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2018-12-06 01:29:52 UTC

@everyone Below are ongoing projects being led by members of Identity Evropa. If you are interested or you believe you have the right skill set, you can message the member leading the project to learn more and get involved.

Cyberstrike - @Prestor John
Cyberstrike entails amplifying Identity Evropa’s message on social media through reaching out to media to try to maximize press coverage of our events.

The Wiki Project - @Steve - NJ
Our Wikipedia page has been used by political opponents to sully our reputation and distort the truth about our organization. Changing the Wikipedia page to more realistically reflect our movement would greatly improve the views of people who google our name and would unilaterally improve our ability to be seen as a legitimate political organization.

Technical Design - @Gimlet
Skills and experience in website design and coding are always needed. Members with these skills will help the Chief Technology Officer.

Video Design - @Brunswick
Creating high quality videos of Identity Evropa is a strong way of promoting our organization. People with skills in video design, or music making will help create professional looking content for Identity Evropa.

1 total messages. Viewing 250 per page.
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