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2019-10-19 09:57:47 UTC

the same rot infects china

2019-10-19 09:57:52 UTC


2019-10-19 09:57:53 UTC

big nosed small hat rot

2019-10-19 09:58:00 UTC


2019-10-19 09:58:00 UTC


2019-10-19 09:58:09 UTC

the ideal outcome in hongkong and in the china sea is a long costly standoff between usa and china draining alot of resources form both

2019-10-19 09:58:16 UTC

communist china has had jewish steering from the stat

2019-10-19 09:58:18 UTC


2019-10-19 09:58:20 UTC

just like russia did

2019-10-19 09:58:25 UTC

for me as a fortress european

2019-10-19 09:58:32 UTC

There are no Jews in China

2019-10-19 09:58:53 UTC

China would crush the Jews if they did 1/100 of the shit Jews do to white people here

2019-10-19 09:58:53 UTC

just the statues of worship

2019-10-19 09:59:01 UTC

they are not in the public eye

2019-10-19 09:59:01 UTC

And rightly so

2019-10-19 09:59:06 UTC

even more so than in the west

2019-10-19 09:59:11 UTC


2019-10-19 09:59:19 UTC

the jews will get what they deserve in the end

2019-10-19 09:59:19 UTC

thats hypoctitical

2019-10-19 09:59:23 UTC

China has its own genetic problems, their state is not a long term threat, not that we have a state, our states are for 'everyone' and don't advocate our interests, getting involved in this struggle between 3rd parties that doesn't advance any of our interests is dumb.

2019-10-19 09:59:35 UTC

They’re not in government or running media a

2019-10-19 09:59:49 UTC

yes they are tbh

2019-10-19 09:59:52 UTC

>there are no jews in china
>actually they are just hidin

2019-10-19 09:59:54 UTC

just because you don't know about it

2019-10-19 10:00:05 UTC

beg to differ the jews were in china early on

2019-10-19 10:00:11 UTC

and bred with some families

2019-10-19 10:00:13 UTC

And if they did infiltrate the government and media this would provide a counter balance to the existing power-elite @fuguer

2019-10-19 10:00:26 UTC

they also schooled mao in wester institutions in china

2019-10-19 10:00:42 UTC

and they are behind the buildup of china

2019-10-19 10:00:46 UTC

in the past decades

2019-10-19 10:01:10 UTC


2019-10-19 10:02:00 UTC

believe it or not, kraut has done a very good video on china

2019-10-19 10:02:16 UTC


2019-10-19 10:04:34 UTC

im just a drunken asshole who had to learn everything the hard way, what do i know

2019-10-19 10:05:04 UTC

All I know is the one country that the jews arent allowed into is malaysia

2019-10-19 10:05:44 UTC

Because malaysia does not grant entry into the country for those who are citizens or hold right to citizenship to Israel and all jews are entitled to israeli citizenship by blood

2019-10-19 10:06:05 UTC


2019-10-19 10:07:22 UTC

based tbh

2019-10-19 10:07:26 UTC

there used to be an easilly accessible meme

2019-10-19 10:07:36 UTC

about the jew expulsion from malasia

2019-10-19 10:07:47 UTC

it was a green text

2019-10-19 10:09:13 UTC

>somewhere in malasia
>a tribe of cock scarf wearing locals
>are saying to themselves right now

2019-10-19 10:09:25 UTC

>jews get out reeeeee

2019-10-19 10:09:55 UTC

```NEW YORK (JTA) — The prime minister of Malaysia defended his past anti-Semitic statements and questioned the number of Jews killed during the Holocaust in a speech at Columbia University.

“I am exercising my right to free speech. Why is it that I can’t say something against the Jews, when a lot of people say nasty things about me, about Malaysia, and I didn’t protest, I didn’t demonstrate?” Mahathir Mohamad said Wednesday in response to a question from an audience member.

Mohamad, who was speaking at the college’s World Leaders Forum, has called Jews “hook-nosed,” said they “rule the world by proxy” and questioned the number of Jews killed in the Holocaust. He also has said that he is “glad to be labeled anti-Semitic.”```

2019-10-19 10:10:10 UTC

christ im old

2019-10-19 10:10:19 UTC

Says that the jews rule the world by proxy

2019-10-19 10:10:31 UTC

Prime minister of malaysia

2019-10-19 10:10:41 UTC

i got to see the PM of malaysia fire his layzor

2019-10-19 10:12:37 UTC

i cant even

2019-10-19 10:13:27 UTC

based islamic seamonkeys

2019-10-19 10:14:30 UTC


2019-10-19 10:14:34 UTC

im just mind blown that 2005 4chan meme is actual literal news now

2019-10-19 10:15:10 UTC

"If you are going to be truthful, the problem in the Middle East began with the creation of Israel. That is the truth. But I cannot say that," he said in an interview on BBC's Hard Talk. ```

2019-10-19 10:16:04 UTC

the only reason tehy let it go to air

2019-10-19 10:16:23 UTC

is because they still cant tell who gets the most good boy points

2019-10-19 10:16:35 UTC

mohammed, or herschel

2019-10-19 10:17:42 UTC

```In 2003, the prime minister’s political party gave delegates to the United Malays National Organization copies of Henry Ford’s anti-Semitic book from the 1920s, The International Jew, a favourite of Hitler, translated into Bahasa Malay.```

2019-10-19 10:18:00 UTC

>Gives opposition leaders the book

2019-10-19 10:19:27 UTC


2019-10-19 10:19:46 UTC


2019-10-19 10:21:57 UTC

fuckin anglos

2019-10-19 10:21:59 UTC

not even once

2019-10-19 10:23:07 UTC

"british" presumably

2019-10-19 10:23:10 UTC

as in some muslim

2019-10-19 10:23:22 UTC

that's what i was thinking

2019-10-19 10:23:51 UTC

The whole thing is fake

2019-10-19 10:24:01 UTC

Havent even read into this new deal

2019-10-19 10:24:04 UTC

Its all gay opps

2019-10-19 10:24:25 UTC

lamp post decoration day when smh

2019-10-19 10:25:31 UTC

```“Most of the exit agreement [negotiated by May] is exactly the same to what Boris Johnson is proposing,” said Frances Burwell“Most of the exit agreement [negotiated by May] is exactly the same to what Boris Johnson is proposing,” said Frances Burwell```

2019-10-19 10:25:35 UTC

New deal is old deal

2019-10-19 10:25:42 UTC

I already assumed this

2019-10-19 10:25:48 UTC

Just call old deal new deal

2019-10-19 10:25:54 UTC

Then say it is good deal

2019-10-19 10:25:55 UTC


2019-10-19 10:26:02 UTC

Try and sell the old deal second time

2019-10-19 10:26:55 UTC

just like the poll tax

2019-10-19 10:26:56 UTC

fuck em

2019-10-19 10:28:16 UTC

im down to my last beer

2019-10-19 10:28:21 UTC

so im going to sleep

2019-10-19 10:28:41 UTC

once i get my actual computer back online

2019-10-19 10:29:06 UTC

oh boi am i going to spam the absolute fuck of nsfw

2019-10-19 10:29:31 UTC


2019-10-19 10:30:05 UTC

>oh goy

2019-10-19 10:30:26 UTC

>my taysacchs is flaring up

2019-10-19 10:31:22 UTC

have you even seen what i actually post in nsfw?

2019-10-19 10:31:40 UTC

or are yo just a retard

2019-10-19 10:32:55 UTC


2019-10-19 10:35:56 UTC


2019-10-19 10:37:38 UTC

im out of beer

2019-10-19 10:37:45 UTC

im going to sleep

2019-10-19 10:38:04 UTC

have fun

2019-10-19 10:47:23 UTC

Fucking Boris scumbag got the media saying "you want this" brexit deal, no we dont. but people are sheep.

2019-10-19 10:58:40 UTC

(((You)))tube <:kraut:389881471881576448>

2019-10-19 11:00:22 UTC

It was gonna happen

2019-10-19 11:08:16 UTC
2019-10-19 11:08:18 UTC


2019-10-19 11:08:25 UTC

Do u know who I am

2019-10-19 11:08:36 UTC

U were like a father to me

2019-10-19 11:16:39 UTC

Use both crypto and irl barter yo survive the boogaloo.

2019-10-19 11:16:54 UTC

Man, they had a good interview with Nick Land on there and now it's like totally gone.

2019-10-19 11:29:19 UTC

Why are you poopoo @Medman

2019-10-19 11:50:44 UTC

Trying to google "why women are fake" brings me bunch of articles on fake orgasms, whilst duckduckgo will almost instantly show me what I'm trying to search 🤔

2019-10-19 11:52:09 UTC
2019-10-19 11:52:14 UTC

is usually good

2019-10-19 11:52:52 UTC


2019-10-19 11:54:19 UTC


2019-10-19 12:03:02 UTC

he doesn't look too happy


2019-10-19 12:03:52 UTC

t. slav sight

2019-10-19 12:04:37 UTC

born in 1916

2019-10-19 12:05:12 UTC

@Pine Gang 🌲 I named the mutt

2019-10-19 12:05:18 UTC
2019-10-19 12:12:04 UTC

threw a little something together for Re Ice feel free to spread it let people know what happen https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MRrv_r_5DI8

2019-10-19 12:12:51 UTC

i was never a huge red ice buff, but it's sad they got nuked.

2019-10-19 12:13:11 UTC

another one bites the dust.

2019-10-19 12:15:09 UTC

@SPQR i just watched some old JF stream when he was freshly free of warski, and you were on it. lol the chat was giving you mad shit. lol

2019-10-19 12:15:27 UTC

@Medman dashi

2019-10-19 12:15:29 UTC

I only watched a few Red Ice vids but was surprised at what they got away with

2019-10-19 12:17:54 UTC

they weren't even that bad from what i've seen. they did everything respectfully and orderly. it's not like red ice was just some crazy guy ranting at the screen. it was a production. regardless of the ideas being discussed, they shouldn't have been rekt.

2019-10-19 12:22:32 UTC

Give me one good reason not to eat 800 calories of brie with my coffee.

2019-10-19 12:23:08 UTC

soy is better for boob growth ^

2019-10-19 12:23:30 UTC

@Fellow Comrade i don't bother with detractors, most of them are mentally ill and hate everything. when you ignore them they go away

2019-10-19 12:23:55 UTC

I went to the gym today. That's good for boob growth too.

2019-10-19 12:24:40 UTC

i would eat 800 calories of alison brie tbh.

2019-10-19 12:25:00 UTC

I like Red Ice, but I can't fully trust them until Lana has at least 3 kids.

2019-10-19 12:25:08 UTC

She's not even above replacement rate.

2019-10-19 12:25:35 UTC


2019-10-19 12:25:47 UTC

That's allot of poop @Fellow Comrade

2019-10-19 12:25:57 UTC

400 calories of brie larson, and 400 calories of alison brie. diversity is key. lol

2019-10-19 12:26:39 UTC

I'm eating double cream. Most single or triple tastes bitter to me.

2019-10-19 12:27:16 UTC

@Trommm would you not trust a smoker if he said smoking is bad?

2019-10-19 12:27:23 UTC


2019-10-19 12:27:42 UTC


2019-10-19 12:27:43 UTC

@Segregatörr not with Japan's lifespan to smoking ratio.

2019-10-19 12:27:59 UTC

wtf i love gay communism now ^

2019-10-19 12:28:03 UTC


2019-10-19 12:28:06 UTC

quality s better than quanity

2019-10-19 12:28:35 UTC

Quality is not better if you are below replacement. It isn't sustainable.

2019-10-19 12:28:53 UTC

After a 3 minimum, quality is better.

2019-10-19 12:29:04 UTC

sure it is we have robots

2019-10-19 12:29:11 UTC


2019-10-19 12:29:22 UTC

Robots don't reproduce.

2019-10-19 12:29:51 UTC

if you can have lots of kids and dedicate your time that the best thing

2019-10-19 12:30:13 UTC

that's quantity and quality

2019-10-19 12:30:17 UTC

replacement rate isn't that important

2019-10-19 12:31:08 UTC

There's enough land on earth for every white person to have 50 acres to themselves. We are under populated with whites, so they need to stay above replacement before considering quality more important than quantity.

2019-10-19 12:31:14 UTC

the more the merry of a like kind, but if you have srton borders you're fine

2019-10-19 12:31:31 UTC

If your quantity drops below a certain point, you cease to exist or ever expand again.

2019-10-19 12:32:10 UTC

if you're white have have a genetic defect tucked away in your DNA you don't want a lot of kids

2019-10-19 12:32:17 UTC

with global policing it's not really possible for whites to seperate nowadays. replacement rates is of the highest importance.

2019-10-19 12:32:59 UTC


2019-10-19 12:33:02 UTC

so be poor with a lot of kids so you can send them all to a liberal public school - great idea

2019-10-19 12:33:24 UTC

You can be poor and homeschool.

2019-10-19 12:33:34 UTC

not likely

2019-10-19 12:34:07 UTC

The only thing stopping people from living on one income regardless of how much is women not being content with a meager lifestyle.

2019-10-19 12:34:48 UTC

You can lower expenses and just live in a smaller place and have less luxuries.

2019-10-19 12:35:20 UTC

Anyway, Lana is not in poverty.

2019-10-19 12:35:30 UTC

She can handle 3.

2019-10-19 12:35:39 UTC


2019-10-19 12:37:20 UTC

age could be an issue

2019-10-19 12:40:06 UTC


2019-10-19 12:40:06 UTC

how many do you have?

2019-10-19 12:40:31 UTC

As a male I can not be a thot, so it doesn't matter.

2019-10-19 12:40:39 UTC


2019-10-19 12:40:41 UTC

Also I'm fertile indefinitely.

2019-10-19 12:40:47 UTC

How many do you have?

2019-10-19 12:40:51 UTC


2019-10-19 12:41:13 UTC

Men are fertile until 80 increased risk of autism is a bonus.

2019-10-19 12:41:26 UTC


2019-10-19 12:41:31 UTC


2019-10-19 12:41:38 UTC

it's a gamble

2019-10-19 12:41:42 UTC

very slight chance of "good" mutation

2019-10-19 12:41:49 UTC

Not that it matters, since sperm is expendable, you only need 1 man (Banjod) to impregnate the entire white race

2019-10-19 12:41:58 UTC

banjod is norwegian

2019-10-19 12:42:13 UTC

@SPQR how many kids did you have before you ran out of eggs?

2019-10-19 12:43:48 UTC

so rather than argue you choose to insult -

2019-10-19 12:43:56 UTC

tromms kids


2019-10-19 12:44:07 UTC


2019-10-19 12:44:19 UTC
2019-10-19 12:44:27 UTC

brownie that sold us out

2019-10-19 12:44:33 UTC

and got us all banned

2019-10-19 12:45:11 UTC

@SPQR I asked a simple question.

2019-10-19 12:45:21 UTC

Meesta Praym Mineesta

2019-10-19 12:47:27 UTC

*this message is invisible due to copyright-injunctions*

2019-10-19 12:48:38 UTC


2019-10-19 12:48:39 UTC

Greta say we must starve a little bit together, because /*removed for copyright infringement*/

2019-10-19 12:49:28 UTC

Who is dashi

2019-10-19 12:49:46 UTC

ALL movies should suck big gorilla dick, and here's how 🍌

2019-10-19 12:50:11 UTC

gorillas deserve being sucked off properly to reparation climate change

2019-10-19 12:50:25 UTC

😯 🤔

2019-10-19 12:50:42 UTC

many gorillas are higher IQ than africans
we should take them in as refugees tbh

2019-10-19 12:50:59 UTC

dashi is an indian going under many names

2019-10-19 12:51:10 UTC
2019-10-19 12:51:20 UTC

Oh holy

2019-10-19 12:51:24 UTC

what's that new app people are using that fades your face into a celebrities face?

2019-10-19 12:52:08 UTC

dashi is every indian, all 2 billion of them

2019-10-19 12:52:31 UTC

yeah thanks. that's the one. pple keep posting these images.

2019-10-19 12:52:33 UTC

Jews turn into Jews

2019-10-19 12:52:34 UTC


2019-10-19 12:53:05 UTC

the AI recognises the phenotypes probably. lmao

2019-10-19 12:54:16 UTC

looks like an early version of the fertility clinic selector

2019-10-19 12:54:45 UTC

to apply human choice forcing into the AI-redesign of humanity

2019-10-19 12:54:51 UTC

like that Aussie implied

2019-10-19 12:55:34 UTC

will spqr ever answer after typing for 20 minutes?
find out next time!!!

2019-10-19 12:55:44 UTC

i can't even get it for my gay old ipad or ipod touch. fml. i wanted to give my face data to the globalists for a meme.

2019-10-19 12:58:44 UTC

what if fashion dictates for all humans to look exactly the same, which face would we chose? it could be a new one for every batch

2019-10-19 12:58:53 UTC

we'd be through all actors fast

2019-10-19 12:59:28 UTC

"Honey i want another George Clooney"

2019-10-19 13:00:53 UTC

if i could chooses a face, i'd probably chose my own out of principal, unless i was poor, in which case i'd choose the "ideal" face to build rapport and feel comfortable to others so i could make easy sales.

2019-10-19 13:01:00 UTC

you're just a low crawling guttersnipe pos , my eggs are fine, which btw is none of your business, you uncouth moron with no manners, civility or common sense, the sure sign of being raised by a lazy single parent. I gave up having children the day my husband died - but rest assured you'll never find a woman as dedicated to a man as I was to him, nor would there be another man on this planet as good as he - now go fuck yourself since no one else will pass a look outside pornhub, but rest assured any woman so desperate who would suffer your dull and dimwitted vituperations would be rightly ill-gotten and cursed. you really aren't worth preserving.

2019-10-19 13:01:08 UTC

if you take the cheaper gene-selector, you can afford two

2019-10-19 13:01:38 UTC

i'd have pressed enter after every single insult to make it more digestible

2019-10-19 13:01:53 UTC

this why the block user was invented

2019-10-19 13:01:54 UTC

and to keep my chad mauveness

2019-10-19 13:02:29 UTC

@SPQR woah. is that copypasta, or are you just mad? jesus. lol

2019-10-19 13:02:40 UTC

that was hectic.

2019-10-19 13:02:44 UTC

not worth my time or expression

2019-10-19 13:02:46 UTC

blocks are so minecraft

2019-10-19 13:03:44 UTC

i read "that's why the black user was invented" and that made me think

2019-10-19 13:03:49 UTC

we don't have a black role

2019-10-19 13:03:57 UTC

probably too cool for school

2019-10-19 13:04:00 UTC

I don't suffer fools well - especially those who have no will or contain a creative bone in their body

2019-10-19 13:04:00 UTC

who are you even talking to @SPQR ? i scrolled up and couldn't find anything very aggressive.

2019-10-19 13:04:37 UTC

the cleanup crew already recycled their bones

2019-10-19 13:05:58 UTC

Broth of Wrath® - order now for Halloween delivery

2019-10-19 13:06:10 UTC

mach nicht

2019-10-19 13:08:22 UTC

i say IF you're gonna be a knight, why NOT be white?

2019-10-19 13:08:24 UTC

she's talking to tromm

2019-10-19 13:09:12 UTC

i always wanted to be involved in e-drama, is this really it?

2019-10-19 13:09:20 UTC

feels like every day

2019-10-19 13:09:27 UTC

except HI SPQR

2019-10-19 13:09:29 UTC

oh, forget about it @SPQR, i and many others appreciate you for your positive attitude.

2019-10-19 13:09:30 UTC

@SPQR no man is as good as your ex, or you're to old to attract one?

2019-10-19 13:09:40 UTC

nice you found some spare time

2019-10-19 13:10:24 UTC

you want to maximise your value at any age, that doesn't really change all that much

2019-10-19 13:10:28 UTC

lol @Trommm you're a savage.

2019-10-19 13:11:39 UTC

the ex-thing is just how people tick, we are made of our experiences, i don't think this can ever be a non-violent-feeling process

2019-10-19 13:12:03 UTC

just goes to show there are worthy mates out there in principle

2019-10-19 13:12:38 UTC


2019-10-19 13:12:53 UTC

this is literally magical

2019-10-19 13:13:07 UTC

@Trommm maybe it froze her as a person? Maybe it was a traumatic event? Have some empathy

2019-10-19 13:13:22 UTC

see how the one with the glasses behaves more civilised?

2019-10-19 13:13:52 UTC

Alphas lay

2019-10-19 13:14:16 UTC

i meant active lay instead of passive getting laid

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