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2017-10-22 18:16:20 UTC [The Right Server #serious_chat]  

Hello @everyone,

I need to find this book: Scott, H. M. (2006) The Birth of a Great Power System: 1740-1815

Can't seem to find it on

Any idea where I can get it? Google has obviously proven quite fruitless.


2017-10-27 20:10:39 UTC [The Right Server #voice_chat]  

Yeah we're talking about flying spaghetti monsters

2018-03-01 00:12:45 UTC [Backup Server #joins]  

2018-03-10 17:52:28 UTC [Backup Server #joins]  

2018-09-05 19:29:20 UTC [The Right Server #shitpost]

2018-09-06 16:15:34 UTC [The Right Server #shitpost]  

This is amazing

2018-09-08 01:56:06 UTC [The Right Server #shitpost]  


2018-09-08 21:13:39 UTC [The Right Server #shitpost]  

You will not fucking believe this

2018-09-08 21:13:43 UTC [The Right Server #shitpost]

2018-09-10 02:05:46 UTC [The Right Server #shitpost]  

Make sure to read the description *after* you watched

2018-09-10 14:24:00 UTC [The Right Server #shitpost]  

"Served in the army from 1945 to 1948"

2018-09-10 14:24:12 UTC [The Right Server #shitpost]  

So basically not a WW2 veteran by any stretch of the imagination

2018-09-10 14:24:30 UTC [The Right Server #shitpost]  

Unless you're a leftist cucktard trying to litarally change history to fit your narrative based on the delusions of a fucked up 90-year-old who probably thinks he's a peanut on Sundays too

2018-09-11 22:32:59 UTC [The Right Server #shitpost]  

@No0ne Are you Greek?

2018-09-13 20:24:49 UTC [The Right Server #shitpost]  

@Nomble I believe the link is broken

2018-09-13 20:30:30 UTC [The Right Server #shitpost]

2018-09-13 20:30:36 UTC [The Right Server #shitpost]  

Just copy the image from the browser and paste it here

2018-09-13 20:31:10 UTC [The Right Server #shitpost]  

Is this from Kaiserreich?

2018-09-14 04:14:19 UTC [The Right Server #shitpost]  

the judge was racis, he was jus goin ta chuch

2018-09-18 06:19:01 UTC [The Right Server #shitpost]  

Mel get the cross

2018-09-18 06:19:19 UTC [The Right Server #shitpost]  

oh well, machine guns it is then

2018-09-18 07:35:13 UTC [The Right Server #shitpost]

2018-09-18 10:57:06 UTC [The Right Server #shitpost]

2018-09-21 12:07:05 UTC [The Right Server #shitpost]

2018-09-24 17:09:56 UTC [The Right Server #shitpost]

2018-09-25 12:35:58 UTC [The Right Server #shitpost]

2018-09-25 16:30:09 UTC [The Right Server #shitpost]  

Fuck off Muhammed

2018-09-26 11:13:24 UTC [The Right Server #shitpost]

2018-09-28 20:55:32 UTC [The Right Server #shitpost]  

ok then

2018-09-28 21:36:13 UTC [The Right Server #shitpost]

2018-10-02 21:26:05 UTC [The Right Server #shitpost]  

Worst clickbait I've seen in weeks

2018-10-03 15:30:12 UTC [The Right Server #shitpost]

2018-10-04 10:53:23 UTC [The Right Server #shitpost]  

Lmao this cannot fucking be real

2018-10-05 23:27:38 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

Windows 10 Update bug could delete all of your files, DO NOT UPDATE:

2018-10-06 11:14:08 UTC [The Right Server #shitpost]

2018-10-07 18:49:26 UTC [The Right Server #shitpost]  


2018-10-07 19:05:07 UTC [The Right Server #shitpost]  

Currently enjoying shit-throwing contest in other server between a Bulgarian, Albanian, Greek and Macedonian (FYROM) about who is whiter

2018-10-07 19:05:19 UTC [The Right Server #shitpost]  


2018-10-07 19:05:52 UTC [The Right Server #shitpost]  

>tfw Balkan powder keg makes sense when you meet such people.

2018-10-07 23:08:41 UTC [The Right Server #shitpost]  

Live now

2018-10-08 12:09:01 UTC [The Right Server #shitpost]  

What the actual fuck

2018-10-09 16:16:33 UTC [The Right Server #shitpost]  

@John 313

>Adam Ruins everything

Kill yourself

2018-10-09 16:18:45 UTC [The Right Server #shitpost]  

>IQ Tests Don't matter but Whites are less Evolved than Blacks

2018-10-09 16:18:48 UTC [The Right Server #shitpost]  


2018-10-09 16:19:27 UTC [The Right Server #shitpost]  

oh no he's typing

2018-10-09 16:19:32 UTC [The Right Server #shitpost]  

surely we're screwed now

2018-10-09 16:20:00 UTC [The Right Server #shitpost]  

There is no argument to be had here

2018-10-09 16:20:51 UTC [The Right Server #shitpost]  

You betrayed your bias when you posted two very different memes with very radical opinions on very different but very divisive issues

2018-10-09 16:21:04 UTC [The Right Server #shitpost]  

IQ is highly hereditary

2018-10-09 16:21:22 UTC [The Right Server #shitpost]  

While it is affected by the environment you grow up in, that is now it's primary stimulant

2018-10-09 16:21:26 UTC [The Right Server #shitpost]  

To any extent

2018-10-09 16:22:12 UTC [The Right Server #shitpost]  

Genetics matter, just fucking deal with it

2018-10-09 16:23:34 UTC [The Right Server #shitpost]  

The only reason you'd post something like this here is because most people in this server browse this channel the most

2018-10-09 16:23:54 UTC [The Right Server #shitpost]  

You didn't post it on <#486385308951379968> as far as I can tell

2018-10-09 16:24:05 UTC [The Right Server #shitpost]  

Not that that'd make me take you seriously Ahmed

2018-10-09 16:24:28 UTC [The Right Server #shitpost]  

>IQ doesn't matter

2018-10-09 16:24:33 UTC [The Right Server #shitpost]  

You're gonna have to decide Ali

2018-10-09 16:24:49 UTC [The Right Server #shitpost]  

EU? My God

2018-10-09 16:24:52 UTC [The Right Server #shitpost]  

Should've known

2018-10-09 16:25:51 UTC [The Right Server #shitpost]  

>Implying the memes posted here don't hold political truths behind them

2018-10-09 16:26:13 UTC [The Right Server #shitpost]  

Who exactly are you trying to appeal to here

2018-10-09 16:28:00 UTC [The Right Server #shitpost]  

Listen Muhammed I'm not *trying* to be an ass but despite the fact that taking an IQ test might have varied results you're guaranteed to get results (numbers) that are going to be very near each other indeed

2018-10-09 16:28:27 UTC [The Right Server #shitpost]  

Nobody who took an IQ test on day 1 and got a 90 will get a 120 on Day 2

2018-10-09 16:28:58 UTC [The Right Server #shitpost]  

Mate, in the US there are hundreds of thousands of people marching with pink vagina hats on their heads

2018-10-09 16:29:20 UTC [The Right Server #shitpost]  

California just legalized 12-yearolds getting tax money for reassignment surgery

2018-10-09 16:29:40 UTC [The Right Server #shitpost]  

I'd say we're pretty far off what's considered to be something serious at the moment

2018-10-09 16:29:49 UTC [The Right Server #shitpost]  

You post a meme, I see an argument

2018-10-09 16:30:02 UTC [The Right Server #shitpost]  

Despite the humour there's almost always something behind it

2018-10-09 16:30:16 UTC [The Right Server #shitpost]  

Why do you think that guy yelled "PEPE" to Hillary in 2016

2018-10-09 16:30:37 UTC [The Right Server #shitpost]  

Was Pepe meaningless or was it politically linked to (then) Trump and the Alt Right

2018-10-09 16:30:54 UTC [The Right Server #shitpost]  

If that was your intention, it was pretty damn stupid of you I gotta say

2018-10-09 16:31:12 UTC [The Right Server #shitpost]  

I don't believe you though

2018-10-09 16:31:15 UTC [The Right Server #shitpost]  

but that's just me

2018-10-09 16:31:38 UTC [The Right Server #shitpost]  

I never said it's not a meme

2018-10-09 16:32:17 UTC [The Right Server #shitpost]  

Perhaps if your eyes were all the way open Hamid you would've seen that I said memes carry political messages

2018-10-09 16:32:24 UTC [The Right Server #shitpost]  

No matter how funny or not they are

2018-10-09 16:32:39 UTC [The Right Server #shitpost]  

Usually the more political they get, the funnier they are

2018-10-09 16:32:52 UTC [The Right Server #shitpost]  

The less political they are, the more mainstream they are

2018-10-09 16:33:14 UTC [The Right Server #shitpost]  

You wouldn't post that on a server full of normies

2018-10-09 16:33:40 UTC [The Right Server #shitpost]  

You would probably not upload that on facebook or whatever the hell you probably use

2018-10-09 16:34:02 UTC [The Right Server #shitpost]  

But it doesn't matter what you would or wouldn't do with it

2018-10-09 16:34:07 UTC [The Right Server #shitpost]  

Because you posted it *here*

2018-10-09 16:34:09 UTC [The Right Server #shitpost]  


2018-10-09 16:34:22 UTC [The Right Server #shitpost]  

Never said you were

2018-10-09 16:36:12 UTC [The Right Server #shitpost]  

Yeah, and you posted that here and I gave you shit for it and now you're still wondering why I did that

2018-10-09 16:36:27 UTC [The Right Server #shitpost]  

Don't try to muddy the waters

2018-10-09 16:36:44 UTC [The Right Server #shitpost]  

It's clear as day how all this got started

2018-10-09 16:36:52 UTC [The Right Server #shitpost]  

Hell, you can scroll up and read it yourself

2018-10-09 16:37:10 UTC [The Right Server #shitpost]  

Well then perhaps you're the one who didn't score to well on a certain test m8

2018-10-09 16:37:32 UTC [The Right Server #shitpost]  

You can tell me you disagree for whatever reasons, but saying it's incomprehensible?

2018-10-09 16:37:37 UTC [The Right Server #shitpost]  

That you don't understand?

2018-10-09 16:37:45 UTC [The Right Server #shitpost]  

How complicated is this

2018-10-09 16:38:03 UTC [The Right Server #shitpost]  

Oh please

2018-10-09 16:38:26 UTC [The Right Server #shitpost]  

If you do not realize how memes carry political messages with them, and *especially* that one, then you're the one who's retarded

2018-10-09 16:38:35 UTC [The Right Server #shitpost]  

You're the one who doesn't get it man

2018-10-09 16:38:44 UTC [The Right Server #shitpost]  

Because you're *that* guy

2018-10-09 16:38:46 UTC [The Right Server #shitpost]  

You're just

2018-10-09 16:38:49 UTC [The Right Server #shitpost]  

*that* type of person

2018-10-09 16:39:35 UTC [The Right Server #shitpost]  

I've already made my judgement and I'm not gonna put you on trial twice for the same shit

2018-10-09 16:39:48 UTC [The Right Server #shitpost]  

There's a reason the Americans have that as a law

2018-10-09 17:17:25 UTC [The Right Server #shitpost]  

ikr <:GWragTbhfam:390321741525942272>

2018-10-09 17:18:42 UTC [The Right Server #shitpost]  

I didn't miss much I guess

2018-10-09 17:18:43 UTC [The Right Server #shitpost]  


2018-10-09 17:19:01 UTC [The Right Server #shitpost]  


2018-10-09 17:19:06 UTC [The Right Server #shitpost]  

yes well

2018-10-09 17:19:22 UTC [The Right Server #shitpost]  

Implying he'd ever spend time watching actual material

2018-10-09 17:19:34 UTC [The Right Server #shitpost]  

He's probably the Three Arrows type of idiot

2018-10-09 17:20:00 UTC [The Right Server #shitpost]  

Random meme:

2018-10-09 17:20:02 UTC [The Right Server #shitpost]  

Traut has luckily fucked off

2018-10-09 17:20:11 UTC [The Right Server #shitpost]  

But it's not like we got any less drama going

2018-10-11 12:46:39 UTC [The Right Server #shitpost]  

My take is that while we (In the West) do *somewhat* contribute to upsetting the climate's balance, the way that this shit has been reported has been so fantastically overexaggerated that it has lead to one side thinking that there is absolutely no problem (while for example pollution is a problem, especially in India and China) and the other side thinking the Earth is about to blow up any second now because some of us use diesel in our cars

2018-10-11 12:49:14 UTC [The Right Server #shitpost]  

Meanwhile you got all the niggers in Africa and the <:56:393170068529348608> in South America cutting down all the fucking trees like there's literally no tomorrow

2018-10-11 12:59:33 UTC [The Right Server #shitpost]  

While I know what you're talking about you kinda missed my point

2018-10-11 13:10:15 UTC [The Right Server #shitpost]  

Omg dude I'm not saying we're causing climate change, how thick are you. All I'm saying is that *because* these alarmists have been screeching about this since the 70s we've essentially been ignoring much more important issues like actual pollution caused by 2nd and 3rd world countries dumping all their garbage and shit into rivers and oceans

2018-10-11 13:10:37 UTC [The Right Server #shitpost]  

There's a river in india that fucking catches on fire sometimes because of all the damn chemicals

2018-10-11 13:11:19 UTC [The Right Server #shitpost]  

Why CO2 levels might almost certainly be a non-issue at this point, pollution from these countries has certainly been neglected

2018-10-11 13:12:25 UTC [The Right Server #shitpost]  

That's why Trump pulled the US from the Paris Accord, because why it restrained European and American industries "because muh CO2 emissions" it barely did anything to restrain the same crap that the so-called "developing economies" have been doing

2018-10-11 13:13:57 UTC [The Right Server #shitpost]  

And yeah while CO2 emmissions might not cause the the shit the mainstream says it does, it certainly causes cancerous levels of smog, have you looked at Malaysia and Indonesia?

2018-10-11 13:14:55 UTC [The Right Server #shitpost]  

If your disagreement with me is that we're not even *somewhat* upsetting a set balance then I don't know what else to tell you

2018-10-11 13:19:06 UTC [The Right Server #shitpost]  

You're being very smug with your numbers there, which you quite clearly made up on the spot

2018-10-11 13:19:18 UTC [The Right Server #shitpost]  

The keyword is "negligible"

2018-10-11 13:20:10 UTC [The Right Server #shitpost]  

And furthermore, while it might be negligible in the West because we've actually taken significant "green" measures, it's not as negligible in other regions

2018-10-13 14:07:34 UTC [The Right Server #shitpost]  

Well colour me surprised

2018-10-13 14:07:51 UTC [The Right Server #shitpost]  

Fucking Jewcron awarded that fucking african gorilla who supposedly saved that baby from that overly obviously staged "accident" on the apartment building
but this dude gets nothing I fucking wonder why

2018-10-14 10:11:57 UTC [The Right Server #shitpost]

2018-10-14 18:09:44 UTC [The Right Server #shitpost]  

Well that's just too fucking bad isn't it

2018-10-14 18:35:34 UTC [The Right Server #shitpost]

2018-10-15 14:10:38 UTC [The Right Server #shitpost]

2018-10-17 00:50:00 UTC [The Right Server #shitpost]

2018-10-17 02:03:03 UTC [The Right Server #shitpost]  

Is youtube going up and down for anyone else?

2018-10-17 02:03:06 UTC [The Right Server #shitpost]  

Ah alright

2018-10-17 02:03:51 UTC [The Right Server #shitpost]  

Lmao was this because of the Killstream or some such

2018-10-17 02:05:14 UTC [The Right Server #shitpost]  


2018-10-17 02:05:20 UTC [The Right Server #shitpost]  

I can't find this on the actual CNN site

2018-10-17 02:06:03 UTC [The Right Server #shitpost]  

Assumed it was real because I had just asked if it was just me experiencing problems

2018-10-19 14:38:37 UTC [The Right Server #shitpost]

2019-04-22 18:19:58 UTC [Sparta #politics-free-for-all]  

Oh boy no preview?

2019-04-22 18:20:28 UTC [Sparta #politics-free-for-all]  

It's the "Empire of Dust" trailer; trust me it's worth it

2019-04-22 18:36:38 UTC [Sparta #politics-free-for-all]  

@Tero Yeah alright

2019-05-06 18:50:12 UTC [Sparta #firearms]  

Outa be AR15

2019-05-08 20:22:51 UTC [Sparta #politics-free-for-all]  

no preview fml

2019-05-10 08:51:43 UTC [Sparta #history]  

...and then proceeded to completely bankrupt and destroy the British Empire over Poland, which it would later also condemn to decades of Soviet oppression even though it had supposedly started a world war for the sake of that very same nation.

2019-05-10 09:54:24 UTC [Sparta #history]  

The Germans had no realistic plans or intentions to actually invade Britain, Hitler didn't even want a war with the west to begin with; Operation Sea Lion (1940) for example was nothing more than a decoy to confuse Soviet forces for the upcoming invasion of the USSR in 1941

2019-05-10 09:54:55 UTC [Sparta #history]  

One can argue that the Empire would've indeed found its end by the end of the century if not the beginning of the new one, however that is a totally different conversation which has little to do with what I said about Churchill

2019-05-10 09:56:52 UTC [Sparta #history]  

That was actually primarily not a ruse against the soviets but a show of force against the British

2019-05-10 09:58:12 UTC [Sparta #history]  

Should and shouldn't have, irrelevant concepts when the initial meaning of the treaty was the make Britain not declare war over Poland

2019-05-10 09:58:38 UTC [Sparta #history]  

and treaty or no treaty, the USSR and the Third Reich would've invaded each other anyway

2019-05-10 09:59:30 UTC [Sparta #history]  

It really isn't when the warlords behind them have plans for the future

2019-05-10 09:59:59 UTC [Sparta #history]  

Yeah? Tell that to Britain

2019-05-10 10:00:19 UTC [Sparta #history]  

They're the ones who declared war and refused all peace offers

2019-05-10 10:00:48 UTC [Sparta #history]  

German diplomats just followed whatever Hitler told them to follow

2019-05-10 10:01:18 UTC [Sparta #history]  

At the end of the day it was his rashness and grand schemes that forced the war with the USSR

2019-05-10 10:01:26 UTC [Sparta #history]  

There is no "it"

2019-05-10 10:01:33 UTC [Sparta #history]  

It's many "it"s

2019-05-10 10:02:21 UTC [Sparta #history]  

For one, Britain could've very well avoided a war with Germany as could Poland had either of them accepted the German proposals for a referendum, a shared corridor etc. Even the BBC reported on this in August of 1939

2019-05-10 10:02:48 UTC [Sparta #history]  

But it was completely prepared for an invasion of its own

2019-05-10 10:02:57 UTC [Sparta #history]  

Why do you think all of its airfields were right at the border

2019-05-10 10:03:15 UTC [Sparta #history]  

or that it was busy clearing minefields in 30s instead of placing more

2019-05-10 10:03:43 UTC [Sparta #history]  

Because the way offensive and defensive armies are composed are radically different

2019-05-10 10:03:54 UTC [Sparta #history]  

Well it wasn't, actually

2019-05-10 10:04:13 UTC [Sparta #history]  

Soviet buildup not only continued but intensified after the pact just as intended

2019-05-10 10:04:22 UTC [Sparta #history]  

Pact or no pact, the buildup was a fact

2019-05-10 10:04:38 UTC [Sparta #history]  

Yeah, and tons of it were right at the border

2019-05-10 10:05:00 UTC [Sparta #history]  

That's why the Germans were able to destroy thousands of planes and light tanks even before the summer of 1941 was over

2019-05-10 10:05:51 UTC [Sparta #history]  

We aren't talking about the Battle of Britain

2019-05-10 10:05:55 UTC [Sparta #history]  

but Operation Barbarossa

2019-05-10 10:06:18 UTC [Sparta #history]  

The Luftwaffe had complete air superiority over the Soviet Union until mid to late 1942

2019-05-10 10:06:31 UTC [Sparta #history]  

Eh well

2019-05-10 10:07:01 UTC [Sparta #history]  

If your arguments boil down to "Hitler was a moron" then I guess I'm done myself

2019-05-10 10:07:47 UTC [Sparta #history]  

your was plural

2019-05-10 10:08:25 UTC [Sparta #history]  

On the day of the invasion alone the soviet airforce lost 1,200 planes

2019-05-10 10:08:29 UTC [Sparta #history]  

most of the on the ground

2019-05-10 10:08:33 UTC [Sparta #history]  

on airfields

2019-05-10 10:08:37 UTC [Sparta #history]  

right at the new border

2019-05-10 10:08:46 UTC [Sparta #history]  

but nooo, no invasion plans at all

2019-05-10 10:09:09 UTC [Sparta #history]  

Lets also ignore the fact that tank buildup was outnumbering every other major nation combined

2019-05-10 10:09:21 UTC [Sparta #history]  

You don't for defensive operations

2019-05-10 10:09:31 UTC [Sparta #history]  

In 1941?

2019-05-10 10:09:35 UTC [Sparta #history]  

With their entire army?

2019-05-10 10:09:45 UTC [Sparta #history]  


2019-05-10 10:10:03 UTC [Sparta #history]  

An army placed on a defensive position does not have its airforce on the border

2019-05-10 10:10:13 UTC [Sparta #history]  

that's held true since 1914 and still does today

2019-05-10 10:10:24 UTC [Sparta #history]  


2019-05-10 10:10:37 UTC [Sparta #history]  

Because it's simply way too easy for the enemy to destroy your planes on the ground

2019-05-10 10:10:47 UTC [Sparta #history]  

which is exactly what happened

2019-05-10 10:11:00 UTC [Sparta #history]  

They literally lost 3/4 of their airforce in the first 6 months of fighting

2019-05-10 10:11:11 UTC [Sparta #history]  

not quite 3/4 but around 70% if I'm not mistaken

2019-05-10 10:11:43 UTC [Sparta #history]  

They had more than enough range to conduct defensive operations had they been placed in the rear

2019-05-10 10:12:12 UTC [Sparta #history]  

They just couldn't be placed in the rear *and* conduct offensive operations

2019-05-10 10:12:27 UTC [Sparta #history]  

Just look at the composition of the soviet army during the invasion of Finland and Poland in 1939

2019-05-10 10:12:43 UTC [Sparta #history]  

It was the same

2019-05-10 10:13:18 UTC [Sparta #history]  

That just tells me you don't know how different armies are composed and placed on the battlefield

2019-05-10 10:13:38 UTC [Sparta #history]  

Stalin didn't need Germany to invade

2019-05-10 10:13:45 UTC [Sparta #history]  

He was convinced WW1 would repeat itself

2019-05-10 10:13:50 UTC [Sparta #history]  

and he was mostly correct

2019-05-10 10:14:02 UTC [Sparta #history]  

the only mistake he made was not predict how quickly Hitler would overrun Western Europe

2019-05-10 10:14:05 UTC [Sparta #history]  

nobody did

2019-05-10 10:14:17 UTC [Sparta #history]  

Even Hitler himself was surprised again and again

2019-05-10 10:14:26 UTC [Sparta #history]  

especially with France and Norway

2019-05-10 10:14:49 UTC [Sparta #history]  

Stalin's plan was to let the west fight it out then proceed west himself

2019-05-10 10:15:00 UTC [Sparta #history]  

with his thousands of new tanks and planes

2019-05-10 10:15:30 UTC [Sparta #history]  

Of course it wasn't all Britain's fault

2019-05-10 10:15:48 UTC [Sparta #history]  

as I said, Hitler was too rash and impatient but certainly not a moron

2019-05-10 10:16:04 UTC [Sparta #history]  

Churchill was no moron either

2019-05-10 10:16:27 UTC [Sparta #history]  

but it's not like he had any intention of ending the war when he could have in the spring and summer of 1940

2019-05-10 10:17:13 UTC [Sparta #history]  

@TwinVickers I don't claim to have some deep personal insight into Stalin's mind, this is not hidden knowledge, it's all out there

2019-05-10 10:17:47 UTC [Sparta #history]  

He was made PM on May 10th

2019-05-10 10:18:15 UTC [Sparta #history]  

Both himself and the ministers before him had ample chances to not only end the war but find a settlement with Poland before it had even started

2019-05-10 10:18:56 UTC [Sparta #history]  

the conclusion is that WW2 was not some heroic struggle against evil but a tragedy perhaps bigger than WW1 that should've never happened in the first place

2019-05-10 10:19:01 UTC [Sparta #history]  

and it lead us right where we are today

2019-05-10 10:19:21 UTC [Sparta #history]  

What's funny is that the British still have that old imperial gleam in their eye

2019-05-10 10:19:32 UTC [Sparta #history]  

thinking that the empire must be out there, somewhere

2019-05-10 10:19:41 UTC [Sparta #history]  

it's just been misplaced

2019-05-10 10:20:05 UTC [Sparta #history]  

Of course they did, and?

2019-05-10 10:20:32 UTC [Sparta #history]  

What is your claim of righteousness here when the allies let all of Eastern Europe to the Soviets after 1945

2019-05-10 10:20:58 UTC [Sparta #history]  

When Poland didn't even exist in 1940, Britain wargoal was finished

2019-05-10 10:21:18 UTC [Sparta #history]  

and it had no chance to peace-out with Germany on her terms had it not brought in the United States

2019-05-10 10:21:40 UTC [Sparta #history]  

under a president which just so happened to dislike both Germany and the Empire

2019-05-10 10:22:17 UTC [Sparta #history]  

Anyways I've got to get going but at least this talk has been more civilized here than I expected

2019-05-10 10:23:00 UTC [Sparta #history]  

The US embargoed Japanese oil and intentionally placed its entire pacific fleet on Pearl Harbor

2019-05-10 10:23:19 UTC [Sparta #history]  

It's not squeaky clean either

2019-05-10 10:23:24 UTC [Sparta #history]  

nobody was

2019-05-10 10:24:27 UTC [Sparta #history]  

Even so, Roosevelt kept sending Britain war supplies even before the german declaration of war after Pearl Harbor

2019-05-10 10:24:51 UTC [Sparta #history]  

and the only reason Hitler did do that is so that the Uboats could have engaged American shipping on the Pacific

2019-05-10 10:25:05 UTC [Sparta #history]  

Lol, the US took the UK to the 'cleaners'

2019-05-10 10:25:18 UTC [Sparta #history]  

All their valuable enterprises sold for scraps

2019-05-10 10:25:22 UTC [Sparta #history]  

all their imperial gold

2019-05-10 10:25:38 UTC [Sparta #history]  

just everything was wiped clean even before the war had reached a conclusion

2019-05-10 10:26:45 UTC [Sparta #history]  

Centimetric radar radar, not radar as a whole

2019-05-10 10:27:01 UTC [Sparta #history]  

Anyway I've got to get going

2019-05-10 10:27:04 UTC [Sparta #history]  


2019-05-11 13:30:52 UTC [Sparta #cars]  

It sounds ridiculous but maybe it has something to do with the fact that they have a big reliance of rare Earth elements, as well as the fact that there's no proper infrastructure to make sure depleted batteries are properly recycled or disposed of

2019-05-11 13:31:50 UTC [Sparta #cars]  
2019-05-11 14:42:56 UTC [Sparta #cars]  

sure but there's legit concerns crazy taxman aside

2019-05-12 15:02:45 UTC [Sparta #history]  

Good question

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