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2020-03-19 03:23:33 UTC

The concept of the Right has always been very amorphous and understood more in terms of what its a reaction to than what it is, but the concept of a hardline socialist Left is useful, they’re also useful relative concepts if you understand political context @Guilherme-patient00

2020-03-19 03:23:33 UTC

That person was trans

2020-03-19 03:23:35 UTC


2020-03-19 03:23:37 UTC

No hips

2020-03-19 03:23:41 UTC

who cars

2020-03-19 03:23:44 UTC


2020-03-19 03:23:46 UTC

That was one ugly motherfucker

2020-03-19 03:23:51 UTC

Big face

2020-03-19 03:23:57 UTC

Is this person trans.


2020-03-19 03:23:59 UTC


2020-03-19 03:24:02 UTC

But like they’re not very particular. You don’t learn a lot about someone’s politics by their identification eith Left or Right Wing

2020-03-19 03:24:06 UTC

No she's just old @Goose

2020-03-19 03:24:07 UTC

Ugly grandma

2020-03-19 03:24:19 UTC


2020-03-19 03:24:23 UTC

I'm from Maryland

2020-03-19 03:24:29 UTC

Gimme Dem Crabs

2020-03-19 03:24:29 UTC

Bruh when you join looking for people to have a conversation with

2020-03-19 03:24:34 UTC

Also I'm pretty sure the image you linked was of a totally different person

2020-03-19 03:24:45 UTC

And you realize it’s all teenagers being pseudo intellectuals

2020-03-19 03:24:56 UTC

I'm 20

2020-03-19 03:24:59 UTC


2020-03-19 03:25:03 UTC

No its people fighting me over alphabet people

2020-03-19 03:25:06 UTC

@fuck12moredeadcops I see. Even if I disagree with you, I have no rights to trivialize your hardship. But I think we can distinguish between real problem and imagined one.

2020-03-19 03:25:08 UTC

@Benneu hi 20 I'm dad

2020-03-19 03:25:17 UTC

Man that's an epic dunk dude

2020-03-19 03:25:20 UTC

Hi Dad, you back from getting those cigarettes? @FML

2020-03-19 03:25:23 UTC

Alphabet people bro

2020-03-19 03:25:25 UTC

alphabet people

2020-03-19 03:25:26 UTC

I know it's hard for me, too.

2020-03-19 03:25:27 UTC

Like using words that have more letters don’t make you smarter

2020-03-19 03:25:30 UTC

That's such an epic dunk on the libtards

2020-03-19 03:25:35 UTC

It makes you look like you are trying harder

2020-03-19 03:25:37 UTC

Fucking pwned them epically

2020-03-19 03:25:39 UTC

alphabet people

2020-03-19 03:25:46 UTC

If you use bigger words to say basic things

2020-03-19 03:26:03 UTC

Ok monkey

2020-03-19 03:26:06 UTC

And not actually say anything that isn’t super basic

2020-03-19 03:26:13 UTC


2020-03-19 03:26:15 UTC

I feel tempted to simply blame on some random things, too.

2020-03-19 03:26:23 UTC

Like let me give you an example

2020-03-19 03:26:45 UTC

Are these people trans?



2020-03-19 03:26:51 UTC

You said you could pick them out, do it.

2020-03-19 03:27:03 UTC

They could be they couldn’t

2020-03-19 03:27:11 UTC

You can’t see their whole neck

2020-03-19 03:27:13 UTC

Giving me faces not whole bodies

2020-03-19 03:27:14 UTC

why are we doing this

2020-03-19 03:27:18 UTC

And or the shoulder length

2020-03-19 03:27:23 UTC

why do you need whole bodies?

2020-03-19 03:27:25 UTC

who the fuck even cares

2020-03-19 03:27:30 UTC

You said you can tell from the bone structure

2020-03-19 03:27:33 UTC


2020-03-19 03:27:34 UTC

How the fuckyou Americans think that anyone can have a gun, but no one should be allowed to smoke marijuana?

2020-03-19 03:27:41 UTC

You've got shoulders and face and skull in there

2020-03-19 03:27:41 UTC

you can

2020-03-19 03:27:42 UTC


2020-03-19 03:27:43 UTC

thats why I need whole bodies brudder

2020-03-19 03:27:45 UTC

who cares

2020-03-19 03:27:49 UTC

That's a solid amount of bones dude

2020-03-19 03:27:50 UTC

Some states can smoke weed

2020-03-19 03:27:59 UTC

> How the fuck the fuck you Americans think that anyone can have a gun, but no one should be allowed to smoke marijuana?
@Guilherme-patient00 this right here. Is it.

2020-03-19 03:28:18 UTC

Or are you telling me the definingly masculine giveaway bone is in your fucking foot

2020-03-19 03:28:36 UTC

lol this whole argument is just confusing me at this point

2020-03-19 03:28:40 UTC

Alright I’m just gonna guess

2020-03-19 03:28:44 UTC

And you tell me if I’m right

2020-03-19 03:28:49 UTC


2020-03-19 03:28:56 UTC

No no I want this from mel

2020-03-19 03:29:16 UTC

They are both trans ?

2020-03-19 03:29:32 UTC

1st one isnt second one is 😳

2020-03-19 03:29:35 UTC

Maybe some people think non-transgender people are oppressed, which is false, so they oppose accepting transgender people.

2020-03-19 03:29:40 UTC

Neither of them are.

2020-03-19 03:29:46 UTC

Oh haha

2020-03-19 03:29:50 UTC

@Baji Quan i think that the US should go back in to the roots.
But not the slavery thing of course.

2020-03-19 03:29:52 UTC

So clearly you've fucked up somewhere

2020-03-19 03:29:53 UTC

Well I tried

2020-03-19 03:30:02 UTC

You gave it a shot baji

2020-03-19 03:30:06 UTC

Yea because you’re trying to trick me

2020-03-19 03:30:10 UTC

But you at least didnt have anything riding on it

2020-03-19 03:30:18 UTC

no he’s trying to prove a point

2020-03-19 03:30:27 UTC

I literally googled "woman" and "trans woman" and chose 4 random photos

2020-03-19 03:30:34 UTC

I'm not some fucking puppetmaster

2020-03-19 03:30:40 UTC

It's a basic experiment

2020-03-19 03:30:48 UTC

I’m a cis female and I have pretty broad shoulders, I’m not a fucking trans

2020-03-19 03:30:58 UTC

ok well you were implying there were trannies :)

2020-03-19 03:31:01 UTC

Yeah I was looking at the shoulders

2020-03-19 03:31:05 UTC


2020-03-19 03:31:07 UTC

@frankieocean what the fuck cis means?

2020-03-19 03:31:11 UTC

I know some dudes who have pretty wide hips, and I've got a pretty nice ass

2020-03-19 03:31:13 UTC

But they had jackets so

2020-03-19 03:31:16 UTC

Cis means normal

2020-03-19 03:31:18 UTC

bruh what happened to the whole convo about not using "trannies"?

2020-03-19 03:31:21 UTC

Cis just means not trans.

2020-03-19 03:31:22 UTC


2020-03-19 03:31:30 UTC

Cis means they identify as the gender they were assigned at birth.

2020-03-19 03:31:33 UTC

I literally never implied anything

2020-03-19 03:31:34 UTC


2020-03-19 03:31:36 UTC

you also have to realize, if you transition before your bones fully fuse, the results will be more similar to a cis woman

2020-03-19 03:31:37 UTC

@Meloh so is an euphemism

2020-03-19 03:31:44 UTC

I said, "tell me if these people are trans or not"

2020-03-19 03:31:46 UTC

That was it

2020-03-19 03:31:51 UTC

That was the only requirement

2020-03-19 03:31:53 UTC

Why are people being able to flex they can point out trans

2020-03-19 03:31:57 UTC

You're really reaching now dude

2020-03-19 03:31:59 UTC

@Mel I guess Goose is just trying to say that transgender people are not scary as you think.

2020-03-19 03:32:02 UTC

Flexing *

2020-03-19 03:32:10 UTC

Like just concede that you know fucking nothing about this

2020-03-19 03:32:11 UTC

No that’s not what he’s saying black

2020-03-19 03:32:15 UTC

I never said they were scary haha

2020-03-19 03:32:21 UTC

People flex over pretty weird shit, tbh.

2020-03-19 03:32:29 UTC

Yeah that’s like a really dumb flex

2020-03-19 03:32:45 UTC

“Yes ima investigator pro I can tell which person has a dick

2020-03-19 03:32:46 UTC

People in the US flex over how much unpaid overtime they work, like "dude, you're bragging about being a chump for your boss."

2020-03-19 03:32:51 UTC

you said trans females shouldnt be allowed in female sporting events, which shows a complete lack of understanding about how hormones work

2020-03-19 03:32:57 UTC


2020-03-19 03:33:00 UTC

they shouldn’t ...

2020-03-19 03:33:08 UTC

Bro what

2020-03-19 03:33:09 UTC

because they crush the records and it’s simply unfair

2020-03-19 03:33:13 UTC

Have you seen them in sports

2020-03-19 03:33:15 UTC

it’s a hormone thing

2020-03-19 03:33:17 UTC


2020-03-19 03:33:19 UTC

Give me data then

2020-03-19 03:33:28 UTC

@RedCascadianok, socialist

2020-03-19 03:33:28 UTC

Because we've given you specific counter arguments

2020-03-19 03:33:30 UTC

We should be criticizing sports competition itself, not people.

2020-03-19 03:33:36 UTC

a good example is

2020-03-19 03:33:42 UTC

@Guilherme-patient00 I mean,you found me?

2020-03-19 03:33:46 UTC

I'll let South Park's Strong Woman competition act as my opinion on trans-female athletes .-.

2020-03-19 03:33:48 UTC

The weightlifter who identified as female

2020-03-19 03:33:52 UTC

Broke all the records

2020-03-19 03:33:59 UTC

Then identified as man

2020-03-19 03:33:59 UTC


2020-03-19 03:34:03 UTC

So either you're just fucking wrong, or you've seen some massive study that completely blows me out of the water

2020-03-19 03:34:07 UTC

Or the dude who literally went trans

2020-03-19 03:34:08 UTC

did he take hormones?

2020-03-19 03:34:14 UTC

And again, I agreed there should be limits based on hormone intake

2020-03-19 03:34:16 UTC

And started beating the shit out of females

2020-03-19 03:34:19 UTC


2020-03-19 03:34:24 UTC

i agree with you there

2020-03-19 03:34:25 UTC

Yeah the MMA fighter took hormones

2020-03-19 03:34:27 UTC

Fuck off with the trump shit we're talking about trans people

2020-03-19 03:34:34 UTC

Like some poor girl got her skull cracked

2020-03-19 03:34:38 UTC

I mean as in, how long theyve been on them

2020-03-19 03:34:41 UTC

It’s dangerous sport but even more dangerous

2020-03-19 03:34:50 UTC

As well as muscle and weight and such

2020-03-19 03:34:50 UTC

of course you do

2020-03-19 03:34:53 UTC

@Goose who cares what he thinks mate.

2020-03-19 03:34:57 UTC

It's about competition vs participation conflict, not about transgender people being unfair.

2020-03-19 03:35:04 UTC


2020-03-19 03:35:07 UTC

This is my example

2020-03-19 03:35:10 UTC


2020-03-19 03:35:15 UTC

This bitch lmao

2020-03-19 03:35:18 UTC

but a fully transitioned female who has hormone levels the same as a cis female and has been on them for several years should be permited

2020-03-19 03:35:29 UTC

Yes, exactly.

2020-03-19 03:35:36 UTC

Yeah if they are on hormones along time

2020-03-19 03:35:43 UTC

To not have gigantic fucking muscles and be a man go for it

2020-03-19 03:35:46 UTC

If there are disparities after that point then I'd say it has to be because of skill

2020-03-19 03:35:50 UTC

It the only difference is if they were born

2020-03-19 03:35:54 UTC

Like hormones do a fucking number on you

2020-03-19 03:36:00 UTC

A different genre is cool and all but

2020-03-19 03:36:02 UTC

They're a strong equalizer

2020-03-19 03:36:13 UTC

It’s all situational on the hormones

2020-03-19 03:36:21 UTC

How long they use it

2020-03-19 03:36:23 UTC

I think we should provide better solution than letting cisgender women and transgender women fight for opportunity.

2020-03-19 03:36:31 UTC


2020-03-19 03:36:34 UTC

We can make major reform to sports competition.

2020-03-19 03:36:36 UTC

What are you talking about

2020-03-19 03:36:44 UTC

Just let them go

2020-03-19 03:36:44 UTC

Ok finally you make sense

2020-03-19 03:36:45 UTC

that's how you loose the women vote, good stuff keep going

2020-03-19 03:36:49 UTC

They are free now

2020-03-19 03:36:56 UTC


2020-03-19 03:36:59 UTC

I belive most of the strength advantage goes away after a long enough time on hormones.

2020-03-19 03:37:01 UTC


2020-03-19 03:37:03 UTC

It's funny how this people really care about what the others think about them, their individuality is in the garbage.

2020-03-19 03:37:15 UTC

If yoelle Romero

2020-03-19 03:37:21 UTC

Used hormones for a year

2020-03-19 03:37:21 UTC
2020-03-19 03:37:30 UTC

again we can all agree if a man identifies as a female, and uses that to compete unfairly, i think that shouldnt be ok

2020-03-19 03:37:31 UTC

They still have a heavier bone structure, though... but some women are just heavily built anyways

2020-03-19 03:37:32 UTC

He’d still be fucking the females up next year

2020-03-19 03:37:39 UTC

We all were assuming that sports competition is about ranking atheles in numbers, but what if we change our mindset?

2020-03-19 03:37:46 UTC


2020-03-19 03:37:49 UTC

Black what

2020-03-19 03:37:55 UTC

No one said any of these things

2020-03-19 03:38:03 UTC

@Melyou know.
Oh he don't like gay people Oo no :(

2020-03-19 03:38:03 UTC

your bone density goes way down on hormones

2020-03-19 03:38:14 UTC

Like pseudo intellectual

2020-03-19 03:38:20 UTC

If winning was so important, we would just remember 1st winner and forget the rest, but we don't.

2020-03-19 03:38:23 UTC

i would know

2020-03-19 03:38:24 UTC


2020-03-19 03:38:35 UTC

Mel generally doesnt seem to like anyone who isnt within their very narrow idea of what is "normal"

2020-03-19 03:38:51 UTC

Why don’t they just make new divisions for trans people

2020-03-19 03:38:52 UTC

again. hormones decrease your bone densiry

2020-03-19 03:38:54 UTC

That’s a solution

2020-03-19 03:38:55 UTC


2020-03-19 03:39:03 UTC

Ehh, thatd probably be more inequal

2020-03-19 03:39:07 UTC


2020-03-19 03:39:11 UTC

Trans females only

2020-03-19 03:39:12 UTC


2020-03-19 03:39:12 UTC

@Goose I think Mel was worried about competition being unfair.

2020-03-19 03:39:12 UTC

hormones decrease your muscle mass

2020-03-19 03:39:15 UTC

Trans male only

2020-03-19 03:39:21 UTC

Yes because its unfair

2020-03-19 03:39:26 UTC

So make two divisions I guess

2020-03-19 03:39:31 UTC

lots of things are unfair

2020-03-19 03:39:35 UTC

The biological women train for years

2020-03-19 03:39:37 UTC

you guys dont listen

2020-03-19 03:39:37 UTC

Mel is grasping at straws because they got blown the fuck out on everything else

2020-03-19 03:39:43 UTC

lots of things can be perceived as unfair

2020-03-19 03:39:43 UTC

And then they get crushed

2020-03-19 03:39:46 UTC

So do the trans women bro

2020-03-19 03:39:57 UTC

Trans women can train too what

2020-03-19 03:40:05 UTC

we agrree people shouldnt just be able to identify as female then participate in female sporting events

2020-03-19 03:40:10 UTC

Again, you cant just be a fat fucking dude, transition, and then be better.

2020-03-19 03:40:12 UTC

@Mel Do you think 'normal' sports competition was perfectly fair?

2020-03-19 03:40:46 UTC


2020-03-19 03:40:47 UTC

but if you had any idea on how transitioning actually works hormonally, you would understand the physical effects estrogen have

2020-03-19 03:40:50 UTC

Look at what black says

2020-03-19 03:41:01 UTC

This man is pseudo intellectual

2020-03-19 03:41:06 UTC

Uses big words and makes no sense

2020-03-19 03:41:08 UTC

So you’re saying everything in their body changes but they also have trained for years but they are different physically, like their muscles just dissapear lmao

2020-03-19 03:41:11 UTC


2020-03-19 03:41:15 UTC


2020-03-19 03:41:21 UTC

Yes that is a lot of what happens

2020-03-19 03:41:23 UTC


2020-03-19 03:41:31 UTC

doesn’t make sense bro

2020-03-19 03:41:37 UTC

it does bro

2020-03-19 03:41:41 UTC

@Baji Quan what??? black_rainbow used normal words lmao

2020-03-19 03:41:46 UTC

ok lib

2020-03-19 03:41:47 UTC

No before that

2020-03-19 03:41:47 UTC


2020-03-19 03:41:49 UTC

I guess most science just doesnt make sense to you

2020-03-19 03:41:53 UTC

@Baji Quan Was I doing something wrong? Should I have used easier words?

2020-03-19 03:41:57 UTC

and you would understand that the muscle structure turns much more female, and the muscle mass decreases. you would also understand that some transwomens bones lose so much density that it makes it much easier for them to break them

2020-03-19 03:41:57 UTC

awe man that hurt

2020-03-19 03:42:10 UTC

It’s not that it’s just

2020-03-19 03:42:10 UTC


2020-03-19 03:42:31 UTC

The way you write makes it like you are trying to hard

2020-03-19 03:42:39 UTC

Like seriously bro just admit you're wrong and I'll go to fucking bed

2020-03-19 03:42:42 UTC

@Baji Quan why is that even a bad thing tho

2020-03-19 03:42:43 UTC


2020-03-19 03:42:44 UTC

why dont you look it up

2020-03-19 03:42:45 UTC

It doesn’t express intelligence you just don’t properly convey whatever point you are trying to make

2020-03-19 03:42:47 UTC

Cause this is becoming fuckibg annoying

2020-03-19 03:42:49 UTC

@Baji Quan My fault. I guess it's my habit.

2020-03-19 03:42:51 UTC

come join music channel !

2020-03-19 03:43:04 UTC

Okay so you're still just. Denying scientific consensus.

2020-03-19 03:43:11 UTC

@Goose go to bed now

2020-03-19 03:43:14 UTC

just like how you’re not changing your opinion I won’t either

2020-03-19 03:43:16 UTC

Let’s all go to bed

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