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2020-01-05 02:04:57 UTC


2020-01-05 02:04:58 UTC


2020-01-05 02:05:02 UTC

omg no itโ€™s actually me

2020-01-05 02:05:04 UTC

like i swear

2020-01-05 02:05:12 UTC

@AlexHT itโ€™s in my room

2020-01-05 02:05:29 UTC

NOBODY is getting drafted. 99% of you are overweight, on drugs, canโ€™t shoot, canโ€™t run and donโ€™t have an ounce of selflessness in you.

RELAX, your country will not rely on your protection.

2020-01-05 02:05:45 UTC

boring ^

2020-01-05 02:05:48 UTC

let the people meme

2020-01-05 02:05:49 UTC

Sure, ok.

dude reacted to his own message lol

2020-01-05 02:06:01 UTC

oop okie buddy @AlexHT

2020-01-05 02:08:06 UTC

Your dog...its being sent to Iraq to sniff out land mines

2020-01-05 02:10:21 UTC

oh no

2020-01-05 02:20:35 UTC


2020-01-05 02:20:35 UTC


2020-01-05 02:21:27 UTC


2020-01-05 02:24:38 UTC

can you eat too much pineapple?

2020-01-05 02:24:57 UTC


2020-01-05 02:25:15 UTC

oh no

2020-01-05 02:25:19 UTC


2020-01-05 02:25:41 UTC

Yes! It makes your tongue kinda sensitive... Irritated

2020-01-05 02:26:01 UTC

i live pineapple and i just ate a whole bunch

2020-01-05 02:26:42 UTC

You'll be fine, but you'll learn what it's all about

2020-01-05 02:27:43 UTC


2020-01-05 02:27:45 UTC


2020-01-05 02:27:48 UTC


2020-01-05 02:28:07 UTC

they put

2020-01-05 02:28:13 UTC


2020-01-05 02:28:14 UTC


2020-01-05 02:28:25 UTC


2020-01-05 02:28:27 UTC


2020-01-05 02:28:40 UTC


2020-01-05 02:29:16 UTC

not who i usedtobe

2020-01-05 02:29:21 UTC


2020-01-05 02:29:27 UTC


2020-01-05 02:29:29 UTC


2020-01-05 02:29:46 UTC

@jayloใƒพโœง*ใ€‚ what have u done now <:sadcatpepe:630958506513793055>

2020-01-05 02:37:36 UTC


2020-01-05 02:38:04 UTC


2020-01-05 02:42:29 UTC


2020-01-05 02:42:50 UTC

i want togrow butterfly wings so i could see when i bleed

2020-01-05 02:45:07 UTC

does anyone have amazon prime

2020-01-05 02:45:24 UTC
2020-01-05 02:45:28 UTC


2020-01-05 02:46:08 UTC

Iran ainโ€™t go do shit

2020-01-05 02:46:14 UTC


2020-01-05 02:48:47 UTC


2020-01-05 02:48:55 UTC


2020-01-05 02:52:16 UTC

take the skin and peel it back

2020-01-05 02:52:21 UTC


2020-01-05 02:52:26 UTC

now doesnt that make u feel better

2020-01-05 02:52:53 UTC


2020-01-05 02:53:33 UTC

my bf has no idea i deep cleaned his messy ass room :):):):)!!!!

2020-01-05 02:54:03 UTC


2020-01-05 02:54:04 UTC

stop plz

2020-01-05 02:54:13 UTC


I deleted it

it was too funny

2020-01-05 02:54:29 UTC

it was funny hehehe

2020-01-05 02:54:46 UTC

wait could u dm me it so i can send it to my bf later

2020-01-05 02:54:54 UTC

if not itโ€™s totally okie ๐Ÿ™‚

I mean it's a screenshot

you could make it yourself lmao

2020-01-05 02:55:33 UTC

true true

2020-01-05 02:55:35 UTC

iโ€™m sorry

2020-01-05 02:55:39 UTC

thank you though

yw ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿฟ

@Probably Tim it's the fifth time I'm seeing this meme and it keeps cracking me up


2020-01-05 02:56:54 UTC


2020-01-05 03:00:15 UTC


2020-01-05 03:04:18 UTC


2020-01-05 03:04:26 UTC


2020-01-05 03:04:29 UTC

DJ Khaleed?

@; ((((( who is that, also source, also buy me some Vaseline pls

2020-01-05 03:09:20 UTC


2020-01-05 03:10:50 UTC


2020-01-05 03:13:30 UTC
2020-01-05 03:18:24 UTC

@๐Ÿ”ฅThe Phoenix Emperor๐Ÿ”ฅ people have compared soleimani to franz ferdinand?

2020-01-05 03:18:25 UTC


2020-01-05 03:18:26 UTC


yeah I did see some comments

basically the idea is that Iran is allied to Russia

and Russia is allied to whoever

and so is USA to NATO

and then there's China who might join in for shits and giggles

but honestly it's a weak comparison

2020-01-05 03:19:29 UTC
2020-01-05 03:19:35 UTC


Russia isn't going to give their all in defense of fking Iran of all things

2020-01-05 03:19:45 UTC

@Probably Tim I've got a question for you

2020-01-05 03:20:12 UTC


2020-01-05 03:20:16 UTC

i may or may not answer

2020-01-05 03:20:20 UTC

What is...
Your opinion...
On USA military spending? @Probably Tim

The more I think about it it, is there anyone out there who isn't an egoists?

2020-01-05 03:20:31 UTC

it should be higher

2020-01-05 03:20:41 UTC

Too high? Too low? Focus more on tanks or fighter jets? Closed military bases?

2020-01-05 03:21:00 UTC

by definition not everyone can be

2020-01-05 03:21:14 UTC

@Probably Tim your voice is cool

I think it should be more efficient, I feel we are paying way too much cause military men are not businessmen

2020-01-05 03:21:22 UTC

isn't an inflated sense of self importance inherent?

2020-01-05 03:21:27 UTC

and that's kinda relative

2020-01-05 03:21:30 UTC


2020-01-05 03:21:38 UTC

```Egotism is the drive to maintain and enhance favorable views of oneself, and generally features an inflated opinion of one's personal features and importance. It often includes intellectual, physical, social and other overestimations.```

And sometimes even better than they would themselves at some times

Because your value of that friend allows for you to do so and also have it return to you

Or maybe it makes you feel good to see your friend feel good

An egoist can also not treat anyone beneath them as they wouldn't want others to do the same to them for their own well being

2020-01-05 03:23:34 UTC


2020-01-05 03:23:49 UTC

do you disagree with the first clause of that definition i googled?

2020-01-05 03:23:58 UTC


2020-01-05 03:24:03 UTC

"egotism is the drive to maintain and enhance favorable views of oneself"?

No. I just think it can apply while also extending favor towards others to maintain favor for yourself

2020-01-05 03:24:41 UTC

egoism is rational self interest, it is rational to help others as if you help others, others will be willing to help you. It is not rational to screw others over because it will lead to unhappiness and loneliness

Treat others as you want to be treated. An egoist could recognize that if they fuck over others for themselves it'll create enemies and whatnot and detract from them.

Therefore I don't know it's possible to not be an egoist

Even altruism gives people a sense of satisfaction and I don't know that if there wasn't a benefit anyone would do anything for anyone else

2020-01-05 03:25:41 UTC


2020-01-05 03:26:05 UTC

you can not be an egoist by sacrificing your happiness for others. Say if someone told you to value money over a relationship, it isn't rational to listen to others and screw others over because it makes yourself unhappy. It would be selflessness, by sacrificing that happiness to impress others

2020-01-05 03:26:31 UTC

in order to maintain "social status"

2020-01-05 03:27:07 UTC


2020-01-05 03:27:08 UTC


2020-01-05 03:27:08 UTC


2020-01-05 03:27:14 UTC

i got a weak def

2020-01-05 03:27:27 UTC

no because the long term consequence would be fucking someone over, and hurting someone you care about?

2020-01-05 03:27:54 UTC

nazism bad

2020-01-05 03:27:56 UTC

depending on the person, the consequences could get more severe depending on how the person reacts

Yes but I'd think those people on a miniscule level and do such things very infrequently

2020-01-05 03:28:41 UTC

oh no its a bisexual feminist socialist

2020-01-05 03:28:47 UTC

almost my worst enemy

2020-01-05 03:29:02 UTC


2020-01-05 03:29:11 UTC

its like if your friends told you, that your parents are shitty for not buying you something and you act out to your parents to get them to buy you something. Its completely selfless for you to do what your friends ask of you, because it only hurts your relationship with your parents

2020-01-05 03:29:45 UTC

its irrational

2020-01-05 03:29:52 UTC


In that case your intent would be to benefit yourself but you're fucking up because you don't think long term

2020-01-05 03:30:26 UTC

i am a national capitalist

2020-01-05 03:30:31 UTC

it might benefit you in the short term, but the damage is done and hurts you in the long term, cuz now your parents think your a shitty kid and why should they buy you something next time

2020-01-05 03:30:45 UTC

basically capitalism and fascism except slightly less authoritarian

2020-01-05 03:30:46 UTC

its why people tell others to count their blessings

Donald "Hitman" John Trump

I like it

@asami I'm more worried about reactionary and traditionalist ๐Ÿ˜“

2020-01-05 03:31:01 UTC

be thankful for what they have now because they might not have it laater

2020-01-05 03:31:17 UTC

cuz if you act good, then others will help you when you are in need

2020-01-05 03:31:53 UTC

i call it morals

2020-01-05 03:32:02 UTC

cuz morals are how you will behave

2020-01-05 03:32:03 UTC

traditionalism is very important yes

2020-01-05 03:32:23 UTC

and if you don't know how to behave, then you will be unable to make rational decisions

2020-01-05 03:32:39 UTC

what does that mean

2020-01-05 03:32:57 UTC

i prefer moralist, but moralism focuses on long term consequences imo

2020-01-05 03:33:55 UTC

i believe you put into the world that you want out

2020-01-05 03:34:12 UTC

so everything you did previously from now is the outcome of that

2020-01-05 03:34:22 UTC

so what you are now is from previous actions

lol to Ilhan Omar criticizing Trump over the attack:

"don't worry about it, some people here in America DID something"


2020-01-05 03:35:20 UTC

I feel like Iโ€™m about to vomit

2020-01-05 03:35:24 UTC


@RequiemOfLight why what's wrong

2020-01-05 03:35:47 UTC

@RequiemOfLight i will make you soup

tell us, maybe we can help and give advice

2020-01-05 03:35:53 UTC

I hate the lack of control

2020-01-05 03:36:09 UTC

Nothing, just been sick the last five days

2020-01-05 03:36:16 UTC

shh he is sleeping


2020-01-05 03:36:24 UTC

drink sprite, if your stomach is upset @RequiemOfLight

2020-01-05 03:36:26 UTC

it helps

2020-01-05 03:36:30 UTC

the carbonation

or just, you know

carbonated water

2020-01-05 03:36:48 UTC

ginger beer

2020-01-05 03:36:48 UTC


2020-01-05 03:36:48 UTC

sprite can ease stomach pain

2020-01-05 03:36:51 UTC

I have a sever loss of appetite

2020-01-05 03:36:59 UTC

you need to eat

I know but idk what else is in sprite

all dem chemicals

2020-01-05 03:37:04 UTC


2020-01-05 03:37:15 UTC

soup will help, or something light

2020-01-05 03:37:20 UTC

Which is nice cause Iโ€™m on a calorie diet

@asami how much of a traditionalist are you? Are there any "progressive ideas" you support?

@RequiemOfLight your body cannot fight infections if it doesn't have the energy

2020-01-05 03:37:39 UTC

Also my urine is absurdly dark

you feeling like not eating isn't your body telling you that, is the sickness hoping you don't eat

2020-01-05 03:37:52 UTC

@RequiemOfLight have you been to the doctor

um......go to a doctor, like now

2020-01-05 03:38:12 UTC

o no

like get off the computer/phone, get dressed, and barge in there with a shotgun demanding an appointment

2020-01-05 03:38:35 UTC

Maybe I exaggerated a bit

2020-01-05 03:38:39 UTC

i hope you feel better soon @RequiemOfLight <:peepolove:602623255559405574>

you mean dark yellow?

2020-01-05 03:38:51 UTC

I have a really bad virus

yeah you gotta drink lots of fluids

warm stuff

and food rich in vitamins

2020-01-05 03:39:05 UTC

What are some milder progressive ideas

2020-01-05 03:39:08 UTC

Well thatโ€™s the thing

Well stuff like gender abolitionism, veganism (somewhat), Reformation, LGBT plus rights

so chicken soup like Jordan said

2020-01-05 03:39:22 UTC

Iโ€™ve been chuggin water like no ones business

2020-01-05 03:39:32 UTC

and itโ€™s still dark hm

with all sorts of weird vegetables inside

drink water when you feel the need to though

it's not about forcefully doing it

2020-01-05 03:39:55 UTC

I am against gender abolitionism, veganism, LGBT plus rights

2020-01-05 03:40:00 UTC

okie, no need to freak out, but the same thing happened when my appendix had burst

2020-01-05 03:40:11 UTC

What sort of reformation are youj talking aboutr?

2020-01-05 03:40:12 UTC

iโ€™m sure u woulda felt dat

2020-01-05 03:40:21 UTC

Which side of the body is the appendix on

2020-01-05 03:40:25 UTC

maybe.. i didnโ€™t feel mine

2020-01-05 03:40:28 UTC

the right

2020-01-05 03:40:36 UTC

Oh ok

2020-01-05 03:40:52 UTC


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