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2016-11-17 02:14:06 UTC

pretty sick

2016-11-17 02:14:13 UTC

any big hospital had some kind of police force in it

2016-11-17 02:14:28 UTC

i remember seeing cops but i never paid them any mind

2016-11-17 02:14:36 UTC

also they hire a shitton of ex army for security

2016-11-17 02:14:40 UTC

i went to the doc because i got heat stroke :x

2016-11-17 02:14:46 UTC

stupid me forgot to drink water

2016-11-17 02:14:50 UTC


2016-11-17 02:15:02 UTC

chink weather is disgusting imho

2016-11-17 02:15:46 UTC

i liked the countryside more than the city

2016-11-17 02:15:54 UTC

the cities have no personality

2016-11-17 02:16:01 UTC

Doctors are at very high risk of being stabbed here

2016-11-17 02:16:04 UTC

the same prefab building designs over and over

2016-11-17 02:16:20 UTC

because if someone dies, and even if its not the doctors fault (it usually isnt), the family will stab them for casuing the death of their family member

2016-11-17 02:16:42 UTC

also school teachers. if their kid doesnt get into good school, stab a teacher

2016-11-17 02:16:42 UTC

also some doctors are corrupt as fuck desu

2016-11-17 02:16:44 UTC

i never heard that before but sounds plausible

2016-11-17 02:16:52 UTC

its a real problem these days

2016-11-17 02:16:56 UTC

but they hide it well

2016-11-17 02:17:02 UTC

they even have a fucking wikipedia page about it lol

2016-11-17 02:17:04 UTC

chinese culture is just too fatalistic

2016-11-17 02:17:10 UTC

succeed or become shame of family

2016-11-17 02:17:24 UTC

well tbh, it sounds like some doctors are really scumbags

2016-11-17 02:17:32 UTC

just a few, most of them are fine

2016-11-17 02:18:20 UTC

idk if it's still a thing but there is a streak of elitism that runs in chinese professional circles

2016-11-17 02:18:21 UTC

it also depends on the region

2016-11-17 02:18:24 UTC

china is fucking huge

2016-11-17 02:18:34 UTC

in northern china i believe

2016-11-17 02:18:38 UTC

like if you're an engineer or a doctor you basically have a giant chip on your shoulder

2016-11-17 02:18:43 UTC

there are always sandskin people running around with knives

2016-11-17 02:19:28 UTC

the engineer friends I have in china think i have weird plebian hobbies

2016-11-17 02:19:39 UTC

like what

2016-11-17 02:19:40 UTC

they get driven around etc

2016-11-17 02:19:46 UTC

like *cooking* lol

2016-11-17 02:19:53 UTC


2016-11-17 02:19:56 UTC

Holy shit what a fucking pleb

2016-11-17 02:20:04 UTC

_what kind of an engineer **cooks**_

2016-11-17 02:20:08 UTC

chink food is so cheap

2016-11-17 02:20:10 UTC

no need to cook

2016-11-17 02:20:11 UTC


2016-11-17 02:20:11 UTC

>cooking your own food

2016-11-17 02:20:18 UTC

>not hiring someone to cook for you

2016-11-17 02:20:28 UTC

>eating cooked food

2016-11-17 02:20:34 UTC

>eating food

2016-11-17 02:20:37 UTC

>not just filling yourself up with soylent

2016-11-17 02:20:50 UTC

yeah basically american DIY culture is some kind of weird abomination

2016-11-17 02:21:01 UTC

@shadowedROM you an engineer?

2016-11-17 02:21:15 UTC

idk lol

2016-11-17 02:21:16 UTC


2016-11-17 02:21:19 UTC

why you ask

2016-11-17 02:21:42 UTC

the bar's kinda low these days i mean they let anyone in that club

2016-11-17 02:21:47 UTC

sanitation engineer etc

2016-11-17 02:21:49 UTC

is the chink education on engineering

2016-11-17 02:21:51 UTC


2016-11-17 02:22:00 UTC

than (whatever country u come from)

2016-11-17 02:22:06 UTC

heard that chink education is pretty shitty

2016-11-17 02:22:23 UTC

the guys I know are pretty awesome but they're in radio which is a dying industry

2016-11-17 02:22:47 UTC

An engineer is basically someone who designs solutions

2016-11-17 02:22:50 UTC

inb4 wifi; that's completely different

2016-11-17 02:22:53 UTC

So the bar is pretty low to begin with

2016-11-17 02:22:56 UTC

chink engineers are fine, but no innovation or creativity

2016-11-17 02:23:03 UTC

but they could reverse engineer fucking anything

2016-11-17 02:23:22 UTC

they have... incremental creativity

2016-11-17 02:23:22 UTC

the true power of a chink

2016-11-17 02:23:32 UTC

they know how to optimize stuff really fucking well

2016-11-17 02:23:44 UTC

unfortunately the metric is usually cost

2016-11-17 02:24:12 UTC

american engineers are lazy in comparison

2016-11-17 02:24:17 UTC

we want to get the best parts

2016-11-17 02:24:27 UTC

we don't develop within means anymore

2016-11-17 02:24:40 UTC

it's like "let's look up a specsheet for the exact solution"

2016-11-17 02:25:25 UTC

most things in the industry I used to work in are completely overspecced and unoptimized because the customers were stupid (government)

2016-11-17 02:25:44 UTC

like throw an expensive processor into a device that doesn't need it at all

2016-11-17 02:26:31 UTC

so i dunno to answer your question I think we all suck compared to Germany

2016-11-17 02:26:35 UTC

or Japan

2016-11-17 02:26:53 UTC

unless you work at Intel

2016-11-17 02:27:49 UTC

my workplace has 30 chinese females, and 8 foreign males


2016-11-17 02:27:58 UTC


2016-11-17 02:28:05 UTC

Those chink teachers

2016-11-17 02:28:07 UTC

are really qt desu

2016-11-17 02:28:08 UTC

RIP ur dick

2016-11-17 02:28:33 UTC

tell me

2016-11-17 02:28:36 UTC

which one is your gf

2016-11-17 02:29:09 UTC

are you paid the same as everyone else or do you get a laowai bonus on top

2016-11-17 02:29:26 UTC

these women in the picture, i make more then 3x their salary

2016-11-17 02:29:34 UTC

my gf doesnt work with me

2016-11-17 02:29:37 UTC


2016-11-17 02:29:51 UTC

i hope you treat your colleages on hotpot desu

2016-11-17 02:30:00 UTC

they need u b/c of prestiege

2016-11-17 02:30:18 UTC

not a real language school without a western face

2016-11-17 02:30:26 UTC

no they are fucking idiot spastics. only dipshits with no brains would take their job because it pays so low

2016-11-17 02:30:36 UTC

so they are all bad workers

2016-11-17 02:30:42 UTC


2016-11-17 02:30:50 UTC

a-atleast they are cute

2016-11-17 02:31:03 UTC

at first, then when you realize they are donkey brains

2016-11-17 02:31:05 UTC

it goes out the window

2016-11-17 02:31:09 UTC

most important question

2016-11-17 02:31:12 UTC

how is their english?

2016-11-17 02:31:36 UTC

it ranges from "i have a degree from a chinese college in english but can barely speak a few word" to "pretty nearly fluent with few grammar mistakes"

2016-11-17 02:32:04 UTC

you guys kid around that chinks are like robots but I bet kaetaa can confirm some really dumb robot behavior

2016-11-17 02:32:13 UTC

you have no idea lol

2016-11-17 02:32:14 UTC

zero critical thinking skills sometimes

2016-11-17 02:32:15 UTC

i can assume heavy chink accent?

2016-11-17 02:32:26 UTC

yeah there are a lot of dumb chinks around

2016-11-17 02:32:31 UTC

these women have no logic, no critial thinking, no common sense

2016-11-17 02:32:41 UTC

despite all being college educated

2016-11-17 02:33:03 UTC

atleast you go drink beer/ktv with them right?

2016-11-17 02:33:19 UTC

I try to avoid the idea of "saving face" on this channel, because it is a LONG and difficult thing to talk about, but it really is a big reason for a lot of the way they act

2016-11-17 02:33:40 UTC

no, they are all boring cunts. we invite them to go to ktv and shit with us but they just want to go home and watch tv/sit on their phone

2016-11-17 02:33:49 UTC


2016-11-17 02:33:55 UTC

a few of the actual chinese teachers come with us sometimes, they are much smarter

2016-11-17 02:34:05 UTC

the women in that picture are just like parent advisorrs or class salespeople

2016-11-17 02:34:10 UTC


2016-11-17 02:34:15 UTC

do you play / have you been to airsoft arenas or is that not a thing in mainland

2016-11-17 02:34:35 UTC

my foreign friend's chinese wife has a NERF arena in town, and she lets us play in it for free

2016-11-17 02:34:47 UTC

kaetaa time to move to another region

2016-11-17 02:34:49 UTC

and we did airsoft a while ago. big open space and shitty guns that are turned to max

2016-11-17 02:34:53 UTC

i heard in the north they are more social

2016-11-17 02:34:58 UTC

eh NERF is not as dank as indoor airsoft CQB arenas

2016-11-17 02:35:02 UTC

(or is wuhan north??)

2016-11-17 02:35:15 UTC

nah im in the middle, but its just my coworkewrs who are like that

2016-11-17 02:35:25 UTC

because, like i said, they are dumb enough to take the job for so little pay

2016-11-17 02:35:44 UTC


2016-11-17 02:35:52 UTC


2016-11-17 02:35:56 UTC


2016-11-17 02:36:03 UTC

I'd like to visit the north, seems cool. good food

2016-11-17 02:36:06 UTC

nah prolly dumb

2016-11-17 02:36:20 UTC

dumb chinks end up with these kind of jobs normally

2016-11-17 02:37:04 UTC

north china is pretty cool

2016-11-17 02:37:08 UTC

i have this beautiful tall chinese coworker

2016-11-17 02:37:14 UTC

she is a walking shy goddess.

2016-11-17 02:37:17 UTC

shes 27

2016-11-17 02:37:19 UTC

lives with her mum

2016-11-17 02:37:24 UTC


2016-11-17 02:37:24 UTC

cant cook, cant clean, cant do laundry

2016-11-17 02:37:27 UTC

cant do fucking anything

2016-11-17 02:37:36 UTC

not funny, not interesting, allergic to alcohol

2016-11-17 02:37:40 UTC

surely you must have some kind of picture

2016-11-17 02:37:44 UTC

asian princess

2016-11-17 02:37:47 UTC


2016-11-17 02:37:50 UTC

like really allergic? or get the chink red face

2016-11-17 02:37:53 UTC

shes new, so no pics

2016-11-17 02:37:57 UTC

shes legit allergic

2016-11-17 02:37:58 UTC

so she says

2016-11-17 02:38:00 UTC


2016-11-17 02:38:02 UTC

make a pic next time

2016-11-17 02:39:00 UTC

is 27 still normal?

2016-11-17 02:39:04 UTC

living at parents

2016-11-17 02:39:05 UTC

in china

2016-11-17 02:39:09 UTC

in western world

2016-11-17 02:39:11 UTC

she glides around the officwe like an angel. even the way she walks is heavenly

2016-11-17 02:39:11 UTC

you will get laughed at

2016-11-17 02:39:25 UTC

it's normal but you bet her parents are trying to marry her off

2016-11-17 02:39:28 UTC

its...MORE normal here. but, shes 27 and still single, that is the weird part

2016-11-17 02:39:30 UTC

you work for EF?

2016-11-17 02:39:36 UTC

c a k e

2016-11-17 02:39:58 UTC

yeah her mum is prolly looking for a rich laowei hubby for her

2016-11-17 02:40:01 UTC

she has the looks

2016-11-17 02:40:06 UTC

so she is not totally fuckked

2016-11-17 02:40:16 UTC

i doubt her mom wants her to marry a foreigner haha

2016-11-17 02:40:18 UTC

only not self depended

2016-11-17 02:40:20 UTC
2016-11-17 02:40:42 UTC

chink parents only accept foreigners as a last resort

2016-11-17 02:40:49 UTC

better a (white) laowai than nothing

2016-11-17 02:41:01 UTC

they coordinate my school district's Washington DC trip for the eigth grade every year

2016-11-17 02:41:04 UTC

do not pass go if black

2016-11-17 02:41:12 UTC

go directly to jail

2016-11-17 02:41:14 UTC

nice @Deleted User, they do a lot of stuff like that

2016-11-17 02:41:20 UTC

this is my boss. hes is a functioning alcoholic


2016-11-17 02:41:28 UTC


2016-11-17 02:41:29 UTC


2016-11-17 02:41:31 UTC


2016-11-17 02:41:32 UTC

your boss seems fun

2016-11-17 02:41:37 UTC

china is trully getting chinked back

2016-11-17 02:41:55 UTC

he is a lot of fun

2016-11-17 02:41:58 UTC

alcohol + children = fun

2016-11-17 02:42:10 UTC

they're okay with facial hair too eh

2016-11-17 02:42:14 UTC

your boss must drown in the pussy desu

2016-11-17 02:42:16 UTC

its cool to smoke/drink wherever you want, so bring a bag of beers to an arcade full of children is fine

2016-11-17 02:42:29 UTC

eh, most chinese girls think it makes us look old or like a monkey

2016-11-17 02:42:32 UTC

but my gf doesnt mind my beard

2016-11-17 02:42:45 UTC


2016-11-17 02:42:50 UTC


2016-11-17 02:43:21 UTC

just looked up ef requirements

2016-11-17 02:43:22 UTC

saw this

2016-11-17 02:43:23 UTC

Applicants must be citizens from the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand or South Africa to meet China’s visa regulations.

2016-11-17 02:43:24 UTC

do they still iron their tshirts

2016-11-17 02:43:26 UTC


2016-11-17 02:43:32 UTC

i'm from holland

2016-11-17 02:43:36 UTC


2016-11-17 02:43:40 UTC


2016-11-17 02:43:49 UTC

yeah, to work in china nowadays as english anything, you MUST be from a native english speaking country

2016-11-17 02:43:54 UTC

only legal way to get a visa

2016-11-17 02:43:56 UTC

get citizenship in one of those countries?

2016-11-17 02:44:05 UTC

you're from holland you silly fuk, enjoy it

2016-11-17 02:44:11 UTC

holland is sweeet

2016-11-17 02:44:31 UTC

guess im bribing an official desu

2016-11-17 02:44:35 UTC

yeah holland is pretty cool

2016-11-17 02:44:35 UTC

Did EF fly you out and help you find a home, &c?

2016-11-17 02:44:46 UTC

or did they just say "get over here"

2016-11-17 02:45:01 UTC

EF is by far the most professional of the schools

2016-11-17 02:45:16 UTC

They flew me out, gave me an apartment, and i have a person on call 24/7 to help me with literally anything

2016-11-17 02:45:23 UTC

if i need to hospital, go buy something i cant etc.

2016-11-17 02:45:23 UTC

concierge? nice

2016-11-17 02:45:36 UTC

nah "foreign teacher ambassador"

2016-11-17 02:45:43 UTC

they know we dont speak chink, so if we need help, they come

2016-11-17 02:45:47 UTC

What do you get paid?

2016-11-17 02:45:58 UTC

can you buy stocks

2016-11-17 02:45:59 UTC

EF always pays on time (this is a luxury amongst training schools)

2016-11-17 02:46:03 UTC

or other equities

2016-11-17 02:46:13 UTC

a lot of schools wont pay for your flight, wont help you at all, will forget to pay you etc

2016-11-17 02:46:30 UTC

can you be a daytrader in china

2016-11-17 02:46:34 UTC

so, EF, even though its the walmart of training schools, is the most professional

2016-11-17 02:46:53 UTC

@Deleted User its hard to put my money in non china terms, because of how much stuff costs here

2016-11-17 02:46:59 UTC

hm makes sense

2016-11-17 02:47:01 UTC

just know that imake 3x the average salary for my city

2016-11-17 02:47:04 UTC

easiest way to get a citizenship in the following countries? United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand or South Africa?

2016-11-17 02:47:12 UTC

guess joining the army is pretty fast

2016-11-17 02:47:13 UTC

ha ha

2016-11-17 02:47:28 UTC

pay some hispanic lady to get married here

2016-11-17 02:47:34 UTC


2016-11-17 02:47:35 UTC

it's how my coworker got his citizenship

2016-11-17 02:47:36 UTC

will that work?

2016-11-17 02:47:44 UTC


2016-11-17 02:47:44 UTC

Anon, if you want to come to china, yo ucan study. or you can get a job illegally. many companies dont want to pay for your visa, anyway. but if things go south they will dangle your passport and illegal citizen ship over your head

2016-11-17 02:47:52 UTC

but it is 100% possible and easy to find illegal foreign teacher work

2016-11-17 02:48:03 UTC


2016-11-17 02:48:06 UTC

not worth the risk

2016-11-17 02:48:11 UTC

in our still current pre-trump america yes

2016-11-17 02:48:11 UTC

marry someone and get a visa lad

2016-11-17 02:48:12 UTC

still works

2016-11-17 02:48:22 UTC

guess im going to lay low in holland

2016-11-17 02:48:56 UTC

being a foreign visa worker is indentured servitude

2016-11-17 02:49:09 UTC

it's just a way nicer cage in china it seems

2016-11-17 02:49:16 UTC

better than americuckland

2016-11-17 02:49:19 UTC


2016-11-17 02:49:23 UTC

you from us bytemask?

2016-11-17 02:49:27 UTC

yes nyc

2016-11-17 02:49:52 UTC

China is a great place to lay low if you like cheap shit, drinking, feeling free, and experiencing crazy insane shit often

2016-11-17 02:49:57 UTC

anon you can get your green card if you get hitched to an american

2016-11-17 02:50:06 UTC

despite all the nonsense, everyday is an adventure

2016-11-17 02:50:15 UTC

i know

2016-11-17 02:50:18 UTC

my brother in law is chinese

2016-11-17 02:50:22 UTC

i might've stayed longer in china but I didn't want to lose touch

2016-11-17 02:50:23 UTC

i went with him to china a lot

2016-11-17 02:50:27 UTC

fucking fun country

2016-11-17 02:50:36 UTC

drinking beer

2016-11-17 02:50:38 UTC

spitting on the ground

2016-11-17 02:50:41 UTC

can't really save for retirement on a chinese salary

2016-11-17 02:50:42 UTC

smoking inside restaurants

2016-11-17 02:50:42 UTC

ah he from dongbei or inner mongolia?

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