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2020-05-05 17:32:15 UTC

2020-05-05 17:35:27 UTC


2020-05-05 17:35:38 UTC

utard gang rise up

2020-05-05 17:35:45 UTC

Or is the capital of this

2020-05-06 22:14:04 UTC

2020-05-09 07:29:54 UTC

I'd like to be the first one to say, good luck to the Hawaii guys who try to work with the rest of the west. Y'all deserve extra credit

2020-05-12 18:56:16 UTC

With the states in this much need, if the taxes could go unpaid by essential workers for even one pay cycle maybe 2 .... hmmmmmmm

2020-05-19 06:13:44 UTC

What's up! Any PNW guys in here?

2020-05-19 06:14:11 UTC


2020-05-19 06:15:04 UTC

East, west, or central WA?

2020-05-19 06:16:23 UTC

@MrBoogaloo13 you a fellow man from sasquatch country?

2020-05-19 06:16:41 UTC

I'm central, Kittitas county

2020-05-19 06:16:52 UTC

I see

2020-05-19 06:17:12 UTC

Got a quite a few dudes on the west side in my chat

2020-05-19 06:17:33 UTC

Was hoping to see more people in here in general

2020-05-19 06:17:50 UTC

Yeah, it is what it is

2020-05-19 06:18:01 UTC

I'm down in the thurston county area myself

2020-05-19 06:18:52 UTC

For sure. Fb is fucked, bunch of goobers have infiltrated most the b**g groups on there

2020-05-19 06:19:34 UTC

Sounds about accurate

2020-05-19 06:20:20 UTC

Trying to get everyone organized onto a single platform to communicate, heard a lot of talk about this but not seeing much action.. πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

2020-05-19 06:20:39 UTC

Yeah, it's growing pains

2020-05-19 06:21:57 UTC

But, you know, it's pretty active during the day

2020-05-19 06:23:13 UTC

It's in a nice groove for me personally, where there's always at least one convo going but I'm not swamped with shit going on that I can't keep track of

2020-05-19 06:27:02 UTC

For sure. Any idea what the encryption/security level for discord if any?

2020-05-19 06:29:48 UTC

Not much

2020-05-19 06:29:55 UTC

It's alright

2020-05-19 06:30:12 UTC

But I'm pretty sure discord records everything

2020-05-19 06:30:26 UTC


2020-05-19 06:30:41 UTC

Not that they're actively spying, but it gets stored on a server I'm pretty sure

2020-05-19 06:31:40 UTC

But, discord is quite user friendly, so we made a concession and use it and avoid saying buzzwords i.e. b**g

2020-05-19 06:35:40 UTC

Ought to try the Wire app, best encryption available and deliberately hosted and operated in Europe, little more difficult for infiltrators to get in. Still user friendly too, I got about 20 PNW guys in there and we all love it.

2020-05-19 06:36:09 UTC

Keeps free speech in tact

2020-05-20 19:58:40 UTC

@MrBoogaloo13 I'm down to try a new platform

2020-05-21 00:31:47 UTC

> @MrBoogaloo13 I'm down to try a new platform

Message me your username and we'll get you vetted

2020-05-22 21:12:29 UTC

Damn.. west coast dead as fuck

2020-05-22 21:23:18 UTC


2020-05-22 22:40:07 UTC

Past few days it has

2020-05-23 04:46:21 UTC

Well I generally stay in the cali chat so..

2020-05-23 06:00:04 UTC

Anyone heard of the Cascadian bio region movement? They are quiet too but quite the group

2020-05-23 06:05:17 UTC

I have heard of the cascadia movement

2020-05-23 06:05:32 UTC

I think the idea is bullshit, but that's me

2020-05-23 06:11:00 UTC

I mean most eco groups are buttt splitting the west up based on its watersheds and river routes seems decent

2020-05-23 06:11:08 UTC

Why you no like

2020-05-23 13:58:36 UTC

Mostly because the of idea of separating the west to form it's own country

2020-05-23 13:59:32 UTC

Politicians in the western states aren't necessarily the most keen on defending individual rights

2020-05-23 14:00:49 UTC

So I'd much rather maintain within the larger union and at least hope that the supreme court gets it's shit together

2020-05-23 16:51:56 UTC

Oh we wouldn't keep the same bigwig dems that are embedded with the rest of the country , idk I would rather see the US split into 4 territories, you can't tell me the people here on the west aren't way different than the east coasters or canjuns in the south

2020-05-23 16:52:34 UTC

Celebrate diversity and let the us run itself in 4 different ways

2020-05-23 22:06:12 UTC

And how would folks in Kansas get lobster if the proud nation of Massicontuckey refuses to lower seafood tariffs?

2020-05-23 22:06:18 UTC

And how would folks in Kansas get lobster if the proud nation of Massicontuckey refuses to lower seafood tariffs?

2020-05-23 22:09:20 UTC

Same way Washington got sugar when the US had a tarrif on it , he imported it cheaper from another country

2020-05-23 22:09:35 UTC


2020-05-23 22:09:39 UTC

Or Japan

2020-05-23 22:34:29 UTC

But kansas Will be the the new Cuba. Minus the beaches. And with more jazz

2020-05-23 23:54:15 UTC


2020-05-23 23:54:31 UTC


2020-05-24 00:41:15 UTC

Different ideas at least

2020-05-24 06:59:39 UTC

I mean, you can't have a meaningful discussion without differing points of view

2020-05-24 07:27:15 UTC

How do y'all feel about labor unions. Disclaimer: I am part of one.

2020-05-24 07:30:01 UTC

They deff had a necessity to be created but I think some work as mobs in the modern game

2020-05-24 07:38:49 UTC

I don't necessarily think that labor unions are necessary at the current point in time, however, it's your right to organize and lobby if you think something is unjust.

2020-05-24 07:39:11 UTC

And to that point, I will defend unions

2020-05-24 07:40:20 UTC

I will say though, what I'm not a fan of is certain jobs requiring you to be in a union.

2020-05-24 07:42:04 UTC

But at that point, the struggle becomes, which right is more important? The right of the business to hire whomever they choose, or is the individual's right to not have to be coerced into joining a group against his choosing?

2020-05-24 09:17:01 UTC

I've done it both sides, and I can say now I'm more in favor of union. I was almost seriously hurt many times before, and now it's so so safe I'm bored.

2020-05-24 18:24:50 UTC

Yeah, I totally get that. If it works for you, be my guest.

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