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2017-02-07 20:06:59 UTC

Welcome to the /vg/station discord!

This is the official place for your spacemen autism, outside of ss13. There are a couple rules to follow here.

1. No Metagaming - Plain and simple. Don't reveal in game info outside of the game, anywhere, including this discord.

2. Do not abuse Pings - Pings are very useful if you need to come into contact with a server admin or coder about pending issues. Spamming them is really annoying, especially when there is nothing to be pinging about.

3. ~~Post all NSFW Content - in #dorms - To make sure none of your resident spessmen get fired for looking at really weird fetish shit, post all of your heresy to <#307266998742810627>.~~
Post NSFW content in <#307266998742810627>, it's not a porn channel though so don't fuck it up or Pomf will hurt you

Breaking any of these rules can and will lead up to a ban from the discord. If such an event happens, you can appeal it on the forum here -

1 total messages. Viewing 100 per page.
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