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2018-06-25 04:03:33 UTC

When do I get mod?

2018-06-25 04:04:10 UTC

Any REAL questions?

2018-06-25 04:04:21 UTC

When do I get mod?

2018-06-25 04:04:33 UTC

When do me and Trini get mod?

2018-06-25 04:04:48 UTC

Since we've been here since the beginning.

2018-06-25 04:05:12 UTC

What are you "fighting" for?

2018-06-25 04:05:15 UTC

Well, now that you've asked... never.

2018-06-25 04:07:21 UTC

Any questions NOT relating to your status/lack thereof as a mod? @here

2018-06-25 04:07:53 UTC

@Dick Daddy Foster Were my lines Jewish enough and audible?

2018-06-25 04:08:11 UTC

Are traps gay?

2018-06-25 04:08:19 UTC

That's already answered Slash

2018-06-25 04:08:34 UTC

Is shadman a pedophile?

2018-06-25 04:09:02 UTC

@Trini Dayana Rivera Possibly yes.

2018-06-25 04:09:12 UTC

How different would your channel be if you started making content now?

2018-06-25 04:09:36 UTC

@Voice_Of_Burnside Only if he's also a Zoophile

2018-06-25 04:09:44 UTC

is lolita considered pedophilia?

2018-06-25 04:09:45 UTC

@Trini Dayana Rivera For awhile I had people ask me if I was Shadman. I TELL YA THAT WAS FUN!!!

2018-06-25 04:10:06 UTC

@Deleted User I'm pretty damn sure he's one of those too.

2018-06-25 04:10:24 UTC

I'm sure he's just serving a market cause it's stupid easy money

2018-06-25 04:10:34 UTC


2018-06-25 04:10:50 UTC

@Dick Daddy Foster What do you do aside from this?

2018-06-25 04:10:51 UTC

Stop answering other's questions for me chat.

2018-06-25 04:11:53 UTC

Annnnd silence...

2018-06-25 04:12:03 UTC

Are you a cuck?

2018-06-25 04:12:52 UTC

Should sexbots exist?

2018-06-25 04:13:07 UTC

should @Deleted User be more masculine?

2018-06-25 04:13:39 UTC

😏 don't hate

2018-06-25 04:13:49 UTC

Should @Deleted User become a full trap?

2018-06-25 04:15:30 UTC

How many times have you taken Keks dick?

2018-06-25 04:16:01 UTC

How many sandwiches must Kek consume to maintain world peace?

2018-06-25 04:16:32 UTC

And here come the questions about Kek...

2018-06-25 04:17:29 UTC


2018-06-25 04:18:02 UTC

If your channel blew up in popularity, would you finally ask out your long time crush?

2018-06-25 04:18:17 UTC

When do we get Tots' nudes?

2018-06-25 04:19:30 UTC

And here come the Tots questions...

2018-06-25 04:20:02 UTC

How many times have you porked her?

2018-06-25 04:20:21 UTC

If you could rewrite any story, what story would it be?

2018-06-25 04:20:35 UTC

(Is not limited to books, could be any work of fiction)

2018-06-25 04:23:55 UTC

@Dick Daddy Foster Ok simple question. In your Kekistan Mythos Dimension or whatever it's called is Alex Jones a Prophet if Kek?

2018-06-25 04:27:50 UTC

Is a purely libertarian state possible, or just another pipe dream like communism?

2018-06-25 04:28:14 UTC

Why is communism fucking terrible?

2018-06-25 04:28:24 UTC

When do I need to have my lines in by?

2018-06-25 09:27:01 UTC

How inverted is your penis? xD

2018-06-25 09:32:13 UTC

Are you circumcised :o

2018-06-25 21:35:31 UTC

Could Hypersonic actually have all the answers?

2018-06-25 21:38:14 UTC

Are eugenics inherently bad?

2018-06-26 00:52:39 UTC

Should we bother hypersonic again?

2018-06-26 00:52:46 UTC

make him a meme again?

2018-06-26 00:53:01 UTC

Did he stop being a meme?

2018-08-01 17:21:27 UTC


2018-08-28 01:44:05 UTC

Did you ever consider becoming a homosexual?

2018-08-28 01:55:14 UTC

Too many nice tits in the world for that @DrunkenSails

2018-08-28 01:56:04 UTC

I agree whole heartedly, however there are plenty of men in the world in possession of nice tits

2018-08-28 01:56:19 UTC

some more fake than others

2018-08-28 02:16:20 UTC

We call those "mits" dear...

2018-08-28 02:16:44 UTC

"Moobs" if you're feeling fancy.

2018-08-28 03:19:14 UTC

Eh, potato potahto

2018-08-28 18:16:39 UTC

Why are you called dick daddy? I am not convinced you have a dick and you don't really seem to have any children

2018-08-28 19:13:42 UTC

@DrunkenSails It’s actually from a fan fiction someone wrote about me. The title of which was: β€œDick Daddy Foster’s Sexy Toy Story”. It was glorious.

2018-08-28 19:14:21 UTC

y'all write fanfiction of him? awesome

2018-08-28 19:15:30 UTC

I’ve gotten worse than fan fiction before...

2018-08-28 19:16:00 UTC

someone send you a used dildo?

2018-08-28 19:16:12 UTC

Like death threats?

2018-08-28 19:17:34 UTC

I have received death threats before, difference is I didn’t cry like a little bitch afterwards.

2018-08-28 19:19:34 UTC

why would anyone bother with death threating? sorry that happened man

2018-08-28 19:19:45 UTC

people are quite irrational creatures

2018-08-28 19:23:20 UTC

I said something somebody disagreed with and he took that as motivation to want to claim my life.

2018-08-28 19:24:32 UTC

And I'm like "bitch make it a promise."

2018-10-24 08:40:03 UTC

2018-10-24 14:39:49 UTC

Thank you for that @Lotus Puff

2018-10-24 22:11:37 UTC

lol np

2018-10-24 22:54:28 UTC

There, that's better... @Lotus Puff

2018-10-24 22:55:06 UTC


2018-12-08 07:18:55 UTC

Is ahegao kosher?

2018-12-08 08:28:12 UTC

It ain't Jewish...

2018-12-08 14:36:09 UTC

Neither is Asian food, but the Jews eat that shit up...

2018-12-08 23:22:07 UTC

What is your favourite post world war 2 tank

2019-01-26 06:52:01 UTC

Nope he is Druish

2019-02-07 06:53:43 UTC

Wait.....Foster you take questions?

2019-02-09 19:51:11 UTC

Always have

2019-03-01 00:52:05 UTC


2019-03-01 00:53:17 UTC

Let me see....hhhhhmmmm.....

2019-03-01 01:00:45 UTC

Who would win in a fight @Dick Daddy Foster A violent masturbator or a masturbator who's violent?

2019-03-01 01:32:04 UTC

Violent masturbator, at least they have one good arm.

2019-03-01 05:59:54 UTC

XD noted. When I think of a smarter question I'll ask.

2019-06-29 16:29:34 UTC

2019-07-11 17:45:17 UTC

When will you and Trigger adopt me?

2019-07-11 17:48:41 UTC

We already have one demon baby @A Centrist Gamer

2019-07-11 17:48:58 UTC


2019-07-11 18:11:49 UTC

What is her Favourite Cider (commonly referred to as β€œHard Cider” (has Alcohol) the US).

2019-07-11 18:39:29 UTC

Well I still want my question answered

2019-07-12 18:57:15 UTC

Would you rather watch your parents fuck every night for the rest of your life, or join it once to make it stop?

2019-07-12 18:57:35 UTC

once and make it stop

2019-07-12 18:57:44 UTC

Ill just go to therapy afterward lol

2019-07-12 18:57:47 UTC

Hey you need to answer these on stream

2019-07-12 18:57:49 UTC

oh wIT

2019-07-12 18:57:54 UTC


2019-07-12 18:57:59 UTC


2019-07-12 18:58:09 UTC

No it's written in the scriptures now

2019-07-12 18:58:10 UTC

*trigger tots has left for Alabama*

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