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2020-04-28 23:21:42 UTC

Rules are necessary to ensure the safety of this server.
In order to maintain a healthy unity within our organization we ask that you be respectful of other members. (No doxing, racism, fighting, flaming)
As part of that commitment to our members safety and our own we ask you guys to please refrain from using hot words. (b**g, b**gal**, Big L*** - things among those lines.) We are doing everything within our power to avoid being flagged or getting our members flagged.
Do NOT post things that are likely to get us flagged! (Bottle openers, angry playdough, anything homemade that goes big boom, anything illegal.)
By no means is this a secure means of communication and was never intended to be. If you have sensitive subjects you would like to discuss among your peers then take it to Signal, Keybase, or WhatsApp.
This IS NOT a shit posting group, we are a server dedicated to the ideals of liberty and furthering our movement.

2020-05-08 21:22:56 UTC


**No raids.**

**No pornography.**

**No spamming.**

**Nothing that violates Discord community guidelines (no gore or illegal content).**

**No discussion of high explosive compounds or bomb components.**

**Divisive content subject to deletion. We are all in this together.**

**Share your content in an appropriate channel, e.g. <#704483905885175910>.**

**Forum manipulation techniques will result in an immediate ban.**

2020-05-13 23:21:01 UTC

If you see content that violates the Rules or Discord Terms of Service, **do not report the user through Discord**. This attracts unwanted attention to the server. Bring it to the attention of an <@&704442383554838632> or <@&704538592910901278> , and appropriate action will be taken.

2020-05-19 03:38:34 UTC

**Click the hammer if you understand the rules - to gain access to the rest of the server**

4 total messages. Viewing 100 per page.
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