 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

Top kek

2017-05-29 16:53:23 UTC [4th Reich #general]

2017-05-30 01:20:29 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

So a girl who is okay with her boyfriend fucking other girls in front of her?

2017-05-30 01:21:58 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

Probably sounds like a dream to some dudes

2017-05-30 01:22:04 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

Not for me

2017-05-30 01:22:30 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

It's a woman

2017-05-30 01:22:46 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

She'd kill you in your sleep for it later

2017-05-30 01:25:20 UTC [4th Reich #general]

2017-05-30 05:59:25 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

How did that legate faggot get taken down?

2017-05-30 05:59:29 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

It's about time

2017-05-30 14:07:22 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

I agree with @Goose as well

2017-05-30 14:07:58 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

Had a look through some of the messages above

2017-05-30 14:11:24 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

Start out with a tightly-knit group and def embrace the best of Hitler's ideas and foster a parallel ideology. Don't go full Hitler-larp like Richard Spencer basically right off the get-go wearing fuckin pepe lapel pins and sieg-heiling
Besides the fact that IMO stuff like that is kind of cringey, like it or not most people will immediately be turned off by behavior like that and anything associated with Nazism

2017-05-30 14:12:10 UTC [4th Reich #general]  


2017-05-30 14:12:27 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

And we can learn from any mistakes made and make it even better

2017-05-30 14:13:30 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

There are many people I know who are receptive to the fundamental goal that I think a lot of us here share, and they have the potential to be supporters but won't be willing to join up with anyone they think are Nazis

2017-05-30 14:14:25 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

If they are to become more red pilled in what the Germans wanted then it'll have to be steadily over time and not have it forced down their throats which anyone will resist

2017-05-30 14:14:34 UTC [4th Reich #general]  


2017-05-30 14:16:19 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

I don't blame people for having the image that they do, but they really should gain the basic degree of awareness to question it and question why open debate and investigation on the holocaust is basically not allowed and how the Jews seem to evade criticism

2017-05-30 14:16:44 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

I hate how chaotic and violent it will have to get before it reaches that point though

2017-05-30 14:17:11 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

People are too comfy these days so a real "revolution" will take a lot longer to get going

2017-05-30 14:19:41 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

Yes unfortunately

2017-05-30 14:19:52 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

It's depressing but we can't give up

2017-05-30 14:20:20 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

I've gone deeper in the rabbit hole lately

2017-05-30 14:21:10 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

Shit's fucked

2017-05-30 14:22:00 UTC [4th Reich #general]

2017-05-30 14:26:50 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

From WikiLeaks?

2017-05-30 14:27:41 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

I've heard

2017-05-30 14:27:50 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

Do you think it's always been or has it been compromised

2017-05-30 14:28:15 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

Not sure about opening that lol

2017-05-30 14:30:59 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

I opened it anyway kek

2017-05-30 14:31:25 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

Hope it turns out to be real

2017-05-30 16:41:25 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

^^so fucking true!

2017-05-30 17:08:19 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

Best job I've ever had was at a golf course.

2017-05-30 17:09:10 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

One of the few jobs here still where you literally NEVER have to deal with nogs.

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