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2017-01-16 01:14:49 UTC


2017-01-16 01:14:52 UTC

One day

2017-01-16 01:14:53 UTC

is this where we post smutty stories

2017-01-16 01:14:54 UTC

While andy was

2017-01-16 01:14:56 UTC


2017-01-16 01:14:58 UTC

Woody got wood!

2017-01-16 01:16:26 UTC

i mostly read university shit but recently i got some time ti start on Vonnegut's Sirens of Titan

2017-01-16 01:16:33 UTC

it's surreal and absurd and a shitton of fun

2017-01-16 01:16:50 UTC

before that I've read a Merle book, the one about dolphins but I don't know its name in english

2017-01-16 01:16:59 UTC

@Friend I've meen to read that

2017-01-16 01:17:14 UTC

before that I re-read game of thrones, all five books because you gotta read some entertainment every now and then

2017-01-16 01:17:21 UTC

give me a waifu i will write a story about them

2017-01-16 01:17:22 UTC

and before that it was On the Road by Jack Kerouac

2017-01-16 01:17:26 UTC

before that it was uhhh

2017-01-16 01:17:29 UTC

game of thrones isn't really entertainment tbh

2017-01-16 01:17:35 UTC

One Hundred Years of Solitude for the 3rd time or so

2017-01-16 01:17:35 UTC

write a story about a construct that blushes

2017-01-16 01:17:37 UTC

Ive been down that road befor

2017-01-16 01:17:38 UTC

What is everyone's favorite book

2017-01-16 01:17:44 UTC

No more cuckfics

2017-01-16 01:17:49 UTC

I liked Metro 2033

2017-01-16 01:17:50 UTC

i have no favorite book

2017-01-16 01:17:54 UTC

not sure @NigglyWiggly

2017-01-16 01:17:54 UTC

Mine is probably The Stars My Destination

2017-01-16 01:17:55 UTC

i have a bunch of favorites

2017-01-16 01:17:59 UTC

lot of books I like though

2017-01-16 01:18:13 UTC

last book I read that really interest me was 'the way of the strangers'

2017-01-16 01:18:16 UTC

I've also read Dune in the summer of last year

2017-01-16 01:18:17 UTC

I liked Metro a lot too

2017-01-16 01:18:21 UTC

and ho boy it was damn good

2017-01-16 01:18:27 UTC

Dune is great

2017-01-16 01:18:34 UTC

but stop reading the series after God Emperor of Dune

2017-01-16 01:18:40 UTC

everything after that is trash

2017-01-16 01:18:47 UTC

the author mixes sci-fi really well with religious symbolism and a blend of real and fictional religion

2017-01-16 01:19:05 UTC

and the social manipulation explained in the ways of the Bene Gesserit is just wew

2017-01-16 01:19:10 UTC

my favourite sci-fi author is still philip k dick though

2017-01-16 01:19:20 UTC

mine is a tie between Asimov and Lem

2017-01-16 01:19:39 UTC

I've read Revelation Space not so long ago by Alistair Reynolds, if you like sci-fi @Bill Posters look it up

2017-01-16 01:19:42 UTC

my husbando is J.G. Ballard have you read anything he wrote @Friend

2017-01-16 01:19:43 UTC

best sci-fi i've read in years

2017-01-16 01:19:44 UTC

Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep is πŸ‘Œ

2017-01-16 01:19:52 UTC
2017-01-16 01:20:02 UTC

Blade Runner is βœ‹

2017-01-16 01:20:06 UTC

he wrote a book about people who get off on car crashes

2017-01-16 01:20:12 UTC

and another about people murdering each other in a high-rise

2017-01-16 01:20:23 UTC

i've only seen the Blade Runner movie and it's a good piece of cinematography

2017-01-16 01:20:35 UTC

i liked the sci-fi themes in it but i think it's more cyberpunk tbh

2017-01-16 01:20:36 UTC

I don't like some of the changes between Blade Runner and Androids

2017-01-16 01:20:43 UTC

it's a damn fucking good movie though

2017-01-16 01:20:54 UTC

@NigglyWiggly read 'Flow my tears the policeman said'?

2017-01-16 01:20:55 UTC

from a cinematrographic sense first and foremost

2017-01-16 01:20:55 UTC

but as a whole they're both quality on their own

2017-01-16 01:20:57 UTC

have you read it?

2017-01-16 01:21:00 UTC


2017-01-16 01:21:08 UTC

its another PKD book

2017-01-16 01:21:16 UTC

I haven't actually sat down and read any books in quite some time

2017-01-16 01:21:22 UTC

you should do

2017-01-16 01:21:35 UTC

I set up a shitty goodreads account recently so I could keep track of what i've read recently

2017-01-16 01:21:36 UTC

I tried to read American Psycho

2017-01-16 01:21:41 UTC

But I was having trouble getting into it

2017-01-16 01:21:42 UTC

American Psycho is top tier

2017-01-16 01:21:44 UTC

i mostly read uni shit nowadays, but 5 days until my last exam then i'm gonna catch up with my books

2017-01-16 01:21:45 UTC

It starts out like, real slow

2017-01-16 01:21:57 UTC

i've seen American Psycho but i found it to be pretty meh

2017-01-16 01:22:06 UTC

i assume the book is better?

2017-01-16 01:22:08 UTC

this is what i've read this year

2017-01-16 01:22:12 UTC

the book is excellent

2017-01-16 01:22:20 UTC

its also a lot darker then the movie I think

2017-01-16 01:22:31 UTC

there are a couple of scenes that are hard to read because of how disgusting they are

2017-01-16 01:22:48 UTC

in a way the movie is 'funnier' but the book isn't really as funny

2017-01-16 01:22:59 UTC

That's what it seemed like

2017-01-16 01:23:04 UTC

it's heavily implied in the movie that Patrick hallucinates or imagines the murders and his wrongdoings

2017-01-16 01:23:04 UTC

Doesn't the book have like, rape and torture?

2017-01-16 01:23:09 UTC

is that so in the book, too?

2017-01-16 01:23:13 UTC

the movie also has those niggly

2017-01-16 01:23:19 UTC

he rapes prostitutes in it

2017-01-16 01:23:24 UTC

well there is a scene in a zoo @NigglyWiggly

2017-01-16 01:23:25 UTC

I'm pretty sure the implication is that he's either imagining it, or everyone else treats it that way

2017-01-16 01:23:29 UTC

that was the hardest thing I read in it

2017-01-16 01:23:37 UTC

not 'hard to read' as in difficult but hard to read as in disgusting

2017-01-16 01:23:58 UTC

the real nasty part of the book is how he can be gutting a woman in one chapter and the next chapter is just a long screed about Phil Collins

2017-01-16 01:24:05 UTC

i've also read some good pieces of hungarian literature recently but i don't think it's worth meantioning

2017-01-16 01:24:12 UTC

In the book its implied its more real I think

2017-01-16 01:24:30 UTC

I think the book suggests that 'its real, but because everyone is so interchangable he wont get caught'

2017-01-16 01:24:51 UTC

Yeah that's what I meant

2017-01-16 01:24:51 UTC


2017-01-16 01:24:53 UTC

It happens

2017-01-16 01:25:01 UTC

but no one really acknowledges it?

2017-01-16 01:25:09 UTC

well yeah like

2017-01-16 01:25:17 UTC

Like the guy he admits it all to in the film just covered up what he needed to and moved on

2017-01-16 01:25:21 UTC

and didn't really care that much

2017-01-16 01:25:31 UTC

you know how Paul Allen keeps mistaking Bateman for Halberstram?

2017-01-16 01:25:46 UTC

well when he says 'you can't have murdered Paul Allen, I had dinner with him'

2017-01-16 01:25:51 UTC

none of those fucks really knows who is who

2017-01-16 01:25:54 UTC

they are all interchangable

2017-01-16 01:26:03 UTC

it's a good metaphor

2017-01-16 01:26:04 UTC


2017-01-16 01:26:10 UTC

I really liked that part of the film

2017-01-16 01:26:11 UTC

it doesn't make a lot of sense from the point of the narrative

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