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2018-11-16 23:29:20 UTC

Philosophy is good

2018-11-16 23:30:36 UTC

Philosophy is dead

2018-11-16 23:30:39 UTC

Politics is up

2018-11-16 23:30:47 UTC

if not... security is low

2018-11-25 03:23:30 UTC

If I can heal my eyesight without glasses or anything, I'll heal my epilepsy after 2 years of taking medicine and then not

2018-11-25 03:24:11 UTC

Thats my determination to Hitlerism

2018-11-25 03:24:31 UTC

Medicines for the weak

2018-11-25 03:27:15 UTC

I was told to do this by my doctor, so its healthy

2018-11-25 05:34:59 UTC

Hitler sucks

2018-11-25 05:35:10 UTC

greatest reason for him to have fell = Nosferatu

2018-11-25 05:35:22 UTC

most Germans like that better than Hitler's regime

2018-11-25 05:35:25 UTC

not as inferior

2018-11-25 07:12:11 UTC

That goes in politics but ok

2018-11-25 07:26:33 UTC

Only two peoplw have used this channel

2018-11-25 07:26:36 UTC


2018-11-25 08:39:41 UTC

are you a Nihilist?

2018-11-25 08:39:46 UTC


2018-11-25 08:39:58 UTC

I'm a Stoic, and a rationalist by nature

2018-11-25 08:40:11 UTC

everything is a struggle, only when you can look back and most things make sense

2018-11-25 08:40:16 UTC

they then are validated

2018-11-25 08:40:20 UTC

when not, it's always clean slate

2018-11-25 08:40:34 UTC

maybe a Platonist as well, I am trapped in this hellish cave of theirs

2018-11-25 08:40:37 UTC

forever and ever and ever

2018-11-25 23:30:16 UTC

@Deleted User is there a way to cure shit eyesight

2018-11-25 23:30:20 UTC

back to normal

2018-11-25 23:30:41 UTC

if so pls tell how so i can take in ur goy money

2018-11-26 01:08:27 UTC

I wish there was.

2018-11-26 05:37:32 UTC

I just didnt wear anything and dealt with it until it fixed itself

2018-11-26 05:37:43 UTC

Even though my parents bought me glasses

2018-11-26 13:42:36 UTC

fixed itsef? what

2018-11-27 07:16:01 UTC

@Deleted User that stuff does work actually

2018-11-27 07:16:08 UTC

I have much better eyesight after this honestly

2018-11-27 07:16:22 UTC

wearing out the sickness makes you recover easier

2018-11-27 07:16:32 UTC

or disorder, or illness or condition

2018-11-27 11:14:06 UTC

strange. nobody has told me that, do i have to give up technology for a while?

2018-11-27 17:35:49 UTC

@Muhammad Al-Tajir one thing you most definitely need to do is lower glycemic fat

2018-11-27 17:36:11 UTC

glycemic forces fat to continue regardless of weight loss or diet condition, they are stored heavily upon heavy carbohydrates and/or sugar...

2018-11-27 17:36:29 UTC

you end up with collagen damage somewhat from it if having to lose or gain weight while being sick or in a condition

2018-11-27 17:36:46 UTC

it's like eczema, it enhances everything to do with this stuff

2018-11-28 08:29:01 UTC

glycemic fat? i normally get eczema

2018-11-28 23:34:26 UTC

eczema in today's world is quite common

2018-11-28 23:34:32 UTC

it's due to skin cells, dead skin cells...

2018-11-28 23:35:09 UTC

most don't take as much sun anymore, so you lose on dead cells more often because of low vitamin C, and from that you may end up with natural killer cells if not careful, source of sunlight is VERY important

2018-11-28 23:35:55 UTC

can blame it on the shops and office building and at home entertainment global cultural phenomenon on that one, more then the bias

2018-11-29 09:17:49 UTC


2018-11-29 09:17:58 UTC

its winter now. dark all time

2018-11-29 09:18:09 UTC

its worse for me since im middle eastern

2018-11-29 09:18:19 UTC

does being outside more help with eyesight

2018-11-29 11:03:30 UTC

Just have more vitamin A

2018-11-29 11:03:37 UTC


2018-11-30 11:45:50 UTC

which foods have vitamin A

2018-11-30 11:59:18 UTC


2018-11-30 12:01:30 UTC


The corpses of enemies you have slain in battle

2018-11-30 15:29:55 UTC

Oh yes

2018-11-30 15:29:59 UTC

I love those

2018-11-30 15:30:05 UTC

They taste like victory

2018-11-30 19:53:48 UTC

Is this true?

2018-11-30 19:54:04 UTC

I always thought Nicki and Stirner were the main representatives of nihilism... Surprise.

2018-11-30 19:55:58 UTC

Nihilism is dumb

2018-11-30 19:56:44 UTC

If you're stuck in a "meaningless life", you might as well do something with it

2018-11-30 19:57:04 UTC

Or just fucking kill yourself and spare the "meaningless time"

2018-11-30 19:57:08 UTC

You fucking faggot

2018-11-30 20:16:32 UTC


2018-11-30 23:00:14 UTC

this here

2018-12-01 04:59:15 UTC

Bacteria killer and hand sanitizer are all dangerous due to natural selection, as bacteria killers remove 99.9% of the bacteria in the area that had the killer put on it. It leaves the .1% that can live, as in they are strong enough to live, which causes them to reproduce stronger bacteria. Eventually, bacteria killers will have helped kill all other life than their inventors intentional target.

2018-12-01 09:03:20 UTC


2018-12-01 09:03:27 UTC

It really be like dat

2018-12-01 09:03:57 UTC


2018-12-01 13:37:32 UTC

@Deleted User use natural soap

2018-12-01 20:57:38 UTC


2018-12-01 22:38:27 UTC


2018-12-02 22:28:36 UTC

Holy shit.

2018-12-02 22:28:40 UTC

If Stirner really was an incel.

2018-12-02 22:28:44 UTC

That's based as fuark.

2018-12-02 22:29:12 UTC

Sounds like a good patron of /lit/ indeed.

2018-12-02 23:10:00 UTC


2018-12-02 23:10:04 UTC

what a fucking nerd

2018-12-02 23:17:11 UTC

@Deleted User watch that step Parker

2019-01-12 03:25:16 UTC

This was written by Imperator for all his Mediterranean brothers

2019-01-16 06:53:32 UTC

What do you think about Kalergie?

2019-01-16 15:23:07 UTC

the big gay

2019-01-18 20:58:15 UTC

Stereotypical Amerimutt.

2019-01-18 21:03:40 UTC

I show this guy to every euroenthusiast.

2019-01-19 07:07:08 UTC

You really should, that might redpill them

2019-02-18 19:38:45 UTC

2019-07-16 23:04:45 UTC


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