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2020-02-05 03:58:53 UTC

^ Great film

2020-02-05 03:59:24 UTC

Also: Finnish is a fucking weird language

2020-02-09 23:46:19 UTC

I watched '55 Days at Peking' this evening. Fantastic Film! I recommend it.

2020-02-10 08:10:41 UTC

@Endeavour have you listent to the song?

2020-02-10 08:53:49 UTC

@Vulpes What song?

2020-02-10 09:06:24 UTC

Of "55 Tage in Peking" @Endeavour

2020-02-10 09:06:31 UTC

It's quit a good one

2020-02-10 09:13:34 UTC

@Vulpes No, I haven't, but I will.

2020-02-14 05:02:22 UTC

Sonic is an decent video game adaptation

2020-02-14 05:02:54 UTC

had alot of easter eggs for fans and/or people familiar with some of the memes

2020-02-14 05:03:45 UTC

This is indefensible

2020-02-14 05:05:48 UTC

it was a camp movie

2020-02-14 05:06:47 UTC

I personally would've been very disappointed if green hills theme didn't play at least once, I was not disappointed in that regard

2020-02-16 15:04:31 UTC

Watched 1917 yesterday

2020-02-16 15:04:39 UTC

Phenomenal movie

2020-02-16 15:27:10 UTC


2020-02-16 20:28:08 UTC

I really enjoy it as well.

2020-02-17 02:57:21 UTC

Very good movie

2020-02-17 02:58:13 UTC

Watch The Mothman Prophecies. Just finished it a couple days ago, it's really good

2020-02-18 02:01:35 UTC

Yeah, 1917 was great.

2020-02-19 12:36:28 UTC

The Second Civil War from 1997 was a very intersting movie.

2020-03-07 00:22:24 UTC

those aliens really look like Joe Biden

2020-03-07 00:22:33 UTC

even their mannerism

2020-03-11 16:23:20 UTC


2020-03-11 16:25:34 UTC

they still are proud to be thugs

if they made a 90's gangster movie today all the criminals would have to be white

anti-war movie about the use of child soldiers in WW2 - german perspective

2020-03-12 23:15:12 UTC

The expectation at the point where they were used was that Germany as a whole was at stake. Considering what actually happened to eastern Germany aka Prussia Silesia etc. it's not that delusional

2020-03-12 23:17:07 UTC

Arguably a waste of lives coming at it with the benefit of hindsight but who at the time could've guessed that both the Soviets and allies weren't going to idk wipe us all out

i think most of the anti-war movies are just about fanaticism and then the disillusionment of war combat

even saving private ryan was about a coward (child-esk) interpreter becoming a killer

2020-03-13 01:36:45 UTC

Watched invisible man

2020-03-13 01:37:30 UTC

Thought the ending sucked, wanted the actual good guy to win in the end

2020-03-13 01:38:08 UTC

@RIP Skelly Was it Feminist Propaganda?.

2020-03-13 01:40:38 UTC

I actually liked the movie but the last 5 minutes was bs

2020-03-13 01:41:09 UTC

If it ended like 5 minutes before would’ve been pretty kino

2020-03-13 01:49:39 UTC

||You're telling me that a guy who is such a genius to completely plan out everything he was gonna do in the course of movie, build a suit that can turn you invisible and know everything about the female lead had no backup plan incase she wanted to use the suit and kill him? also he totally had enough strength to overpower her even if she was invisible. So the entire ending is bullshit and it would've unironically been better if he actually got what he wanted in the end. ||

2020-03-13 01:50:14 UTC

The Ending as it is currently felt like it had to be there rather than it being there because it made sense

2020-03-13 05:23:00 UTC

this channel offends me, my first act in this server will be improving it:

2020-03-13 05:23:04 UTC

you are all welcome

2020-03-18 00:18:15 UTC

Yeah I just watched it

2020-03-18 01:05:39 UTC

I just love how it got into the rabid media hit jobs and how screwed up the FBI is

they should have figured out he didn't do it right after they executed the search warrant

2020-03-18 01:11:15 UTC

I know, but the media still has a tendency to jump on anything before the facts come out, they practically ruined the guy’s life. They have the power to do that to basically anyone. The collusion narrative with Trump the past few years came to mind while I was watching it.

if you were an attractive guy: A - everyone would believe you from the moment of the incident

2020-03-18 01:12:49 UTC

Yeah true, overweight middle aged white man from the south too.

and if they somehow didn't, later B - everyone would give you multiple chances to explain yourself

but if you act weird and look weird, that is like a double whammy

in the end the law did save him from prosecution like it was meant too

2020-03-29 18:34:41 UTC

Are the movies Alien and Aliens based?

2020-03-29 18:35:34 UTC

I really don’t know what to think of them thematically

2020-03-30 00:25:43 UTC

I haven't seen Aliens but I don't think Alien is based or unbased

2020-03-30 00:39:24 UTC

Alien is good movie, plain and simple. There is not much political commentary other then dystopian megacorporations are driven by profit regardless it means importing death plague in a form of alien organizm on earth.

2020-03-31 13:09:07 UTC

Just watched transformers the last knight. The movie was awful.

2020-03-31 13:09:16 UTC

No idea what was going on.

2020-03-31 13:10:38 UTC

It was all over the place. A contrived plot, cheap laughs, over the top explodies and very typical cliches. Everything I hate about modern cinema.

2020-03-31 13:11:08 UTC

Not to mention the breakfast club kids of diversity.

2020-03-31 13:11:25 UTC

Everything felt forced.

2020-03-31 13:12:11 UTC

What did you expected from it exactly?

2020-03-31 13:13:26 UTC

Dont know. I remember the first one was good like 12 years ago.

2020-03-31 13:13:45 UTC

Maybe you were just a kid

2020-03-31 13:13:52 UTC

I wouldn't call it good, entertaining for sure.

2020-03-31 13:13:53 UTC


2020-03-31 13:34:36 UTC

out of all the movies my parents watched with us as kids, transformers was the only one they can say they actually hated

2020-03-31 13:34:55 UTC

I mean don't get me wrong, we watched a lot of bad films back then, but it was worth it for the family experience

2020-03-31 13:35:16 UTC

Transformers was so bad it negated that

2020-03-31 13:35:33 UTC

They just thought it was bad even while watching with the whole family

2020-04-01 03:05:01 UTC

First one was decent, 2 and 3 were kinda fun in the theater, my bro and I left the theater angry after the 4th, and we pretended The Last Knight didn't exist.

2020-04-01 03:05:27 UTC

Bumblebee pretty much redeemed the series though, highly recommend!

2020-04-01 15:52:20 UTC

@DisCrypto bruh..

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