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Wait what

Who are you people?????

Hi. Thank you

For all you Southerners be sure to vote for Tmth for Governor this weekend!

2018-07-15 05:09:10 UTC [#FedsShallRiseAgain! #fed-discussion]  

I will be awesome for the Southern CoD! Be sure to check out my platform

2018-07-15 05:21:49 UTC [#FedsShallRiseAgain! #fed-discussion]  

Looking forward to working with our next Governor, (likely tmth) in bringing out the best in the Southern region!

Ask me anything!

To Southerners, be sure to vote this weekend for someone who can bring results under the Liberty Party banner!

Possibly me. I’ll give it a go

I messaged Santander. And do Federalista always vote last in regional elections? 😂


Is it a strategic mechanism

@Deleted User I have 6 preferences

Bagel has 6 as well but mine are higher 😛

Yeah overall

He just voted for himself 😛

Not yet. First prefs don’t matter to me

As long as I am in the first 4 I am good

I know but first prefs would be better suited to go to Saint

If he wins we can follow along and why would you give your support elsewhere

Have you viewed both of our platforms

And he will be re-elected most likely

On which issues

Well thanks

I am getting some high preferences I’d suggest reconsidering. The South needs some active people in there

@TheSaint250 good luck my friend!

Well we are unlikely to get first prefs

Who is HCP

He isn’t doing so wel


Well we know Saint should be re-elected so if you could help the rest of us that’d be great

Well that’s great and yes I have.

This person HCP seems to be gaining traction

Well help me and Bagel

Ok good thanks for that

I will be doing so soon


I used to and trying to get my funding back I need to reach 1000 subscribers

They changed the partnership rules

A few hundred dollars a month

Yes I know

@Deleted User What makes you think I won’t meet the quota it’s early yet

How many are needed to meet the quota

Thought it was 5

Well no one has the quota yet though

Since it hasn’t been decided

Well Ben Kenobi is behind at the moment

It looks like write ins are doing well


Ok so what should me & Bagel do

Sounds good

I think we have a good chance

@Deleted User If you don’t think Ben Kenobi will be active why vote for him?

That’s what we’re fighting against


Yeah Bagel is active and he’s alright

I could do that

And I voted! 😃

That’s interesting

No problem. Thanks

I PMed a lot of Federalists already lol

About 8

Not yet

You should tally the votes for everyone and what you think the final results will be

I am Populist

Guys we’re all going to win don’t worry

BK needs the most support

Once we’re elected, inactivity will vanish into oblivion

I’m a moderate Federalist who has a tendency to be Populist

@YoungTexan Thanks you too

@Deleted User Anything else you want to know??

It’s a wonderful place to be indeed

Lincoln was too left for me anyways but I tried my best to make reforms

Now we can count on @Deleted User to get it done

Trumpist lol

Except for his immigration policy

And environment,

Pretty socially conservative

45 is better but 43’s immigration policy was better

That’s true

Protectionism has grown on me

Well temporarily it has to work

I wish I was a Republican again

Well they roll out the red carpet for him in China

Cruz was okay


@Deleted User Fair enough

Abolish the IRS! -Ted Cruz

Makes my life so much easier

@Deleted User If you want to learn more PM me

I hope so

Abortion is wrong

Well they shouldn’t force restrictions upon people and arrest them, it should just be heavily discouraged

Morality is important in governance

Vote for me and BK for the Southern CoD! You will not be disappointed.

All life is sacred so we must give ourselves a chance

America is also inherently a Christian nation but that doesn’t mean we shun those who aren’t

General abstinence education is effective

The sanctity of life has to be protected

I do but that doesn’t mean abortions shouldn’t be regulated

Abortion is a human rights issue

That’s excessive and ridiculous @Deleted User

Totally unnecessary

Yes I know

Who did Dip voted for though @Deleted User

Well I’d say I could use just one more lol

Yes BK

Santander has been pretty MIA lately

This guy 🙄

Better not lol

Wish you’d help us out

@Deleted User I also have a sinus infection

I have some pepper spray that’s about it

So me and Bagel have to get over the finish line but glad it’s Sunday

No problem. We will make it

How much time is left to vote

Yeah turn out seems to be low

Thanks all very much for the support. Means very much. Let’s get Bagel in the CoD!

@Deleted User We’re all good

Help Bagel

@TheSaint250 Can’t wait to begin working to change the South for the better!

We know who Yankee is voting for lol

We need someone else that’s a moderate hero like Bagel in there

Eh I mean Feds

So much strategy lol

Absolutely. Part of the basket

Me too


I thin we’ll get along just fine BK. We have to for the sake of the South


Quite remarkable


Maybe now he might message tmth

I just PMed him again

Oops too late

We’re bros

FF to the max

One day you will be bros with me LT

You’re pretty high up there

And to @Deleted User PM me

Wth is going on in Atlasia

Bagel is almost there

Who is Tahu

Hm we don’t need that in the CoD


Fairbol used to be close with me

Yeah when I first started


Oh wow

Yankee is the MVP for Bagel

Watch him forget to vote for him lol

With all the chaos going on it’s easy to be distracted sadly

Oh ok LT

When coffee meets @Oldenfranck (Bagel) folks that’s when the magic really happens

There’s an app called Coffee Meets Bagel

I’m only staying up past my bedtime to see if. Bagel gets elected honestly LOL

Yeah man I need my rest

Nah my own schedule

I’m a grown man for Gods sake

Yes I am very sleep deprived but won’t start pulling any of these duel nonsense


Stop. I must respectfully decline

This isn’t Yugioh


Did you find coffeeeee


You might need some this gets interesting

I’m staying up past my bed time to see if you get elected

Your ads 😂

Creative 👌🏼

“Atlas has become a s**** show” 😂😂

That killed me




Say it with me

Wait what

And the South is so dignified

You still have time Bagel


Know what

That Bagel would lose by 1 vote

And we’d miss out on a great #ModerateHero

@Oldenfranck The tone..

Well get to know me then soon

We want you in the Chamber


Guys he’s done 😦

He doesn’t even know who I am

Quite dubious if you ask me @Deleted User

Not in here no

Say it with me DOA, DOA

Bagel we think you’re great honestly

I know what that’s like I lost a lot too

Now I’m a #ModerateHero

I agree but I perform well for a Fed

Thanks I was elected Assemblyman last year and resigned halfway through the term due to IRL commitments won’t happen again

Lost two bids for Gov

I understand

Now I found my home in the South!

Good place

Have some great support

I will eventually @Deleted User

...ok BK

I’m sorry @Oldenfranck

BK may be right we’ll see


Leverett Saltonstall

2018-07-24 03:27:21 UTC [#FedsShallRiseAgain! #the-ranch]  

Bagel won by 0.0195%

2018-07-24 03:27:45 UTC [#FedsShallRiseAgain! #the-ranch]  

@Oldenfranck Lucky guy

Knew you would make it

@Oldenfranck so now you lost again. I would challenge those results

Can’t wait to get to work for our fellow Southerners tomorrow. My first action will be to vote on the War Powers amendment

Already voted aye

Guys @Deleted User is a FF

The man simply wrote a bill

I will be introducing a motion to expel @YoungTexan from the party.

Well his disruptive behavior has got to end

You don’t belong in the Fed Party, you belong in the PUP

The drama will die down once YT is elected to the House

But I’ve been in office a few days and now that I’m Deputy Speaker I’m not having it

Bad for party unity, YT has even said that it is “bogus”

Well you can, if it was possible to set differences aside. You’ve shown an inability to compromise with fellow Feds.

Not saying what Ben did was right, but you aren’t either. Two wrongs don’t make a right


It’s because you came down on Ben and threatened party unity

How are socons supposed to feel now

It’s not a “big tent party” any longer

Well good

Hopefully that perception that you have can overshadow what you’ve done to Ben

Actions speak louder than words. I will need to have this motion

You’ve done that already

YT you censured Ben

Tried to

Well you know I’m not going to move it

Well it will have to wait now

347 total messages. Viewing 250 per page.
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