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Notes(read them after you finish the book)


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A Squires Trial is a nice allegory for Fascists of all age. Despite its poor grammar and syntax, The Book uses the simple fable of an old mentor figure teaching the new apprentice; the mentor explains the worldview of Fascism to someone who is more naive to the cause and what he stands for. The innocent apprentice's worldview and preassumed notions of Fascism and National Socialism is then therefore shattered, into which he falls into a bitter conundrum and contradiction with what his mentor has told him and his own cognitive bias, as falsehoods and lies are actively trying to subvert the truth, with truth ultimately succeeding, and leading the apprentice to seek out and follow the footsteps of his would be mentor.
Thus, it is a necessity to refer this book to anyone and everyone who has ideologically naive themselves or innocently right-wing. Even "red-pilled" natsocs who uselessly spend time on and/or delve further into revisionism and the JQ, yet, know little to nothing about the Weltanschauung, must read this book first. As this book can be logically allocated as the first step and basis for building the Weltanschauung and a neat little summary for anyone who has not read any fascist literature whatsoever, yet has gripes about the right-wing, JQ and society in general.

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