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2018-07-31 01:47:20 UTC
2018-07-31 01:47:48 UTC

Agios Gaytanas Wamphyric Wyrd Wiccan 👽

2018-07-31 01:48:27 UTC

No you can't @CC96

2018-07-31 01:48:31 UTC

<:Shrekler:467111210999873539> <:Shrekler:467111210999873539> <:Shrekler:467111210999873539>

2018-07-31 01:48:34 UTC

@Maxon Fair enough.

2018-07-31 01:48:49 UTC


2018-07-31 01:51:19 UTC

@Epic Pardner *tips* <:Shrekler:467111210999873539>

2018-07-31 01:54:25 UTC

i was reading rockwell white power i took a nap and i dreamed i was apart of white power nation.

2018-07-31 02:55:03 UTC

@AllFather @johnolithicsoftware curly hair mediterranean master race

2018-07-31 02:55:16 UTC


2018-07-31 02:55:29 UTC


2018-07-31 03:02:24 UTC

@AllFather it works here

2018-07-31 03:03:11 UTC

@here im heading to bed

2018-07-31 03:03:42 UTC

nighty nite

2018-07-31 03:03:54 UTC

Night Medic.

2018-07-31 03:50:41 UTC

@here I'm in vc for bored niggers

2018-07-31 03:54:00 UTC

fuck nvm vc is shitting itself

2018-07-31 04:18:47 UTC


2018-07-31 04:21:48 UTC


2018-07-31 08:04:40 UTC

Polish radio reports on unite the right 2

2018-07-31 08:05:02 UTC

They call it a meatup of american fascist movements

2018-07-31 08:05:18 UTC

Yeah no, it’s alt fags

2018-07-31 08:05:23 UTC

Now try and tell me we're not becoming mainstream

2018-07-31 08:05:28 UTC

Dont matter

2018-07-31 08:05:36 UTC

They aknowledge we exist

2018-07-31 08:05:40 UTC

Give us power

2018-07-31 08:06:05 UTC

The bigger of a boogeyman they make us the easier they make the job for us

2018-07-31 08:06:28 UTC

Just have to keep leadership out of prison

2018-07-31 08:06:58 UTC

D I s c i p l i n e

2018-07-31 08:07:07 UTC

Enforce it

2018-07-31 08:07:12 UTC


2018-07-31 08:07:14 UTC


2018-07-31 08:07:32 UTC

Gotta be less like skinheads and more like the SA

2018-07-31 08:07:43 UTC

Treason still

2018-07-31 08:07:49 UTC

Treason how

2018-07-31 08:09:00 UTC

It’s defined in construction as aiding the enemy of the US government

2018-07-31 08:09:17 UTC


2018-07-31 08:09:21 UTC

So supporting Assad, Hitler, etc.

2018-07-31 08:09:59 UTC

Law is representative and can be manipulated, if you make the jury believe it is a certain way then it is

2018-07-31 08:10:18 UTC

How does that relate to literaly anything I said?

2018-07-31 08:11:19 UTC

We grow in popularity, that makes the government notice. The government notices a treat, the treat is stopped out. Meaning our biggest issue is staying out of prison

2018-07-31 08:12:00 UTC

Then enforce discipline and become militant instead of thugs?

2018-07-31 08:13:16 UTC

Becoming militant is great, but certain courts like the 9th circuit have declared militias “unconstitutional”.

2018-07-31 08:13:48 UTC


2018-07-31 08:13:51 UTC


2018-07-31 08:14:22 UTC

That’s the 9th circuit, others haven’t

2018-07-31 08:15:31 UTC

Theres plenty of militias alive and well

2018-07-31 08:15:37 UTC

Looks like a non issue to me

2018-07-31 08:15:53 UTC

But they are not a treat, they support the government

2018-07-31 08:16:10 UTC

No they dont

2018-07-31 08:16:20 UTC

RoF, the 3% dont

2018-07-31 08:16:32 UTC

They’re trumptards

2018-07-31 08:16:46 UTC

RoF is fascist

2018-07-31 08:17:08 UTC

A they are incompetent and infiltrated

2018-07-31 08:17:17 UTC

Fuck The 9th Circuit!

2018-07-31 08:17:23 UTC

Like the Klan they are neutered

2018-07-31 08:17:29 UTC

And fuck The ZOG-SA Government!

2018-07-31 08:18:09 UTC

>if we win too much, we will loosr

2018-07-31 08:18:15 UTC

So whats your idea?

2018-07-31 08:19:40 UTC

My idea is that me don’t grow as a single unit but a conglomeration of units, a hydra

2018-07-31 08:20:29 UTC

And just wait for war?

2018-07-31 08:20:42 UTC

Not wait

2018-07-31 08:21:12 UTC

Weigh the odds in 2020 and we’ll go from there

2018-07-31 08:22:30 UTC


2018-07-31 08:28:12 UTC

Trump is just a Zog tard, he’d be replaced

2018-07-31 08:28:29 UTC

In roblox that is

2018-07-31 08:28:58 UTC

No fed we was talking roblox

2018-07-31 08:39:19 UTC

Doesnt matter

2018-07-31 08:39:39 UTC

That would still be an attempt on the life of a president

2018-07-31 08:39:50 UTC

Would spark clashes

2018-07-31 08:41:05 UTC

I wouldn’t sacrifice my men’s lives to remove one Zog Puppet. To end Zog yes, but to just be replaced no

2018-07-31 08:41:32 UTC

It would spark a domino effect

2018-07-31 08:42:19 UTC

Doubtful honestly

2018-07-31 08:42:26 UTC

Tbqh we need to create our own "Rajneeshpuram" (minus the degeneracy of course).

2018-07-31 08:42:41 UTC

Our what?

2018-07-31 08:43:08 UTC

It’s Hindi

2018-07-31 08:44:19 UTC

@White Eagle Look up "The Rajneeshees"

2018-07-31 08:44:34 UTC

How their cult wanted to take over Oregon...

2018-07-31 08:44:58 UTC

Should have allied w/ Branch Davidians (since The Davidians had guns).

2018-07-31 08:45:37 UTC

The Davidians world ally with them, they are incompatible

2018-07-31 08:46:06 UTC

True. But still. The Rajneeshees should have gotten guns.

2018-07-31 08:46:31 UTC

And been a Marxist militia, that’s great right

2018-07-31 08:46:42 UTC

Yea 😒

2018-07-31 08:48:08 UTC

We just gotta buy some land.

2018-07-31 08:48:17 UTC

And go from there.

2018-07-31 08:48:34 UTC

How can we buy land when fuckers won’t donate $5

2018-07-31 08:49:11 UTC

Monetize the Roblox acct? Find other useful monetary alternatives.

2018-07-31 08:49:50 UTC

I can do research tonight. And I am buying shit this Thursday.

2018-07-31 08:50:37 UTC

Work on getting massive support

2018-07-31 08:50:46 UTC

That as well.

2018-07-31 08:50:53 UTC

Introduce a monthly 1$ membership fee

2018-07-31 08:51:03 UTC


2018-07-31 08:51:22 UTC

Plus we need a new site ASAP and prop w/ the website.

2018-07-31 08:51:24 UTC

Effectively the more people u got in ur ranks the more money u will get

2018-07-31 08:51:51 UTC

I am getting a better post w/ better hours and pay.

2018-07-31 08:53:48 UTC

I can print prop and donate more money.

2018-07-31 08:53:56 UTC

Get more patches.

2018-07-31 09:30:55 UTC

I'd be up for a $1 a month fee

2018-07-31 09:31:17 UTC

that's ~$50 a month if no one gets butthurt and leaves

2018-07-31 09:40:51 UTC

It's a rather cold Florida summer night tonight.

2018-07-31 09:44:52 UTC

same here

2018-07-31 09:45:06 UTC

I'm just gonna be up all night so I can get shit done in the morning for once

2018-07-31 09:47:13 UTC

I don't mind pitching $1 a month.

2018-07-31 09:47:27 UTC

I can do that when I get paid this Thursday.

2018-07-31 09:47:40 UTC

Bi-weekly pay is a bitch 😩

2018-07-31 09:52:47 UTC

Yeah I think I'm gonna be up for a good few hours myself

2018-07-31 09:52:56 UTC

Already got a good 4 hours of sleep in

2018-07-31 09:53:02 UTC

I'll be in VC then kek

2018-07-31 09:53:04 UTC

My sleep has been fractured lately

2018-07-31 09:53:07 UTC

Allr ighty

2018-07-31 09:54:30 UTC

Yo @AllFather I sent a $

2018-07-31 10:14:38 UTC

Here's the program to calculate the numbers, the text file numbers.txt contains all but the last powerball numbers, update it regularly for the most accurate results.


2018-07-31 10:14:40 UTC


2018-07-31 10:14:56 UTC

Run GetFrequencies.exe in the same directory as numbers.txt

2018-07-31 10:18:56 UTC


2018-07-31 10:18:58 UTC


2018-07-31 10:19:26 UTC

I am going to get something to run it on my comp.

2018-07-31 10:20:45 UTC

Not Java

2018-07-31 10:20:50 UTC

That's C++

2018-07-31 10:20:53 UTC

It'll run natively

2018-07-31 10:26:57 UTC


2018-07-31 10:27:06 UTC

And okay.

2018-07-31 10:56:35 UTC

Drank dat skrawburry nikkuh

2018-07-31 10:57:03 UTC

<:Nigger:466634566002540554> <:Nigger:466634566002540554> <:Nigger:466634566002540554>

2018-07-31 10:57:39 UTC

@johnolithicsoftware dray deh srtahburr sizzurh nigga mang sheeeit

2018-07-31 10:57:51 UTC


2018-07-31 11:48:36 UTC

What if we pretend we are communists? 🤔

2018-07-31 11:48:45 UTC

Like yugoslavia

2018-07-31 11:59:28 UTC


2018-07-31 14:01:56 UTC

@White Eagle Wamphyric Alien BDSM Communists

2018-07-31 14:08:44 UTC


2018-07-31 15:45:45 UTC

When a PUBG match just started and someone already found a sniper rifle.

2018-07-31 17:06:58 UTC

Why is Jeff Morgan in there?

2018-07-31 18:27:13 UTC

Just got this bad boy


2018-07-31 18:32:05 UTC

So guys. Here’s a story. I need help on what I can do.

My landlord is a stingy Jew about our house. We pay 900$ monthly and our house is broken and ghetto. We don’t even have a lawnmower to cut the grass, therefore the landlord has people come and do it for us. These people don’t come anymore and the landlord is complaining about our lawn. This piece of shit own houses all over the area and has personal contacts with our housing (HUD/ Section 8).
The ass calls them complaining about our yard and the housing authority threatens to take away our benefits and kick us out. I have a brother that’s 1 and a sister that’s 3. Now the thing is, the landlord is a shit face and doesn’t want to work anything out, so we’re basically fucked unless we move out. This area is Weimar Germany and has no houses for rent. What the fuck do I do?

2018-07-31 18:33:13 UTC

I’ve about had it fellas

2018-07-31 18:33:33 UTC

What’s wrong

2018-07-31 18:33:59 UTC

I thought you lived in the US and you can actually sue the landlord for not taking care of your property, but in Germany, IDK man

2018-07-31 18:34:18 UTC

I do live in the US

2018-07-31 18:34:47 UTC

Weimar Republic was before hitlers rose to power

2018-07-31 18:34:53 UTC

Then sue him, they are required to take care of their own property because you pay to live in it

2018-07-31 18:34:58 UTC

It was poor and shitty

2018-07-31 18:35:25 UTC
2018-07-31 18:35:47 UTC

Do you think I can take on a crypto kike with money and authority?

2018-07-31 18:36:02 UTC

It's the ghetto, and warm as fuck, but there's a house open across from me.

2018-07-31 18:36:07 UTC

"When a landlord fails to make the necessary repairs or maintenance after receiving a request from a tenant, there could be a number of consequences. First, depending upon your state's laws, your tenant could elect to withhold all rent until the repair is made adequately. Some states realize that this is pretty harsh and often require the tenant to put the rent money aside in an escrow account that will be released to the landlord once the repairs are made. In addition, your tenant may elect to simply pay less rent until the problem is fixed."

2018-07-31 18:36:34 UTC

This includes lawn work

2018-07-31 18:38:19 UTC

And if landlord still wont maintain property, you can hire an outside party to do maintenance for you and you can actually deduct the cost of the maintenance from your next rent bill

2018-07-31 18:39:27 UTC

I’ll see what I can do

2018-07-31 18:39:32 UTC

Thank you alot

2018-07-31 18:39:33 UTC

They are required by law

2018-07-31 18:41:24 UTC

I lived half my life in a renting property and we stumbled upon lazy land owners, and ones that were just shit heads, and we threatened them with court for not repairing things and they actually started to repair, until someone else sued them for the entire building complex and the bank took it away from the landlord which was funny as shit

2018-07-31 18:41:42 UTC


2018-07-31 18:41:58 UTC

Again thank you

2018-07-31 18:48:31 UTC

You can move to another Section 8 house if the landlord is a ass

2018-07-31 21:15:28 UTC

Idiot nigger lover

2018-07-31 22:06:31 UTC

@here I’m in VC

2018-07-31 22:22:30 UTC

<@&465341923528409088> <@&463850061198262272> VC in Leadership Chat

2018-07-31 22:34:01 UTC

Goddamn Nigger Lovers 😑

2018-07-31 23:20:43 UTC

Got one more thing to figure out before I can begin to assemble a VC on Fashbook.

2018-07-31 23:23:03 UTC


2018-07-31 23:46:56 UTC

i just had this bot pop up with this discord im not clicking that shit


2018-08-01 00:01:07 UTC

oh fuck

2018-08-01 00:01:10 UTC

i know that server

2018-08-01 00:01:14 UTC

i thought it was perma dead

2018-08-01 00:01:16 UTC

very active

2018-08-01 00:01:20 UTC

its essentialy pol

2018-08-01 00:01:23 UTC

but u know

2018-08-01 00:01:24 UTC


2018-08-01 00:44:08 UTC
2018-08-01 00:58:45 UTC


2018-08-01 01:00:19 UTC

There’s a killdozer mod for GTA 5


2018-08-01 01:00:33 UTC

I was up since 5 this morning and just got done working out and I feel like shit.

2018-08-01 02:38:08 UTC


2018-08-01 02:42:55 UTC

He called out the jew

2018-08-01 02:43:01 UTC

He was killed and slandered

2018-08-01 03:17:50 UTC

he was a nigger

2018-08-01 03:40:41 UTC

there are niggers and there are negros, one is a stupid dumb nigger and they other is just a negro

2018-08-01 05:58:05 UTC


2018-08-01 07:21:52 UTC

^^^^^The link is legit, the video has share features disabled

2018-08-01 07:22:15 UTC

Patriot front attacks occupy ICE and antifa

2018-08-01 07:27:16 UTC

This was in Texas hahaha

2018-08-01 07:31:03 UTC


2018-08-01 07:31:43 UTC

Not bad

2018-08-01 07:34:29 UTC

I always thought that pic is photoshopped

2018-08-01 07:48:10 UTC

Idk maybe it is

2018-08-01 07:48:45 UTC

Either way

2018-08-01 07:51:05 UTC

They wrecked the squatters

2018-08-01 09:25:29 UTC

the beaner at the end

2018-08-01 09:25:33 UTC


2018-08-01 12:18:24 UTC


2018-08-01 12:18:27 UTC


2018-08-01 12:18:44 UTC


2018-08-01 12:18:52 UTC


2018-08-01 12:19:41 UTC


2018-08-01 12:19:55 UTC


2018-08-01 12:20:15 UTC


2018-08-01 12:30:10 UTC

@Epic Pardner *tips* I am feeling it as well.

2018-08-01 12:30:39 UTC


2018-08-01 14:32:06 UTC


2018-08-01 16:33:54 UTC

Supposedly Antifa is bringing guns to confront the freedom march

2018-08-01 16:40:03 UTC

I doubt it

2018-08-01 16:40:22 UTC

They’re not willing to actually use them

2018-08-01 16:40:44 UTC

@texan man yes, the guns with the orange tips

2018-08-01 16:40:57 UTC

But they don’t want to deescalate either

2018-08-01 16:41:19 UTC

Antifascists in Portland are pretty violent

2018-08-01 16:41:27 UTC

So I’d imagine there’ll just be a brawl

2018-08-01 17:53:09 UTC

These fucking people are hypnotized.

2018-08-01 17:53:58 UTC

This has to be some hypnotic shit involved, Antifa are hallucinating shit.

2018-08-01 17:59:28 UTC

Looks like someone punched Alex Jones recently, notice his left eye.

2018-08-01 17:59:42 UTC

Looks bloodshot.

2018-08-01 18:02:48 UTC

@Maxon ak47’s chambered in 6mm

2018-08-01 18:23:28 UTC

Here's that Paul Atreides guy who was in vetting a while back, might wanna give that guy a second look https://www.bitchute.com/video/m88DQKcbn0kv/

2018-08-01 18:23:29 UTC

I'm pissed off

2018-08-01 18:23:44 UTC

That twitter video

2018-08-01 18:23:49 UTC

keeps playing and playing in my head

2018-08-01 18:23:58 UTC

the screams of an aryan man

2018-08-01 18:24:05 UTC

helpless against his invaders

2018-08-01 18:24:06 UTC

I can't even watch Twatter vids, they banned me for life

2018-08-01 18:26:41 UTC

you can't even see that link?

2018-08-01 18:26:55 UTC

I can see the link but I can't view any of the videos.

2018-08-01 18:27:07 UTC


2018-08-01 18:27:14 UTC

well you should be glad

2018-08-01 18:27:17 UTC

I'd have to watch it through someone's cam.

2018-08-01 18:27:22 UTC

it's making my blood boil hours later

2018-08-01 18:27:26 UTC

I'll show you tonight

2018-08-01 18:27:45 UTC

We need to make a compilation of videos into a single video to radicalize people.

2018-08-01 18:28:00 UTC

with shit like what you're describing

2018-08-01 18:28:46 UTC

Some folks are about ready to be pushed over the edge.

2018-08-01 18:35:18 UTC

If Paul Atreides applies again or if he's still waiting to be vetted, I'm putting in a good word for him here, he's a good dude, one of ourguys for sure. I give him my seal of approval.

2018-08-01 18:39:23 UTC


2018-08-01 19:06:15 UTC

looks like south africa is heading to a race war

2018-08-01 19:07:10 UTC

if it starts and you don't see me on here for along time then you know were im going.

2018-08-01 19:19:29 UTC

^^This might be the spark that finally starts the fire

2018-08-01 19:22:24 UTC


2018-08-01 19:29:12 UTC

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