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2018-12-26 17:46:39 UTC


2018-12-26 17:47:14 UTC

i guess theres nothing wrong with stabbing an international criminal <:GWcmeisterPeepoShrug:403295315685539852>

2018-12-26 17:47:47 UTC

jk the parents should have been instead

2018-12-26 17:50:17 UTC

they were probably on their own at that point, south Americans have kids at like 15, they're basically adults, not like american man babies

2018-12-26 17:52:01 UTC

theres also nothing surprising a child arrives sick into US custody after being dragged across the continent and then dies

2018-12-26 17:52:19 UTC


2018-12-26 17:52:37 UTC

even sicker sme are starting to use it to bash trump

2018-12-26 17:52:45 UTC

im sure theres a couple dead ass babies just sitting in the desert, hondurans will just leave it in a bush if there's no press crew around to blame America for it

2018-12-26 17:52:57 UTC


2018-12-26 17:53:25 UTC

"Oh shit, my Golden Ticket stopped breathing"

2018-12-26 17:53:44 UTC

"I was going to stand behind that while throwing rocks at a cop"

2018-12-26 17:54:58 UTC

"you guys are killing us, let us in"

2018-12-26 17:55:29 UTC

the father declined further medical assistance because the boy seemed to be feeling better

2018-12-26 17:55:34 UTC


2018-12-26 17:55:56 UTC

I guess they dont realize how draining it is for a baby to walk to tijuana

2018-12-26 17:56:23 UTC

fevers can come and go

2018-12-26 17:57:30 UTC

(he was probly feeling better because of receiving medication)

2018-12-26 17:58:11 UTC

do you have a link to that one?

2018-12-26 17:58:11 UTC

Sometimes the body is to weak

2018-12-26 17:58:47 UTC


2018-12-26 18:02:29 UTC


2018-12-26 18:02:31 UTC


2018-12-26 18:02:51 UTC

"the policy of turning people away at the border is putting families in danger" <:thronk:441701565607444482>

2018-12-26 18:03:57 UTC

i saw that before @LumpyAcidFish

2018-12-26 18:04:04 UTC

"8 year old boy dies" you know what we need? A picture of a terrified girl.

2018-12-26 18:04:14 UTC


2018-12-26 18:05:02 UTC


2018-12-26 18:05:03 UTC

Prolly cause the "8 year old boy" was really a 30 year old man... >_> they are using eu* aging processes

2018-12-26 18:05:44 UTC

Guys, I think Broo became gay for a politician in my country

2018-12-26 18:05:56 UTC

He keeps sending photos of the dude eating or sleeping

2018-12-26 18:05:57 UTC


2018-12-26 18:08:01 UTC

A politician from another country

2018-12-26 18:08:40 UTC

A politician whose language you can't speak

2018-12-26 18:08:45 UTC


2018-12-26 18:08:59 UTC

Well then tons of euros are gay cause they like trump and/or obama.

2018-12-26 18:09:03 UTC

Or bernie

2018-12-26 18:09:17 UTC

@Goblin_Slayer_Floki yes but I can understand what trump says

2018-12-26 18:09:33 UTC

i dont see the big deal here, am i missing something?

2018-12-26 18:09:39 UTC


2018-12-26 18:09:41 UTC


2018-12-26 18:09:51 UTC


2018-12-26 18:10:01 UTC

You lack an penis

2018-12-26 18:10:01 UTC

Hoe do you know he doesnt speak eye-talian

2018-12-26 18:10:02 UTC

this changes nothing

2018-12-26 18:10:20 UTC

I hope he does actually

2018-12-26 18:10:35 UTC

He's going to laugh his ass off on the picture I've sent

2018-12-26 18:10:48 UTC

If he can translate it, because I'm not going to

2018-12-26 18:11:31 UTC

Why is a politician doing bed shots? Eyetalians are wierd

2018-12-26 18:11:46 UTC

Broo's sliding into your DMs?

2018-12-26 18:11:52 UTC

thats gay is it not?

2018-12-26 18:12:06 UTC


2018-12-26 18:12:09 UTC

Trump lel

2018-12-26 18:12:29 UTC

Trump wasnt a politician then or for much of his life.

2018-12-26 18:12:44 UTC

Jk, those pics were fake I think

2018-12-26 18:12:54 UTC

wow I got a text from DHL

2018-12-26 18:13:00 UTC


2018-12-26 18:13:05 UTC

Ok broo can't read those

2018-12-26 18:13:12 UTC

they said, would you like us to deliver without sig? reply Yes or No

2018-12-26 18:13:15 UTC

You owe dhs 1k dollars

2018-12-26 18:13:20 UTC

that is *fancy* shipping

2018-12-26 18:13:22 UTC

Deliver what?

2018-12-26 18:13:44 UTC

i ordered a package from them

2018-12-26 18:14:01 UTC

or rather, to be shipped by them

2018-12-26 18:14:07 UTC

@LumpyAcidFish u a lisp programmer

2018-12-26 18:14:22 UTC

its generally expensive but it was the default option for a kinda big thing

2018-12-26 18:15:12 UTC

What are you ordering from the dhs? A toaster?

2018-12-26 18:15:19 UTC

im sorry floki

2018-12-26 18:15:24 UTC

i meant to say DHL

2018-12-26 18:15:51 UTC

not foodstamps lol

2018-12-26 18:16:32 UTC

Dhs is a bit more than just food stamps but yea. Big difference between dhs and dhl

2018-12-26 18:16:33 UTC


2018-12-26 18:17:10 UTC


2018-12-26 18:18:30 UTC

The article source is broken >_>

2018-12-26 18:18:54 UTC

a lot of the available updates are just shit like *Heartbreaking Photos of Precious Migrant Children Celebrating Christmas Without Free Money"

2018-12-26 18:19:05 UTC

dude, they're getting on the fortnite bus, dont worry

2018-12-26 18:19:47 UTC

@Goblin_Slayer_Floki broken as in, the source is Hannity?

2018-12-26 18:20:02 UTC

anyone want to go down there and make some citizens arrests with me?

2018-12-26 18:20:03 UTC

"ICE officials released a statement this week claiming the release was intended to comply with federal guidelines that prevent them from detaining families longer than legally permitted."

2018-12-26 18:20:14 UTC

No, I wanna go down there and lay brick

2018-12-26 18:20:22 UTC

@M4Gunner no it was the second link went nowhere the top one went to the source

2018-12-26 18:20:40 UTC

I will accept sniping work as well

2018-12-26 18:20:57 UTC

So they had 2 options with the removal of seperations. They went the shit route

2018-12-26 18:21:03 UTC
2018-12-26 18:21:04 UTC

*Loads HE shell*

2018-12-26 18:21:09 UTC

@Goblin_Slayer_Floki Sorry, ill see if I can reconfirm that somewhere else

2018-12-26 18:21:30 UTC

force them to build the wall at gunpoint and then trebuchet them over afterwards

2018-12-26 18:21:33 UTC

Well the hannity article sourced cbs

2018-12-26 18:21:53 UTC

@AlanPowell like that Simpson episode

2018-12-26 18:22:08 UTC

i thought i was being original

2018-12-26 18:22:13 UTC


2018-12-26 18:22:23 UTC

Simpson did it first

2018-12-26 18:22:32 UTC

"ICE said in a statement earlier this week the mass releases were designed to ensure families weren't held longer than it's allowed to detain them, and blamed "decades of inaction by Congress" that resulted in the government being "severely constrained in its ability to detain and promptly remove families with no legal basis to remain in the U.S."" -CBS article.

If hannity is sourcing cbs that is saying something.

2018-12-26 18:22:54 UTC

dont let mexicans build the wall because then they would know how to bypass it

2018-12-26 18:23:04 UTC

or they could sabotage the overall structure

2018-12-26 18:23:25 UTC

its like asking a prisoner to design his own cage

2018-12-26 18:23:47 UTC

Just have the us military engineers build it. They get training, and we save on extra manpower.

2018-12-26 18:24:12 UTC

So only additional costs are supplies.

2018-12-26 18:24:21 UTC

would it be possible to have a processing center in mexico, so that they can bypass the time limit?

2018-12-26 18:24:22 UTC

they will farm it out to some faggot startup

2018-12-26 18:24:36 UTC


2018-12-26 18:24:43 UTC

@AlanPowell only if mexico allows.

2018-12-26 18:25:01 UTC

we should try and do that

2018-12-26 18:25:18 UTC

And then they would argue that "it still falls under US Law"

2018-12-26 18:25:25 UTC

@M4Gunner goldengamer

2018-12-26 18:25:35 UTC

Cause they are opporating on the behalf of the us gov.

2018-12-26 18:25:36 UTC


2018-12-26 18:25:42 UTC

hi smerf

2018-12-26 18:25:52 UTC
2018-12-26 18:26:08 UTC

Like they say with guatamino bay and other facilities.

2018-12-26 18:27:17 UTC

i dont see why we have a law that says we have to do fuckall for migos <:GWcmeisterPeepoShrug:403295315685539852>

2018-12-26 18:27:31 UTC


2018-12-26 18:27:52 UTC

Thank the 14th, and the twisted interpretation

2018-12-26 18:28:20 UTC

yeah thats been abused to the point it needs an edit

2018-12-26 18:28:28 UTC

freegin loophole babies

2018-12-26 18:29:34 UTC

You dont even need to have a baby to get the 14th loophole with some interpritations. Being IN the us is enough

2018-12-26 18:29:44 UTC

it should say born *legally* in the US <:pepe_smug:378719408341909506> πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

2018-12-26 18:29:57 UTC

Or us gov land/territory/complex

2018-12-26 18:30:02 UTC

*all legitimate babies*

2018-12-26 18:30:22 UTC

It should be a state right issue like it was before the federalists won the civil war and fucked it all.

2018-12-26 18:30:37 UTC

Without the 14th at all most fed laws become nul and void

2018-12-26 18:31:01 UTC


2018-12-26 18:31:17 UTC

people arent illegal! <:triggered:382980748115968000>

2018-12-26 18:31:18 UTC

yes leave it to the states. i never knew that was a thing before

2018-12-26 18:32:04 UTC

Before that you were givin citizenship tp your state of residence per their rules, and that by proxy made you a us cit.

2018-12-26 18:32:09 UTC

but cali and florida can't be trusted not to make decisions that fuck the entire country

2018-12-26 18:32:36 UTC

Except nothing says alabama or any other state has to recognize other states citizenships

2018-12-26 18:32:40 UTC

you shouldnt be able to go to any state with just California residency

2018-12-26 18:33:04 UTC

If you change residence you have to qualify under the new states rules

2018-12-26 18:33:22 UTC

accelerate global warming, California burns and Florida sinks, problem solved?

2018-12-26 18:33:54 UTC

@King Canuck a thing of beauty

2018-12-26 18:34:14 UTC


2018-12-26 18:34:25 UTC

So those guys that did that undertale musical way back did a cover of this too

2018-12-26 18:34:28 UTC

Not bad

2018-12-26 18:34:56 UTC

is this pokemon?

2018-12-26 18:34:59 UTC


2018-12-26 18:35:02 UTC

it's deltarune

2018-12-26 18:35:11 UTC

is that pokemon?

2018-12-26 18:35:15 UTC

I can't say I'm that into Undertale anymore, but these guys did a full four hour musical of the game and it was pretty well made

2018-12-26 18:35:33 UTC

oh, so it is pokemon

2018-12-26 18:35:46 UTC


2018-12-26 18:35:59 UTC

i like charmander

2018-12-26 18:36:13 UTC

No, cause nothing past the 151 exists.

2018-12-26 18:36:30 UTC

Fuck that letter and ice cream cone bs

2018-12-26 18:36:33 UTC

i see you are a cultured individual

2018-12-26 18:36:40 UTC
2018-12-26 18:38:31 UTC


2018-12-26 18:39:15 UTC


2018-12-26 18:39:42 UTC

I mean, Mettaton in concept is just Prince and Bowie as a killer robot

2018-12-26 18:40:19 UTC


2018-12-26 18:41:00 UTC

I wonder if organizers would go find the migrants with the sickest babies and tell them all, "you should go cross the border illegally and turn yourself into the police because they have better doctors" knowing full well some of the babies will die in custody.

2018-12-26 18:41:08 UTC

too paranoid?

2018-12-26 18:41:16 UTC

That's possible

2018-12-26 18:41:19 UTC

but I hope not

2018-12-26 18:42:44 UTC


2018-12-26 18:42:49 UTC


2018-12-26 18:43:20 UTC


2018-12-26 18:43:26 UTC

Garbage humans right there

2018-12-26 18:43:28 UTC


2018-12-26 18:43:38 UTC


2018-12-26 18:43:40 UTC


2018-12-26 18:43:43 UTC


2018-12-26 18:43:44 UTC

Its child abuse

2018-12-26 18:43:48 UTC


2018-12-26 18:43:51 UTC


2018-12-26 18:43:53 UTC

there's no gaurantee they get in legally!

2018-12-26 18:43:59 UTC

there's no gaurantee they'll find work if they sneak in!

2018-12-26 18:44:10 UTC

Mexico offered asylum!

2018-12-26 18:44:11 UTC

I mean

2018-12-26 18:44:13 UTC

Mexico's a shithole

2018-12-26 18:44:15 UTC

but still!

2018-12-26 18:44:20 UTC

it's better than guatamala!

2018-12-26 18:44:31 UTC


2018-12-26 18:44:33 UTC

im sure all their kids have horrendous diahrrea

2018-12-26 18:44:37 UTC

I think they could manage to land work in Mexico

2018-12-26 18:44:41 UTC

even for a few years

2018-12-26 18:44:46 UTC

and save up for proper immigration to murica

2018-12-26 18:44:56 UTC

Mexico is doing more than they should have to

2018-12-26 18:45:00 UTC

removed my retarded nickname

2018-12-26 18:45:04 UTC

much easier to read now

2018-12-26 18:45:08 UTC

Mexican hospitals WILL treat dyimg children.

2018-12-26 18:45:24 UTC

Hondurans are a liability, if they mess with U.S. its mexicos fault for letting them in

2018-12-26 18:45:32 UTC

```I wonder if organizers would go find the migrants with the sickest babies and tell them all, "you should go cross the border illegally and turn yourself into the police because they have better doctors" knowing full well some of the babies will die in custody.
too paranoid?```
nothing is beyond them, you should know that by now

2018-12-26 18:46:03 UTC
2018-12-26 18:46:09 UTC


2018-12-26 18:46:17 UTC

NGOs are fucking evil

2018-12-26 18:46:33 UTC

no u

2018-12-26 18:46:43 UTC

Except the real charities

Oh we can go at the Orgs now?

2018-12-26 18:47:18 UTC

Theyre terror groups

2018-12-26 18:48:01 UTC

We should treat them as a foreign occupying force.

2018-12-26 18:48:22 UTC

Pack some ammo.

2018-12-26 18:48:33 UTC

thousands of people marching toward us waving flags after entering another country illegally

2018-12-26 18:48:48 UTC

Its not even the people

2018-12-26 18:48:52 UTC

So is how was people holidays been

2018-12-26 18:48:56 UTC

Theyre just gullible

2018-12-26 18:49:20 UTC

Its the organizations we need to murder

2018-12-26 18:49:26 UTC

lots of work hours over the holidays

2018-12-26 18:49:43 UTC

My Occulus Rift wont work

2018-12-26 18:50:14 UTC

I only have one HDMI port on my computer, and my monitor uses that

2018-12-26 18:50:29 UTC

use DisplayPort scrub

2018-12-26 18:51:17 UTC

Dunno where to get the cables without Amazon

2018-12-26 18:51:25 UTC

how about VGA

2018-12-26 18:51:33 UTC

All the shipping is like months

2018-12-26 18:51:49 UTC

why is that

2018-12-26 18:51:56 UTC

I dunno

2018-12-26 18:52:02 UTC

do you live in a brazilian flat

2018-12-26 18:52:08 UTC


2018-12-26 18:52:14 UTC

Told me shkt would get here Feb

2018-12-26 18:52:17 UTC

Still going on about the migs?

2018-12-26 18:52:25 UTC

ordering from china?

2018-12-26 18:52:36 UTC


2018-12-26 18:52:51 UTC

Also this tablet is hard to get used to

2018-12-26 18:53:10 UTC

tablets are the 7inch gay

2018-12-26 18:53:10 UTC


2018-12-26 18:53:22 UTC

Mines 11

2018-12-26 18:53:23 UTC

just use a computer

2018-12-26 18:53:24 UTC

Furry and gay

2018-12-26 18:54:15 UTC

@Ondsinet I dont have a fursuit. Support me on Patreon.

2018-12-26 18:54:32 UTC


2018-12-26 18:54:44 UTC

degeneracy on this board has increased ever since all the mods doxed themselves as furfags

2018-12-26 18:55:06 UTC

are there really that many furries here? oof

2018-12-26 18:55:18 UTC

Especially @galesteppes , furry bastard

2018-12-26 18:55:18 UTC

Assume everyone is a furfag until proven otherwise.

2018-12-26 18:55:22 UTC

worse then whores

2018-12-26 18:55:24 UTC

*damn you furryweaber* <:triggered:382980748115968000>

2018-12-26 18:55:41 UTC

They ARE whores

2018-12-26 18:55:46 UTC


2018-12-26 18:55:53 UTC

we whores arent that degenerate

2018-12-26 18:55:56 UTC

They fuck roadkill

2018-12-26 18:56:09 UTC

Not even joking

2018-12-26 18:56:12 UTC

@EmEm yes u r

2018-12-26 18:56:21 UTC

no i r nu y

2018-12-26 18:56:29 UTC


2018-12-26 18:56:40 UTC

Cant dispute such cold hard logic.

2018-12-26 18:56:45 UTC

it doesnt matter what youre into if youll do anything for enough money <:makes_you_think:382980749780844554>

2018-12-26 18:56:53 UTC


2018-12-26 18:56:55 UTC


2018-12-26 18:57:00 UTC

i consider myself beaten

2018-12-26 18:57:03 UTC

I mean

2018-12-26 18:57:06 UTC

i cant say no to shekels

2018-12-26 18:57:18 UTC

How much is a million really?

2018-12-26 18:57:25 UTC

not much tbh

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