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@TheSaint250 Iโ€™m from CT and I voted for LT lol

Nice info box otherwise tho

Changed it back after April 1st

PUP is just 3 people jacking off constantly

I donโ€™t miss Fed memes

I mean

Thatโ€™s what happened last election

Man PUP just has the shittiest strategies

Alright fellas, if yโ€™all want a place in the Lincoln cabinet please tell me

I already have SOS filled but otherwise itโ€™s open pickings

Well you can be an honorary secretary of memes but if I remember correctly youโ€™re in the south

From my list

Regional Secretary of Education - Vacant
Regional Attorney General - Vacant
Regional Secretary of Agriculture - Vacant
Regional Secretary of Veterans Affairs - Vacant
Regional Secretary of the Treasury - Vacant
Regional Secretary of the Interior - Vacant

You can pick more than one

As always, you can have a position Vern

heh okay

Well if you change your mind let me know

Fucking disgusting

@Vern just gonna say it, I think you would be a good defense chairman, would you be interested in the job

Iโ€™d appreciate an answer

Why is he here if heโ€™s not in game

Alright watch me appoint you senator

Stop @ing everyone

Itโ€™s like 3 AM

Nobodyโ€™s on

Do it in the morning

Vote for a good Dem

No socialism

@everyone itโ€™s almost 3 in the morning fucking stop

Okay, alright

Just gonna mute this for the foreseeable future.

Just click โ€œsuppress @ everyone and @ hereโ€

Might, might not. Idk

Idk if I want to be gov anymore and Senate is probably the only other office I'd go to

I have declared my candidacy for Lincoln Senate, its a WI tho. Iโ€™d appreciate it if you live in Lincoln that you vote for me instead of Maineiac dominating the vote. Clearly not a good choice for the region.

Thx fella

Iโ€™ll do my best

And yeah absolutely Iโ€™ll be PMing people like that

2018-12-28 01:39:38 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #no]  

*grunt noises*

I have a speech saved, just needs a review

And probably a bit of revision

Why did I read this in the form of Country Roads I hate this


This is the genius we need running the world.


Hey does anyone have a backup of the Pepsi commercial? Canโ€™t find it anywhere.

Nice shot retard

Will JonTron ever wear hat again

2020-01-17 18:22:43 UTC [/r/JonTron Official #no]  


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