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you should make a presidential chat @Deleted User

do you want me to join the federalists @Tmth

do you not want me here daddy tmth

do what daddy tmth says

tmth is the best

why do you say mean things to me daddy

I just want to be loved

you can make custom roles for custom chats

well he can also lock it to just a custom role and feds

I did that in PUP chat I had not madigan and wx transit be able to see that locked channel only (rip)

aww why did you say that daddy tmth

I have all the respect in the world for you

this chat isn't even locked silly daddy

you know you love me

I am here for the long run

I made a promise to yankee

I am too fat to run that far

more like snails pace

dfw is such a loser tbh

right now he is laying in his bed chatting with people on a chat and sucking at life

what a loser lol

I miss the 3 dogs in oregon

too bad my dad despises my mom

and vice versa

we are shit talking that loser dfwlibertylover

@Goldwater remember when he fucked you over and made you become president

what a dick

remember when he helped pericles a little bit over his own girlfriend @Deleted User

dfwlibertylover should be hated by all

why did yankee even pick him for vp

it is shit talking dfwlibertylover

everybody partake

a little self setting on fire is good sometimes daddy @Tmth

you should try it sometimes

well I ruined the mood lol

I'm a whore for votes πŸ˜‰

that is one thing me and @Tmth share in common

we love winning

my best recruit

hey I 1st preffed you πŸ˜›

this last weekend

you are not my recruit

that doesn't count

that sounded weird

blair is gay

I remember us coordinating that

@Haslam2020 are you on board? πŸ˜›

I know you have had some problems with me as of late

but you did vote for me in feb 2017 πŸ˜‰

labor was pretty stronk for a bit

back when they were strong in all 3 regions

still couldn't win federally though πŸ€”

pericles had help from adam and others

in the pres election

it didn't take a brilliant mind to figure out he'd lose the election πŸ˜›

I was actually surprised by how close the pres and senate elections were

that is going too far @Tmth

worst insult you have ever flung at me tbh

I am planning on remaining an indy

personality change?

I think I invited to you southernchat maybe

oh goldwater do you still support single payer

and then ben πŸ˜‰

you should've done it lmao

y'all are so quiet

@Goldwater you are dead to me for empty quoting me 😠

quiet ya thot

you think I like πŸ‰ just because I'm black?

polls πŸ€”

hello Haslam how are you

pretty good doing some of the last homework before the semester ends

last time I talked to you was like

on mibbit

I think I tried to get you to run for governor in March 2017 πŸ˜›

you were banned

tfw Yankee makes a speech pwning everyone

I might vote for you if you need it tomorrow

holding my vote off

time to get the doof machine started back up

dont you gotta rename this @Deleted User

something to do with sestak and

@Tea Party Hater when did you change your name? πŸ˜›

or don't

with recruiting

we need a new logo

I suggest this

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