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am I in a good position to win a seat?

i hate coffee

i have like no caffeine

i'm a young kid I dont need energy supplements lol

hi politicalmasta

lol thanks

I thought polls are still open for like twenty five more hours

I had some ideas with a pakhol and attan while doing s cheap animation of an airstrike to prove my toughness on terror

maybe for next campaign

I thought I was in a good spot to win

do polls close in an hour or something?

I got them toasty takes

I thought even without Yankee I still edge it out

i wish those are the cool dudes

people keep messing with my discord nickname on one of the channels for atlasia

alright thanks, u?

idk why I always have to be Ed Frggin Gillespie

I think I'm screwed

yank wont pull me through

Im f&cked dude


f$ck no

I bet Oprah Winfrey cooking pan I dont

f$ck life

who tf even is spark

I seriously have no idea who u are

no spark

who is spark on atlas

never heard of them

cuz I said so

and take a piss on me

Oh well at least the house party for Allred can still make a difference sniffles


Besides we all die eventually, at least I tried my best

I hought there was stilla day for voting

yankee is an aneurysm

moderates are getting f? icked so is the country

WHAT DID I friggin say?!

I knew it, what did I friggin say?!

I may seem like a [email protected] but I know a thing or two like when I am screwed.

lotta silence obviously after all of this... the truth speaks and Insha Allah I spoke it

this sh!thole is so [email protected] far left that it wouldn't vote for me if a life dependended on it (none do not but you get the point)

meant none do sorry typo

oh I though the tahoe dude won

lol thanks

more than five hours later...

Victory Banner


no I conceded again

I'm keeping the banner though lol

few chances, the far left forum is a toxic electorate of which I stand little chance

this party does not have my back leaving me few to no routes to win

there very slim chances of any runs in the near future


People give me low pref when I need it most, I'm always the last fed priorty in the war room, I have seen others saying they would rather give their votes elsewhere cuz I'm meh, others like saint simply won't hardly vote for me, Leinad tried to put me last in the past winter and only Fhtagn exposed that whole thing

there were so many feds who just left gave their votes to people who were already gonna win or only went to choice 3 or 4 and just left me off completely

we had plenty of votes between everyone to seat 5 feds

not just this cycle, but the past ones as well

hell, young texan told me that as well, it's not just me

I'm no EInstein I know when I get left out in the cold and others take notice too


I applied several times for a vancancy under diptheridian and I even voted for him several times, and he never even gave me a [email protected] response

that's another example

of being left in the cold

not even a one sentence response saying no. I got nothing no response nada

that's just an insulting sh!tthrow in my face. I at least deserved a response for the time and care I put into that

I'm sure maybe some are, but now you can see that I'm right in saying that the fed party has changed a lot of the past 1 1/2 years and really left many people behind

no you arent ben, I never blamed you

People just talk sh!t behind my back as well and just tryna sabotage, this was earlier this year


This was the governor of the south who I loyally supported


literally you too LT

behind my back

I really regret getting lured into this party by DFW Liberty Lover

I'm too loyal to leave though

Rn I'm ok, but I really hope America at large is not headed into a similar ideological sh!thole that Atlas is in... I think eventually though it will

I don't like pming voters that much since whenever I get them I get pissed off and view them as spam, so I try to look from voter perspective and I just tried to run a good platform on a thread

I guess I could have made it better from hindsight

I was on my own tryna do my best though, I got no advisors or nothing

The people have spoken thrice and I am pretty sure I understand loud and clear what they wanted

I've always been the same

they would get reliability and sound mental health with me in there

but Atlas is "special" so I can understand why they choose some candidates

I know what a 1911 round is yes

I'm staying federalist

not for personal election purposes just for registration and voting

I know they dislike me doesnt take a genius

even if I somehow got the nod I'd never win reelection I'd be the Atlasian Luther Strange

it's not about that. It's about personality and weird things I've said and done

I'll admit, I've screwed up, but I've been punished more than a Saudi wife

no not planning too

in other words, too much

I'm your age LT lol

but your talking to me like I'm 10 years younger

I'm burned out, in the past few hours I've realized I've spent too much time on fake elections, I'm just gonna stick more towards the actual elections side of the forum

bye guys

I think I might deregister for a while on the atlas elections side. Just consider me a defacto fed, I probably will be back after a while in the future.

I mean I'm staying on the rest of the forum, don't get me wrong, just that board

for some time

who is tyler

who is he on atlas

thx, yea and Morrisey still gonna win

Morrisey has the advantage

@YoungTexan I keep thinking your avatar thing is Bob Casey till I zoom in

for some reason I do

Casey would so win PA over Trump

were not talking about nazi stuff at least I'm not again

@Deleted User well hur dee dur, that's the reason the race is even competitive in the first place, but he won't win enough to overcome.

Guys Casey would beat Trump in PA


like the song that reminds me of john sarbanes

I was on a bus blasting that song while driving through his CD

well it was not my music selection but I heard it all the less

yeah, I like Paul better

Daddy Mario is also better

Guys Casey would beat Trump in PA

cricket cricket, do yall seriously not agree

could Brown edge out Ohio

I think Brown would narrowly edge out Ohio by 1 point

The Bridge At Remegen, anyone seen that

I was paying more attention to the beto scandalous october surprise and Kavanaugh's friend's arrest record coming out


idk but he also said horrid things about a woman

Cruz will win

Cruz has got it under control badum chhhhhh

have you ever operated a car

cruise control? cruz control badum chhh get it?

yeah that sounds right

Imma be 18 in a few months and I only got a permit

Manchin gonna lose 49-46

you want him to lose

but you are a goper

for dems lol no

why do you want manchin to win

but they are southerner former dems, ofc they want manchin

looks like you gonna be happy on election night

how am I being overoptimistic for dems

nah, in fact I feel like a little too blue friendly

house is tilt r

I dont drink

strong likely D

dont forget WV

Two words: this man


I would run but I can't win jack sh!t

not that surprised, had Nelson winning by a fraction of a point

Atlas will never stop hating me will it

Look how good my senate guess was, it's even timestamped


I got the composition exactly right

just flip wv and fl

that he would win by 10 points

You gotta admit, my concern was warranted

I'm not as big of a dumbass as people think, at least when it comes to this class of senate seats

I studied WV in and out for hours a week

for months on end

I was saying that Brown would only win 52-46 and undecideds would break for Renacci

timestamped too

Anyone who thought Brown was going to wipe the floor with Renacci was only looking at the polls

utterly flopped with fundamentals

I think I have an unwinnable curse

2019-01-13 02:06:22 UTC [#FedsShallRiseAgain! #the-ranch]  

yah yeet

Am I a perennial candidate in Atlasia

like 3 times and all failed


Rick Scott

yes sir

how many hours I got

and how tight is it

Will my vote make an actual impact or is it just kinda useless

because it takes effort to cast a ballot on Atlas

Ok, prep my ballot for me

and I will post it

what about for gubna

and label nothing else on the ballot?

what is it

I like that

anything else or can I cast now


It has been cast


Rick Scott


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