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2018-09-18 00:04:16 UTC


2018-09-18 00:04:18 UTC

wait your turn

2018-09-18 00:04:27 UTC

alright then call me when you're done

2018-09-18 00:04:28 UTC

Females with a positive impact saw the hill as shorter and likewise, those with a negative saw it steeper

2018-09-18 00:04:30 UTC

Okay ican agree with you their is a substantial difference

2018-09-18 00:04:33 UTC

>inb4 "insolent"

2018-09-18 00:04:35 UTC

But there was something off with the males

2018-09-18 00:04:35 UTC

aww he didn't say it

2018-09-18 00:04:42 UTC

Really really off

2018-09-18 00:04:46 UTC

There was almost no difference

2018-09-18 00:04:49 UTC

do elaborate

2018-09-18 00:04:52 UTC

lol we're weird.

2018-09-18 00:04:53 UTC

Between the positive and the negative

2018-09-18 00:04:57 UTC


2018-09-18 00:05:00 UTC

now why?

2018-09-18 00:05:20 UTC

Because males and females are different psychologically and therefore will take different moments in their lives differently

2018-09-18 00:05:30 UTC

It's really hard from an experimental standpoint to isolate mental processes from biology and sociological phenomenom.

2018-09-18 00:05:43 UTC

Why do men think different in the way do?

2018-09-18 00:05:53 UTC

If males are psychologically-speaking "tougher" to keep the same mental stance during both positive and negative impacts

2018-09-18 00:05:54 UTC

Why are some men terrible at math while women are better?

2018-09-18 00:05:57 UTC

But females aren't

2018-09-18 00:06:13 UTC

isn't it insulting to have a male become "female" and attempt to join this group?

2018-09-18 00:06:17 UTC

Prehaps it's because females are taught to be more in touch withtheir emotions

2018-09-18 00:06:28 UTC

and I don't see a lack of emotion as a positive or even rational thing

2018-09-18 00:06:43 UTC

The study was done with people age 16-60

2018-09-18 00:06:52 UTC

Even Gen Z children

2018-09-18 00:06:57 UTC

think the same way

2018-09-18 00:06:59 UTC

They went through their formative years though

2018-09-18 00:07:00 UTC

But for the past 10 years

2018-09-18 00:07:07 UTC

but continue

2018-09-18 00:07:07 UTC

Our society has been heavily changing

2018-09-18 00:07:24 UTC

oof thats an understatement

2018-09-18 00:07:31 UTC

I'd disagree

2018-09-18 00:07:40 UTC

I live with 4 generations of my family

2018-09-18 00:07:45 UTC


2018-09-18 00:07:56 UTC

And I know they don't represent the whole world

2018-09-18 00:08:04 UTC

But they've lived in many of the largest cities in the US

2018-09-18 00:08:08 UTC

New York, Miami, ect

2018-09-18 00:08:26 UTC

And they can attest to the fact that everything has changed EXCEPTIONALLY

2018-09-18 00:08:41 UTC

Yaeah I agree lol

2018-09-18 00:08:49 UTC

things have changed dramitically

2018-09-18 00:08:58 UTC

But even they dislike the idea of men and women changing their genders and acting as if they are part of that biological group

2018-09-18 00:09:06 UTC

When women support women

2018-09-18 00:09:41 UTC

It's because they physically and psychologically understand each other through literal biological changes they can all relate to, and common experiences

2018-09-18 00:09:48 UTC

It's the same thing for men

2018-09-18 00:09:59 UTC

if you want to go ahead and change the way you work in life

2018-09-18 00:10:03 UTC


2018-09-18 00:10:07 UTC

Okay wat....

2018-09-18 00:10:15 UTC

Being a male, but liking to do more "feminine" things

2018-09-18 00:10:19 UTC

That's fine

2018-09-18 00:10:25 UTC

I'm sorry but how does this relate back to the original topic of transgederism?

2018-09-18 00:10:27 UTC

But to go ahead and "change your gender" in the process

2018-09-18 00:10:34 UTC

What are we debating about?

2018-09-18 00:10:44 UTC

wait keep going i see where your going

2018-09-18 00:10:54 UTC

That's an issue.

2018-09-18 00:10:58 UTC

Because by changing your gender

2018-09-18 00:11:05 UTC

You're stating you're part of that group

2018-09-18 00:11:10 UTC

You know their experiences

2018-09-18 00:11:14 UTC

You can do what they do

2018-09-18 00:11:17 UTC

No matter what

2018-09-18 00:11:21 UTC


2018-09-18 00:11:27 UTC

It's the same thing with races and ethnicities

2018-09-18 00:11:27 UTC

that's an interesting way to put it

2018-09-18 00:11:30 UTC

I'm Latino

2018-09-18 00:11:48 UTC

The difference I would see there is transgeder people do face simmilar discrimination to women

2018-09-18 00:12:02 UTC

If you look at studies after they transition they face simmilar harrasement as women

2018-09-18 00:12:15 UTC

Because of men don't know they're transgenders

2018-09-18 00:12:27 UTC

And there is a level of solidarity between diffrent "opressed groups"

2018-09-18 00:12:35 UTC

When you get breast implants and a vagina surgery

2018-09-18 00:12:46 UTC

You are treated like a woman

2018-09-18 00:12:55 UTC

you have the same experiences, or simmilar experiences to a woman

2018-09-18 00:12:55 UTC

And cover yourself with makeup, it's no wonder a man will think you're female

2018-09-18 00:12:56 UTC

can I debate this fag now

2018-09-18 00:13:06 UTC

Frito can I detour for this dude?

2018-09-18 00:13:13 UTC

Hold on

2018-09-18 00:13:14 UTC

I'll add you as a freind and we can continue later?

2018-09-18 00:13:16 UTC

He needs to learn to wait

2018-09-18 00:13:24 UTC

lol fair enough

2018-09-18 00:13:24 UTC

Here is my final point

2018-09-18 00:13:24 UTC

I'll wait it's fine

2018-09-18 00:13:27 UTC


2018-09-18 00:15:06 UTC

Men and Women are equal in regards to worth. Biologically-speaking they are different, and that will cause them to act differently, experience different things, and ect. The most we should do as a society is focus on the "individual", not whether they are male and female. Because when you attempt to "join a group" like that, it destroys the experiences of those you're attempting to join. No longer is it females being harassed, it's females AND transgender males, and that takes away from the females who had to go through it alone

2018-09-18 00:15:09 UTC

Well I guess I'll take issue with the idea that you must fit a group perfectly to bit part of the group. The experience of a group as broad as woman varies amongst different races classes and etc. You'd have to deconstruct the meaning of the idea of women and tell me what specifcally about the trans woman experiences disqualifies them from this group.

2018-09-18 00:15:24 UTC

ESPECIALLY since the man CHOSE to be defined as a "woman"

2018-09-18 00:15:52 UTC

If I as a Latino tried to relate to the black population and call myself "black", that would be an insult to them

2018-09-18 00:16:03 UTC

Yes but you are a minority population

2018-09-18 00:16:06 UTC

Because my experiences have no correlation to what they endure

2018-09-18 00:16:14 UTC

and your experiences are closer to there's than the average white persons

2018-09-18 00:16:21 UTC

you can have some degree of solidarity with any woman

2018-09-18 00:16:32 UTC

But it's not the same

2018-09-18 00:16:37 UTC

black people stay with black people

2018-09-18 00:16:42 UTC

because from the moment they were born

2018-09-18 00:16:44 UTC

men are a minority in the USA

2018-09-18 00:16:45 UTC

Also we're erecting the categories artificlly in the first place

2018-09-18 00:16:47 UTC

and as they were raised

2018-09-18 00:16:57 UTC

they had to think through a certain mindset

2018-09-18 00:17:03 UTC

and here comes Latino Bandito

2018-09-18 00:17:05 UTC

Saying he's black

2018-09-18 00:17:10 UTC

that he understands blacks

2018-09-18 00:17:12 UTC

Again your acting like the average experience of black man is universal

2018-09-18 00:17:22 UTC

I'm speaking in US terms

2018-09-18 00:17:25 UTC

They'll all be different for a number of factors

2018-09-18 00:17:32 UTC

But there is an average

2018-09-18 00:17:35 UTC

there is always an average

2018-09-18 00:17:46 UTC

The majority of the Black Lives Matter walks are from out of the states

2018-09-18 00:17:49 UTC

All around the US

2018-09-18 00:17:56 UTC

I had an african freind in high school and he'd always hang around us indian kids becayse he identifed with ys more

2018-09-18 00:17:59 UTC

Even though they go through different things in different states

2018-09-18 00:18:03 UTC

they still go to the same event

2018-09-18 00:18:09 UTC

There is always an average

2018-09-18 00:18:11 UTC

I mean it's a universal experience

2018-09-18 00:18:23 UTC

but not all experiences are universal

2018-09-18 00:18:37 UTC

Averages are though

2018-09-18 00:18:41 UTC

Yes but now we're defining categories with arbitrary cut offs

2018-09-18 00:18:53 UTC

and you can talk about averages but trans people are a very small minority

2018-09-18 00:18:56 UTC

If I had to place a bet on how any random black person in the whole earth would be

2018-09-18 00:19:03 UTC

even less identify as female

2018-09-18 00:19:09 UTC

as a woman i mean sorry

2018-09-18 00:19:28 UTC

I'd be safer to say in poverty and have committed multiple felonies

2018-09-18 00:19:30 UTC

It would vary greatly on the population you find them in

2018-09-18 00:19:34 UTC

Through literal statistics

2018-09-18 00:19:36 UTC

Im america sure

2018-09-18 00:19:43 UTC

but if you look at african immigrants in america

2018-09-18 00:19:50 UTC

they are one of the most sucesfull group

2018-09-18 00:19:58 UTC

there graduate education rate is insane

2018-09-18 00:20:05 UTC

your creating these categories now.

2018-09-18 00:20:06 UTC

they are the most successful OF the group

2018-09-18 00:20:08 UTC

And these cut offs.

2018-09-18 00:20:13 UTC

OF the black group

2018-09-18 00:20:33 UTC

It's like 10%hold a phd that's impressive for any demographic in america

2018-09-18 00:20:35 UTC

theyre the top of the bell curve

2018-09-18 00:20:59 UTC

Is it right for me though

2018-09-18 00:21:02 UTC

As a Latino

2018-09-18 00:21:05 UTC

But your arguemtn is trans people can't idenitfy as women cause they don't have the same set of experiences?

2018-09-18 00:21:18 UTC

Experiences and they don't think the same way as well

2018-09-18 00:21:29 UTC

And they are not the same physically either

2018-09-18 00:21:33 UTC

when you finish discussing this with frito ping me cause i want to bring up a counter point

2018-09-18 00:21:37 UTC

And no amount of surgery can change that

2018-09-18 00:21:41 UTC

So when reality hits them

2018-09-18 00:21:45 UTC

Again and again

2018-09-18 00:21:46 UTC

lol send me a message slouch

2018-09-18 00:21:50 UTC

i appreciate this chat ll

2018-09-18 00:21:50 UTC

They will become mentally unstable

2018-09-18 00:21:57 UTC

It will hurt them

2018-09-18 00:21:58 UTC

Again not true

2018-09-18 00:22:03 UTC

Very actually

2018-09-18 00:22:09 UTC

>individual rights arguments with respect to trannies

2018-09-18 00:22:12 UTC

wrong approach

2018-09-18 00:22:14 UTC

Most transgenders commit suicide, but people claim it's due to bullying

2018-09-18 00:22:16 UTC

Truth is

2018-09-18 00:22:22 UTC

It's societal.

2018-09-18 00:22:23 UTC

Most people don't openly attack transgenders

2018-09-18 00:22:29 UTC

Maybe the religious kooks

2018-09-18 00:22:32 UTC

There are a lot of things that trans people go through.

2018-09-18 00:22:36 UTC

But in high schools and colleges?

2018-09-18 00:22:38 UTC


2018-09-18 00:22:41 UTC

Idk being told your idntiy is wrong is an issue

2018-09-18 00:22:46 UTC

have you been to high school?

2018-09-18 00:22:48 UTC


2018-09-18 00:22:49 UTC

Kids are the worst

2018-09-18 00:22:51 UTC

I graduated last year

2018-09-18 00:22:54 UTC

they'll bully you for anything

2018-09-18 00:22:57 UTC

Not really

2018-09-18 00:23:03 UTC

you really think they'd go easy on a trans kid>

2018-09-18 00:23:04 UTC

I think it's been a while since you went

2018-09-18 00:23:04 UTC


2018-09-18 00:23:09 UTC

They don't care

2018-09-18 00:23:11 UTC

I'm 22

2018-09-18 00:23:15 UTC

I'm 18

2018-09-18 00:23:17 UTC

Yes they do.

2018-09-18 00:23:19 UTC

It depends where also

2018-09-18 00:23:23 UTC

I went to a conservative area

2018-09-18 00:23:24 UTC

I went to a school with 2,000 kids

2018-09-18 00:23:26 UTC

@Somedudewithaname why should they

2018-09-18 00:23:36 UTC

and they went so hard on this kid who came out of the closet

2018-09-18 00:23:37 UTC

I lived in an area full of baptists and rednecks

2018-09-18 00:23:44 UTC

bullying is a check on social deformities

2018-09-18 00:23:45 UTC

My school had plenty

2018-09-18 00:23:46 UTC


2018-09-18 00:23:49 UTC

Do not care

2018-09-18 00:23:52 UTC

We can't argue from annedote though

2018-09-18 00:24:09 UTC

all I know is studies show that transgenders who transition have better mental health than those who don't.

2018-09-18 00:24:13 UTC


2018-09-18 00:24:17 UTC

And for my concern, that's the most important issue.

2018-09-18 00:24:39 UTC

could you link me to that

2018-09-18 00:24:45 UTC

because that is very interesting

2018-09-18 00:24:49 UTC

But how many of those transgenders killed themselves because of the realization that they can never fully be the opposite gender in terms of psychology or physiology?

2018-09-18 00:25:00 UTC

Regardless of bullying

2018-09-18 00:25:17 UTC

I mean them coming to their own consciousness

2018-09-18 00:25:38 UTC

And knowing they have not had the same experiences as others as they claim to identify with

2018-09-18 00:25:42 UTC

why is the suicide rate of people with gender dysphoria who transition so high?

2018-09-18 00:25:44 UTC

Because when you do that

2018-09-18 00:25:46 UTC

answer this

2018-09-18 00:25:57 UTC

It destroys the value of what a specific sex has to go through

2018-09-18 00:26:03 UTC

Well here's the thing.

2018-09-18 00:26:04 UTC

It's not longer a "woman" issue

2018-09-18 00:26:18 UTC

It's now a "woman and males who define themselves as 'woman' " issue

2018-09-18 00:26:22 UTC

You can't prove it's because of a biolgical or social class without chaninging the second varaible

2018-09-18 00:26:24 UTC

And that muddies up everything

2018-09-18 00:26:26 UTC

and damn that's hard to do.

2018-09-18 00:26:30 UTC

the considerations of tranny emotions and troubles is irrelevant when you see their effect on the social stability of society

2018-09-18 00:26:38 UTC

Why is the sucide rate so high?

2018-09-18 00:26:49 UTC

For simmilar reasons to that of transgenders who don't transition

2018-09-18 00:26:50 UTC

Because they realize they are not living the truth of what they are

2018-09-18 00:26:50 UTC

I dpn

2018-09-18 00:26:59 UTC

They have to accept their sex

2018-09-18 00:27:01 UTC

I haven't read studies on that one

2018-09-18 00:27:06 UTC

And they can freely choose what they want to do

2018-09-18 00:27:10 UTC

@Somedudewithaname schizos who have their imaginary friends acknowledged also feel better

2018-09-18 00:27:12 UTC

if a female wants to ride a motorcycle

2018-09-18 00:27:13 UTC

should we do that too?

2018-09-18 00:27:14 UTC

Go ahead

2018-09-18 00:27:14 UTC

they're a book called transgednerism and the brain i reccomend reading

2018-09-18 00:27:16 UTC

please tel me why the suicide rates are so high for people with gender dysphoria who transition

2018-09-18 00:27:20 UTC

If a male wants to go and knit

2018-09-18 00:27:23 UTC

Go ahead

2018-09-18 00:27:33 UTC

Frido i;ll agree with you on that

2018-09-18 00:27:44 UTC

but the issue is society doesn't view these things in that way.

2018-09-18 00:27:48 UTC

gender roles must be enforced by the state

2018-09-18 00:27:53 UTC

ANd for some people body dismprphia is the issue.

2018-09-18 00:27:55 UTC

faggy behavior and crossdressers should be jailed

2018-09-18 00:28:04 UTC

They shouldn't have to "change their gender"

2018-09-18 00:28:19 UTC

That shouldn't be a thing period

2018-09-18 00:28:30 UTC

Does a man "becoming a woman" allow them to knit better?

2018-09-18 00:28:31 UTC

Alright I'm going to debate this liberal now

2018-09-18 00:28:39 UTC

Because it sure as hell doesn't give them confidence

2018-09-18 00:28:40 UTC

you guys been at it for like an hour almost

2018-09-18 00:28:47 UTC

If transgenders are committing suicide

2018-09-18 00:28:51 UTC

So so much

2018-09-18 00:29:11 UTC

Unless changing their "roles" has ANY advantage towards doing what they want to do

2018-09-18 00:29:13 UTC

It's a waste of time

2018-09-18 00:29:17 UTC

It's insulting to people

2018-09-18 00:29:21 UTC

And it can seriously cause issues

2018-09-18 00:29:28 UTC

And right now

2018-09-18 00:29:38 UTC

My generational family with me

2018-09-18 00:29:45 UTC

Can promise you men and women can do as they please

2018-09-18 00:29:50 UTC

You know ill agree with you that gender roles need be deconstructed

2018-09-18 00:29:50 UTC

That has changed since they lived

2018-09-18 00:29:56 UTC

So why go ahead

2018-09-18 00:30:02 UTC

and if women and men felt like they could do as they please we'd have no issue

2018-09-18 00:30:03 UTC

@Somedudewithaname Alright let's debate. My position is this: societal cost of accepting trannies destroys the stability in the long term of families and of the nation by way of shifting the acceptable range of ideas on sexuality and gender identity. Therefore trannies should be jailed or sent to a loony bin to be studied for a potential cure to their mental problem.

2018-09-18 00:30:08 UTC

but some men find they identify as women

2018-09-18 00:30:10 UTC


2018-09-18 00:30:11 UTC

oh go

2018-09-18 00:30:12 UTC


2018-09-18 00:30:31 UTC

There is no reason to identify as woman if not a woman

2018-09-18 00:30:39 UTC

Really isn't much more to it than that. I don't care about their individual rights, the collective interest of the race/nation is more important.

2018-09-18 00:30:53 UTC

It doesn't help you at all

2018-09-18 00:30:58 UTC

It only hurts people

2018-09-18 00:30:59 UTC

It could be you feel like you idenitfy more with the social identity of a woman

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