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2018-12-23 22:09:47 UTC


2018-12-23 22:09:51 UTC


2018-12-23 22:11:37 UTC

I know people were manifesting against him a couple of days ago


2018-12-23 22:26:03 UTC


2018-12-23 22:26:36 UTC

Tbh I'm pretty sure over here women still don't have all the proper rights

2018-12-23 22:26:44 UTC

That's why O don't really like that party

2018-12-23 22:26:48 UTC

<:think_madpepe:378717098630971395> <:think_madpepe:378717098630971395> <:think_madpepe:378717098630971395>

Tomato Sauce isn't going to make itself...

2018-12-23 23:06:13 UTC

How do you mix up a comma and an apostrophe?

2018-12-23 23:15:42 UTC

holy shit you are cucked

Manchester Arena just doesn't want to get bombed

2018-12-23 23:18:30 UTC

Easy: Just sit outside with a gu--

*Oh wait...*

Once biten twice shy 🀷🏿

2018-12-23 23:22:05 UTC

LMAO... sounds like a bad day at the office...

2018-12-23 23:23:06 UTC

that case is going to haunt the main stream media for a long time

2018-12-23 23:24:11 UTC

I have no sympathy for them, they did make the bed so they can enjoy getting fucked in the ass in it

2018-12-24 00:21:10 UTC
2018-12-24 00:31:06 UTC

didn't california pass a law saying they were going to consider splitting into three states a few months back?

2018-12-24 00:31:22 UTC

They denied the ballot

2018-12-24 00:31:42 UTC

They prevented the state from even voting on it

2018-12-24 00:31:49 UTC

Denial of democracy

2018-12-24 00:32:10 UTC

honestly, the borders they had on it were dumb af anyways

2018-12-24 00:32:31 UTC


2018-12-24 00:32:32 UTC

The vote was to do an analysis of how it would work

2018-12-24 00:32:37 UTC


2018-12-24 00:33:06 UTC

I should make videos on this shit, but I don't know where to start or how to do it

2018-12-24 00:34:50 UTC


2018-12-24 00:35:19 UTC

I wanted to do a video on a piece of chinese propaganda I saw online, so I started recording, and ended up talking for 90 minutes on a 7 minute video

2018-12-24 00:35:37 UTC

I was like, "fuck this, no one is going to watch me ramble for 90 minutes"

2018-12-24 00:42:01 UTC

I want a series of videos bringing attention to the slow slide into tyranny our federal govt has perpetuated.

Like Dankula's Mad Lads, but for things like Waco, Ruby Ridge, the California vote, etc

Just copy Alex Jones


2018-12-24 00:48:30 UTC

I think that its not just a few governments that are getting more tyranical... most governments today seem to be heading down that path...

2018-12-24 00:48:50 UTC

I highly recomend watching the lecture Yuri Bezhmenov gave on Ideological subversion

2018-12-24 00:49:00 UTC

We've all seen it here I think

2018-12-24 00:49:09 UTC

maybe someone hasn't

2018-12-24 00:49:12 UTC

I consider it required watching lol

2018-12-24 00:49:30 UTC

the soviets didn't finish what they started... but is someone else trying to finish it?

2018-12-24 00:49:40 UTC

No one needs to even do so

2018-12-24 00:49:45 UTC

It's self perpetuating

2018-12-24 00:49:46 UTC

my money would be on the Chinese, with the Saudis a close second up.

2018-12-24 00:50:10 UTC

It's an infection that spreads itself

2018-12-24 00:50:46 UTC

Honestly, when's the last time you heard of ANY government *relinquishing* power?

2018-12-24 00:51:24 UTC

With regards to what

2018-12-24 00:51:29 UTC


2018-12-24 00:51:39 UTC

Trump relinquished some of the taxes

2018-12-24 00:51:41 UTC

Okay. The FGM thing.

2018-12-24 00:51:48 UTC

Which was a pussy move

2018-12-24 00:52:02 UTC

Did you even read into that, or just the headline?

2018-12-24 00:52:33 UTC

They decided it had to be decided at the state level

2018-12-24 00:52:58 UTC

Which is a concession of authority by the Fed, but for the worst topic.

2018-12-24 00:53:14 UTC

You do realize it is NOW illegal in Michigan, but the case in question happened prior to the law being enacted, and we can't apply laws retroactively?

2018-12-24 00:53:17 UTC

The one thing they should have authority on

2018-12-24 00:53:44 UTC

I mean that shit didn't just happen one time

2018-12-24 00:54:04 UTC

So really, the opposite happened.

2018-12-24 00:54:22 UTC

And honestly it should already fall under child abuse.

2018-12-24 00:54:27 UTC

You should be glad that is the direction the court took

2018-12-24 00:54:32 UTC

speaking of complicity with authoritarians...

2018-12-24 00:54:40 UTC

thats literally all he said

2018-12-24 00:54:44 UTC

"extremely disturbed"

2018-12-24 00:54:56 UTC

not calling china out for thier bullshit

2018-12-24 00:55:09 UTC

he feels bad, but he isn't going to do anything about it

2018-12-24 00:55:23 UTC

@EnderOctanus So you are advocating for the retroactive application of laws, to prior activities?

2018-12-24 00:55:35 UTC


2018-12-24 00:55:51 UTC

I advocate for enforcement of existing law.

2018-12-24 00:55:59 UTC

It is being actively enforced

2018-12-24 00:56:09 UTC

Cutting a girl's genitals up is child abuse at BEST.

2018-12-24 00:56:20 UTC

It wasn't at the time it happened

2018-12-24 00:56:25 UTC

It is now

2018-12-24 00:57:01 UTC

That makes no sense. You can't say it wasn't assault to punch someone until a judge said, "Oh yeah guess that counts."

2018-12-24 00:57:22 UTC

That's how laws work

2018-12-24 01:00:03 UTC

I feel like you don't see my point.

2018-12-24 01:00:47 UTC

I see your point

2018-12-24 01:00:49 UTC

I don't agree

2018-12-24 01:01:04 UTC

That it was already illegal to abuse children?

2018-12-24 01:01:27 UTC

And that it's clearly child abuse even if nobody has made an arrest on it before?

2018-12-24 01:01:29 UTC

Circumcision is still legal, and FGM was considered to be equivalent before this new law

2018-12-24 01:02:46 UTC

Still dumb.

2018-12-24 01:02:58 UTC

It's spcifically on purpose

2018-12-24 01:03:03 UTC


2018-12-24 01:03:06 UTC

I find it reprehensible

2018-12-24 01:03:12 UTC

But I respect the law

2018-12-24 01:04:47 UTC

How would you like it if the gov't imprisoned you for something you did years ago, that they made illegal just yesterday?

2018-12-24 01:05:35 UTC

I see it as having always been a clear violation of child abuse law.

2018-12-24 01:05:50 UTC

Just nobody got charged because 'culture'.

2018-12-24 01:06:26 UTC

By that logic, we could declare male circumcision to be child abuse tomorrow, and half the country would be in prison by that evening

2018-12-24 01:07:10 UTC


2018-12-24 01:07:25 UTC

It's still wrong.

2018-12-24 01:07:51 UTC

Just be glad the SJWs don't make laws like this based on fee fees

2018-12-24 01:08:31 UTC

I feel like the feminists would find some bizarre justification for bringing back slavery or some shit.

2018-12-24 01:09:20 UTC

Enslaving white men lol

2018-12-24 01:09:50 UTC

They fuck over women just as much as, if not more than, men.

2018-12-24 01:10:09 UTC

They eat their own at an alarming rate

2018-12-24 01:10:15 UTC

Yeah, they want to destroy feminimity

2018-12-24 01:10:26 UTC

I agree.

2018-12-24 01:10:54 UTC

They'd probably defend sex slavery. That's how out of touch they are.

2018-12-24 01:11:20 UTC

Haven't some already?

2018-12-24 01:11:25 UTC

Like, for incels?

2018-12-24 01:11:42 UTC


2018-12-24 01:11:51 UTC

They hate incels

2018-12-24 01:11:58 UTC

Like, giving incels hookers or something? idk

2018-12-24 01:12:14 UTC

They told them they couldn't even fuck robots

2018-12-24 01:12:25 UTC

There's different camps on this now

2018-12-24 01:12:31 UTC


2018-12-24 01:12:41 UTC

When sex robots becomes nuanced

2018-12-24 01:13:35 UTC

It's weird, but if it isn't alive, it's legal. In private.

2018-12-24 01:13:43 UTC


2018-12-24 01:13:50 UTC


2018-12-24 01:14:30 UTC

Almost just justified necrophilia there lol

2018-12-24 01:15:22 UTC

They're programming them to deny consent sometimes

2018-12-24 01:15:46 UTC

Which is fine. Rape fantasy isn't as uncommon as you'd think.

2018-12-24 01:15:53 UTC

Both in men and women.

2018-12-24 01:16:22 UTC

I think they mean that it will just turn off, and not allow you to have sex

2018-12-24 01:16:30 UTC

It's a problem if you can't differentiate between the fantasy and reality.

2018-12-24 01:16:37 UTC


2018-12-24 01:16:42 UTC


2018-12-24 01:17:05 UTC

Yes, they want the user to ask for consent from the robot in order to procede

2018-12-24 01:17:13 UTC

That feeling when your fleshlight cucks you

2018-12-24 01:19:52 UTC


2018-12-24 05:32:17 UTC

maybe they want a male feminist sex toy as well. it fucks them without consent and then pretends to be gay when confronted

2018-12-24 05:32:34 UTC


2018-12-24 13:59:57 UTC

```Issues and ideologies which seemed so crucial in the heat of past decades vanished in moments. In retrospect, the passions which sent half a million Americans to Vietnam had waned long before the first crack appeared in the Berlin Wall. Within a decade of the end, communism was a punchline, and what Cold Warriors remained were no more than relics of a quaint and confusing age ```

2018-12-24 17:12:23 UTC

Why do the Republicans always have to recuse themselves from things, but never the Democrats?

2018-12-24 17:13:01 UTC


2018-12-24 17:13:07 UTC

The double standard we never talk about

2018-12-24 17:13:07 UTC

Orang man maaaad

2018-12-24 17:13:54 UTC

"Oh you're Catholic? We're going to have to ask you to never weigh in on abortion or gay marriage questions then."

2018-12-24 17:14:02 UTC

What the fuck?

They just hate Catholics 🀷🏿

2018-12-24 17:14:38 UTC

They hate religion

2018-12-24 17:14:56 UTC

Feminism isn't a religion

Progressive Islam is though

2018-12-24 17:15:16 UTC


2018-12-24 17:15:33 UTC

You mean apostates?

I mean the Corporatists like Oil money <:alex_jones:453626940021276672>

2018-12-24 17:45:00 UTC

yeah, Trump backed-down from confrontation with Turkey, who will make a line straight for the Kurds, not ISIS...

2018-12-24 17:55:55 UTC

I still like how much this is making the left woke to the oppression of women in islam.

2018-12-24 17:57:21 UTC


2018-12-24 17:57:44 UTC

Women being property didn't "wake" then

2018-12-24 17:57:58 UTC

Faggots getting thrown off roofs didn't either

but but it's part of their religion and culture BIGOT

2018-12-24 18:05:09 UTC

Anti-Catholicism is a time honored American tradition

2018-12-24 18:05:46 UTC
2018-12-24 18:06:26 UTC

@Ondsinet nope, but the fact trump is getting us out did.

2018-12-24 18:06:50 UTC

And you're telling me Trump knows more about the Economy than the FED?

2018-12-24 18:06:59 UTC


2018-12-24 18:07:25 UTC

Trump shoul stop tweeting and start ruling his country

2018-12-24 18:08:11 UTC

Tbh neither really does. The Fed is more political org than economist/BANKER

2018-12-24 18:08:51 UTC

And actually trump has accomplished a lot tbh. The tweets are just misdirection more or less.

CNN might hear you

2018-12-24 18:10:18 UTC

True, or bbc. You know all europhiles look at when they "hear about america"

2018-12-24 18:12:11 UTC

@CapitΓ‘n Alatriste Yes, a lot of people know more about the economy than the Fed

2018-12-24 18:13:31 UTC

There's been an economic debate going on for decades in the US

2018-12-24 18:14:57 UTC

The fed has refused to acknowledge the other half of the conversation which includes the Austrian economists.

2018-12-24 18:17:28 UTC

Lets put it this way, if the fed was nuetral economics, they qouldnt have waited to raise rates until trump. When they were talking about it back in 2012/2014

Don't talk economics with a Spaniard 🀣

2018-12-24 18:23:58 UTC

This administration is actually following through on Obama's promise

2018-12-24 18:36:04 UTC

@Fitzydog but hey, it's not like you can expect an ignorant slave to know anything let alone economics

2018-12-24 18:36:59 UTC

I don't expect most people to know economics

2018-12-24 18:37:15 UTC

If they did, we'd have overthrown the fed years ago

2018-12-24 18:38:29 UTC


2018-12-24 18:55:05 UTC

inside a xinjiang concentration camp

2018-12-24 19:46:05 UTC
2018-12-24 19:56:57 UTC


2018-12-24 19:57:04 UTC

@AlephKnoll yeah, that's a glimpse into the Globalist future

2018-12-24 19:57:20 UTC

They think it's because they're still in the EU? The EU is in free fall

2018-12-24 19:57:48 UTC

Literally not allowed to compete. That's not a viable economy.

2018-12-24 19:58:19 UTC

People are investing in Britain because the writing's on the wall for the EU. It's gonna collapse.

2018-12-24 20:01:56 UTC


2018-12-24 20:02:55 UTC

The EU IS gonna result in war, not prevent it.

2018-12-24 20:03:54 UTC

It's pretty goddamn bad when the whole planet hates you. Including your allies.

2018-12-24 20:04:40 UTC

it's fine when the money is flowing in - anybody can make themselves look reasonable in those circumstances... but EU somehow can't even do that anymore.

2018-12-24 20:04:58 UTC


2018-12-24 20:05:16 UTC

They're tiny and they've just now begun to realize it.

2018-12-24 20:06:39 UTC

They maybe realised the game was up, so accelerated Globalist agenda to try to get it installed before anybody can dismantle

2018-12-24 20:07:36 UTC

...because a lot of the stuff they rolling out now, would be accepted by most in EU if introduced over a decade, instead of over a single summer.

2018-12-24 20:08:01 UTC

I don't think they realised that power grabs would alarm everyone the way it did. Which is dumb.

2018-12-24 20:08:43 UTC

power grabs, and how shitty the migrants were really gonna be

2018-12-24 20:08:53 UTC

They assumed everyone was too damn stupid to see their goal.

2018-12-24 20:09:17 UTC

Granted most Europeans are too stupid. But enough aren't.

2018-12-24 20:09:31 UTC

I think the same thing @Jabba

2018-12-24 20:10:06 UTC

They are scared they are going to be exposed, so that's why theres they're doubling down on their propaganda too.

2018-12-24 20:10:28 UTC

They already have been so now they're trying to rush to home plate.

2018-12-24 20:11:21 UTC

My dad has had books on the shelf talking about this shit way back in the 80s

2018-12-24 20:12:11 UTC

Its amazing that we've known about this for such a long time, but no one does anything about it until its almost too late.

2018-12-24 20:12:29 UTC

iz just conspiracies

2018-12-24 20:12:33 UTC

Humans are optimistic by nature.

2018-12-24 20:12:48 UTC

We don't panic until it gets critical.

2018-12-24 20:12:57 UTC

the good guys come together in the end, and evil is always defeated

2018-12-24 20:13:03 UTC


2018-12-24 20:13:07 UTC


2018-12-24 20:13:19 UTC

Tell that to China

2018-12-24 20:13:21 UTC

It really does work calling actual critisims conspiracies... Will we learn our lesson from this and actually take conspiracy theorists seriously and actually try to debate them instead of brushing them aside?

2018-12-24 20:13:54 UTC

Yep, sounds like I'm age of your father... people used to tell me in the 80's that it would never really happen - then a thousand cuts later, the same people wonder where it all went wrong.

2018-12-24 20:13:56 UTC

The issue is how many conspiracy theories are just total nonsense with nothing of substance to debate.

2018-12-24 20:14:23 UTC

It doesn't help that we've established the idea that college education trumps everything

2018-12-24 20:14:35 UTC

Like the fucking Ancient Aliens. My mom loves that shit.

2018-12-24 20:14:39 UTC

It doesn't matter if they have no substance, they should still be debated so that we can expose them for having no substance.

2018-12-24 20:15:01 UTC

Thanks Joe Rogan

2018-12-24 20:15:19 UTC

conspiracy theory vs conspiracy fact... that's the skill to learn or you will get bogged down in planted stories to lead you astray.

2018-12-24 20:16:05 UTC

yeah, you need to find a way to get the information out without sounding like a nut

2018-12-24 20:16:08 UTC

Joe rogan does some good work. I watched his podcast with robert schoch... Big thinky there.

2018-12-24 20:16:43 UTC

Or what's his name with the Younger Dryas Impact Hypothesis

2018-12-24 20:16:53 UTC

Richard something...

2018-12-24 20:17:16 UTC

Drone activity at Gatwick Airport is now looking more and more like an aborted psy-op.

2018-12-24 20:17:38 UTC

It was an excuse to ground all air traffic

2018-12-24 20:17:38 UTC

that big flood stuff is legit though

2018-12-24 20:17:56 UTC

The even BIGGER problem is that, most likely, none of us are completely right. There are tons of discrepancies.

2018-12-24 20:18:08 UTC


2018-12-24 20:18:20 UTC

We don't *have* the full truth to present.

2018-12-24 20:18:26 UTC

Just warning signs.

2018-12-24 20:18:29 UTC

But it's a death sentence for real scientists to ask these questions

2018-12-24 20:18:42 UTC


2018-12-24 20:18:46 UTC

2 biggest floods in history were end of Ice Age, and 6,100 BC

2018-12-24 20:19:04 UTC

Noahs arc is based on a true story.

2018-12-24 20:19:27 UTC

Then there's the Solar Maxim thing, with the lightning storms and radiation levels so high trees would burst into flames during the day

2018-12-24 20:19:47 UTC

Im kinda split on that...

2018-12-24 20:19:49 UTC

yes... and given that most settlements were on coasts or rivers, very easy to kill most people with a huge flood.

2018-12-24 20:20:03 UTC

It could be a solar flare, or it could have been a meteor impact.

2018-12-24 20:20:10 UTC

@Jabba Wonder how many are at the bottom of the Mediterranean

2018-12-24 20:20:36 UTC

There's settlements in the English Channel.

2018-12-24 20:20:37 UTC

And im kinda on the fence about atlantis too... We should fund an underwater exploration expedition off the azores

2018-12-24 20:20:54 UTC

that flood had to be so big that all these cultures remember it, that blows my mind

2018-12-24 20:20:56 UTC

I've been working on a map using data from NASA... I'll try to do a quick video with it tonight.

2018-12-24 20:21:14 UTC

@AlanPowell That's where the meteor impact comes in

2018-12-24 20:21:22 UTC

Well yeah natural disasters were documented fairly well

2018-12-24 20:21:24 UTC

Europe used to be twice its current size

2018-12-24 20:21:33 UTC

@Jabba Gib link?

2018-12-24 20:21:39 UTC

@Jabba do you have a sea fall simulator? I can only find sea rise simulators.

2018-12-24 20:21:52 UTC

Or shitty sea fall simulators

2018-12-24 20:22:03 UTC

sorry, no... I've only been using satellite images

2018-12-24 20:22:20 UTC

Oh, a bathymetric map could work too.

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