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2018-07-23 04:28:53 UTC

realistically you are jim turner

2018-07-23 04:29:01 UTC

blue dog former dem congressman

2018-07-23 04:29:06 UTC

chet edwards!

2018-07-23 04:29:53 UTC

i wish those are the cool dudes

2018-07-23 04:30:06 UTC

i mean

2018-07-23 04:30:13 UTC

texas used to be all blue dogs

2018-07-23 04:30:58 UTC


2018-07-23 04:31:13 UTC

people keep messing with my discord nickname on one of the channels for atlasia

2018-07-23 04:33:29 UTC

howdy Bagel!

2018-07-23 04:33:33 UTC

how's it going?

2018-07-23 04:33:51 UTC

alright thanks, u?

2018-07-23 04:34:21 UTC

great. really hope we can pull you over the line here

2018-07-23 04:34:28 UTC

anybody seen yankee yet?

2018-07-23 04:35:02 UTC

idk why I always have to be Ed Frggin Gillespie

2018-07-23 04:35:31 UTC

apparently this isn't a centrist friendly election LOL

2018-07-23 04:35:49 UTC

I think I'm screwed

2018-07-23 04:35:59 UTC


2018-07-23 04:36:04 UTC

vote for yank

2018-07-23 04:36:27 UTC

yank wont pull me through

2018-07-23 04:36:53 UTC

you'll be at 4

2018-07-23 04:36:59 UTC

4 > 3 you're through

2018-07-23 04:37:27 UTC

Im f&cked dude

2018-07-23 04:38:00 UTC

You still have time Bagel

2018-07-23 04:38:06 UTC


2018-07-23 04:39:00 UTC

@Deleted User gotta say, it has been a pleasure knowing ya

2018-07-23 04:39:10 UTC


2018-07-23 04:39:42 UTC

you as well spark

2018-07-23 04:39:49 UTC

but you already know that lol

2018-07-23 04:40:30 UTC

Know what

2018-07-23 04:41:18 UTC

You might win Bagel

2018-07-23 04:41:34 UTC

f$ck no

2018-07-23 04:41:57 UTC

I bet Oprah Winfrey cooking pan I dont

2018-07-23 04:42:06 UTC


2018-07-23 04:42:53 UTC

srsly tho where tf is yankee

2018-07-23 04:42:57 UTC

f$ck life

2018-07-23 04:43:04 UTC


2018-07-23 04:43:10 UTC

its just a seat

2018-07-23 04:43:29 UTC

That Bagel would lose by 1 vote

2018-07-23 04:43:39 UTC

yeah its tough

2018-07-23 04:43:46 UTC

but you gotta keep going

2018-07-23 04:43:51 UTC

And weโ€™d miss out on a great #ModerateHero

2018-07-23 04:44:05 UTC

who tf even is spark

2018-07-23 04:44:13 UTC

good guy

2018-07-23 04:44:24 UTC

he might be through anyways, even with just 3 we'll see

2018-07-23 04:44:30 UTC

@Oldenfranck The tone..

2018-07-23 04:44:42 UTC

I seriously have no idea who u are

2018-07-23 04:44:51 UTC


2018-07-23 04:44:58 UTC

Well get to know me then soon

2018-07-23 04:44:59 UTC

no spark

2018-07-23 04:44:59 UTC

oh, spark, sorry

2018-07-23 04:45:09 UTC

We want you in the Chamber

2018-07-23 04:45:17 UTC

who is spark on atlas

2018-07-23 04:45:26 UTC


2018-07-23 04:45:29 UTC


2018-07-23 04:45:37 UTC


2018-07-23 04:45:39 UTC

never heard of them

2018-07-23 04:45:41 UTC

that is itlol

2018-07-23 04:45:43 UTC

Guys heโ€™s done ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

2018-07-23 04:45:52 UTC


2018-07-23 04:45:59 UTC

cuz I said so

2018-07-23 04:45:59 UTC

He doesnโ€™t even know who I am

2018-07-23 04:46:23 UTC
2018-07-23 04:46:55 UTC

Bagel, how it works is our overflow will come down

2018-07-23 04:47:10 UTC

I think you're still ahead because of all the Fed votes

2018-07-23 04:47:18 UTC

Quite dubious if you ask me @Deleted User

2018-07-23 04:47:19 UTC

and take a piss on me

2018-07-23 04:47:52 UTC

I mean, you arent a extrememly frequent poster tbf

2018-07-23 04:48:08 UTC

Not in here no

2018-07-23 04:48:40 UTC

Oh well at least the house party for Allred can still make a difference sniffles

2018-07-23 04:48:51 UTC


2018-07-23 04:48:55 UTC

dude you ain't dead yet ๐Ÿ˜‰

2018-07-23 04:49:03 UTC


2018-07-23 04:49:09 UTC

Say it with me DOA, DOA

2018-07-23 04:49:12 UTC


2018-07-23 04:49:25 UTC

Besides we all die eventually, at least I tried my best

2018-07-23 04:49:43 UTC

meh, wait till all the shouting's over ๐Ÿ˜‰

2018-07-23 04:49:49 UTC

I hought there was stilla day for voting

2018-07-23 04:49:52 UTC

yankee likes to give us heart attacks

2018-07-23 04:50:01 UTC

yeah I thought it was next week. why I didn't speechify.

2018-07-23 04:50:13 UTC

fhtagn messaged me yesterday so I started campaigning

2018-07-23 04:50:14 UTC

Bagel we think youโ€™re great honestly

2018-07-23 04:50:16 UTC

yankee is an aneurysm

2018-07-23 04:50:37 UTC

I know what thatโ€™s like I lost a lot too

2018-07-23 04:50:50 UTC

weren't you up in lincoln?

2018-07-23 04:50:56 UTC

Now Iโ€™m a #ModerateHero

2018-07-23 04:51:04 UTC

And yeah @Deleted User

2018-07-23 04:51:10 UTC

moderate heroes ftw!

2018-07-23 04:51:11 UTC

that's a tough road

2018-07-23 04:51:25 UTC

I agree but I perform well for a Fed

2018-07-23 04:51:54 UTC

moderates are getting f? icked so is the country

2018-07-23 04:52:24 UTC

I have a lotta respect for any fed who's won in lincoln. I've never gotten a single vote outside the south

2018-07-23 04:53:16 UTC

lincoln is a different battleground

2018-07-23 04:53:21 UTC

Thanks I was elected Assemblyman last year and resigned halfway through the term due to IRL commitments wonโ€™t happen again

2018-07-23 04:53:26 UTC

u gotta have crossover appeal uphere

2018-07-23 04:53:50 UTC

Lost two bids for Gov

2018-07-23 04:53:53 UTC

I just ain't someone who would appeal up there

2018-07-23 04:54:03 UTC

I understand

2018-07-23 04:54:15 UTC

Now I found my home in the South!

2018-07-23 04:54:23 UTC

it's nice! ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

2018-07-23 04:54:28 UTC

I like it

2018-07-23 04:54:28 UTC

Good place

2018-07-23 04:54:40 UTC

Have some great support

2018-07-23 04:54:50 UTC

besides back in the day we had enough troubles here too with cottonfield

2018-07-23 04:55:16 UTC

@Spark youll come back home someday

2018-07-23 04:56:02 UTC

yankee's gonna make us wait lol

2018-07-23 04:56:17 UTC

I will eventually @Deleted User

2018-07-23 04:56:56 UTC

nah, he's gonna hook up with some chick and who wants to go back to winter? ๐Ÿ˜‰

2018-07-23 04:57:30 UTC

...ok BK

2018-07-23 04:57:57 UTC

could bagel actually win?

2018-07-23 04:58:08 UTC

yes, he can because there's more fed votes

2018-07-23 04:58:21 UTC

all the surplus will get transferred down

2018-07-23 04:58:24 UTC

goddamnit yankee

2018-07-23 04:59:54 UTC

Iโ€™m sorry @Oldenfranck

2018-07-23 05:00:06 UTC


2018-07-23 05:00:08 UTC

thats one

2018-07-23 05:00:23 UTC

BK may be right weโ€™ll see

2018-07-23 05:00:36 UTC

yeah I think so. but I'm not running my spreads.

2018-07-23 05:00:42 UTC

hope yankee's alright

2018-07-23 05:02:42 UTC

I knew it, what did I friggin say?!

2018-07-23 05:03:15 UTC

I may seem like a [email protected] but I know a thing or two like when I am screwed.

2018-07-23 05:05:53 UTC

lotta silence obviously after all of this... the truth speaks and Insha Allah I spoke it

2018-07-23 05:07:53 UTC

Bagel, you're not yet done

2018-07-23 05:08:01 UTC

Magma hasn't ran the transitivity

2018-07-23 05:08:11 UTC

how the votes get reallocated

2018-07-23 05:09:43 UTC

this sh!thole is so [email protected] far left that it wouldn't vote for me if a life dependended on it (none do not but you get the point)

2018-07-23 05:10:07 UTC

meant none do sorry typo

2018-07-24 03:00:48 UTC

oh shit @Oldenfranck got elected

2018-07-24 03:07:04 UTC


2018-07-24 03:09:10 UTC


2018-07-24 03:10:02 UTC

oh I though the tahoe dude won

2018-07-24 03:10:32 UTC

I think we all thought Thumb won ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

2018-07-24 03:10:36 UTC


2018-07-24 03:10:49 UTC

lol thanks

2018-07-24 03:12:19 UTC

@Oldenfranck I've been thinking about it all day, do you think I'd be a good fit for Minnesota?

2018-07-24 03:12:43 UTC


2018-07-24 03:52:16 UTC

there is an error in peeb's count

2018-07-24 03:52:28 UTC

I should have 6 and Bagel 3.

2018-07-24 03:52:39 UTC

she might not have counted TG

2018-07-24 03:52:53 UTC

because she shouldnt count

2018-07-24 03:53:03 UTC

I thought that, but Bagel still only has 3

2018-07-24 03:53:10 UTC

let me count again

2018-07-24 03:57:33 UTC

there are only three first prefs for bagel. Mr. Reactionary, Bagel 23 and Mondale

2018-07-24 03:58:10 UTC

for some reason Peebs has the right number of votes, but has one off from me and one assigned to bagel

2018-07-24 03:58:33 UTC


2018-07-24 03:59:45 UTC

you see what I'm saying, LT?

2018-07-24 04:00:42 UTC


2018-07-24 04:01:29 UTC

do we wait for the Laborites to report this or what?

2018-07-24 04:02:49 UTC

I'm sure they would notice it themselves

2018-07-24 04:05:15 UTC

we'll see. I think they have like 24 hours until the election is certified

2018-07-24 04:05:46 UTC

I think the law gives a week to contest results

2018-07-24 04:05:53 UTC

does it?

2018-07-24 04:06:03 UTC

That's what i heard

2018-07-24 04:06:38 UTC

But a certification must be done within 24 hours

2018-07-24 04:06:56 UTC

And then there's a week to contest it

2018-07-24 04:07:09 UTC

ok, hum. I guess we wait and see what they say

2018-07-24 04:08:14 UTC

LT do you know when we swear in?

2018-07-24 04:08:20 UTC

is it right after certification?

2018-07-24 04:08:57 UTC

I think you all swear in on thursday

2018-07-24 04:11:00 UTC

ok, well, if the results are certified and not contested Bagel should swear in anyways

2018-07-24 23:44:05 UTC

ok, it looks as though nobody's spotted the error, though peebs still has time on the clock to fix things. she has about 5 hours

2018-07-25 00:47:26 UTC

Yeah itโ€™ll be fine

2018-07-25 00:47:51 UTC

looks like yankee got his vote in anyways LOL

2018-07-25 05:16:42 UTC

more than five hours later...

2018-07-25 05:22:32 UTC

Congrats @Oldenfranck

2018-07-25 05:22:37 UTC

Knew you would make it

2018-07-25 05:44:26 UTC


2018-07-25 05:45:05 UTC

Victory Banner


2018-07-25 08:00:32 UTC

congrats Bagel! ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

2018-07-25 17:51:40 UTC

@Oldenfranck so now you lost again. I would challenge those results

2018-07-25 19:15:27 UTC

no I conceded again

2018-07-25 19:15:40 UTC

I'm keeping the banner though lol

2018-07-25 19:15:57 UTC

he fixed the error.

2018-07-25 19:16:02 UTC

sorry Bagel ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

2018-07-25 19:16:31 UTC

but if YT gets nominated, would you consider running the election for his seat?

2018-07-25 19:22:33 UTC

few chances, the far left forum is a toxic electorate of which I stand little chance

2018-07-25 19:23:40 UTC

there's enough feds out there for you to win. if I can win so can you

2018-07-25 19:25:42 UTC

this party does not have my back leaving me few to no routes to win

2018-07-25 19:26:02 UTC

there very slim chances of any runs in the near future

2018-07-25 19:26:08 UTC

why do you say that?

2018-07-25 19:26:09 UTC


2018-07-25 19:27:46 UTC

People give me low pref when I need it most, I'm always the last fed priorty in the war room, I have seen others saying they would rather give their votes elsewhere cuz I'm meh, others like saint simply won't hardly vote for me, Leinad tried to put me last in the past winter and only Fhtagn exposed that whole thing

2018-07-25 19:28:26 UTC

there were so many feds who just left gave their votes to people who were already gonna win or only went to choice 3 or 4 and just left me off completely

2018-07-25 19:28:56 UTC

we had plenty of votes between everyone to seat 5 feds

2018-07-25 19:29:03 UTC

well, I was there in the war room. the discussion was how to get you in and how to allocate votes to do so. Yankee planned to vote for you and I had a conversation with him

2018-07-25 19:29:15 UTC

he was delayed due to his ride not showing up in time.

2018-07-25 19:29:26 UTC

not just this cycle, but the past ones as well

2018-07-25 19:29:42 UTC

I made several calls for folks to vote for you and Reactionary who wanted to vote for me, voted for you

2018-07-25 19:29:44 UTC

hell, young texan told me that as well, it's not just me

2018-07-25 19:30:03 UTC

I am sorry you've had bad experiences in the past, but you would be my selection for that seat if you so want it

2018-07-25 19:30:16 UTC

I would consider it a top priority to keep our majority in the south.

2018-07-25 19:31:04 UTC

@Oldenfranck there are no special elections in the South, youcan get nominated to YTs seat though

2018-07-25 19:31:20 UTC

well, if that's the case, then I will happily nominate him

2018-07-25 19:31:25 UTC

I'm no EInstein I know when I get left out in the cold and others take notice too


2018-07-25 19:31:41 UTC

Well it's tmth who nominates

2018-07-25 19:31:56 UTC

I applied several times for a vancancy under diptheridian and I even voted for him several times, and he never even gave me a [email protected] response

2018-07-25 19:32:02 UTC

that's another example

2018-07-25 19:32:05 UTC

yes, and I promise to talk to TM about it

2018-07-25 19:32:06 UTC

of being left in the cold

2018-07-25 19:32:34 UTC

you were the one not elected who would have been elected had yankee showed up. In my eyes that makes you our first choice

2018-07-25 19:32:37 UTC

not even a one sentence response saying no. I got nothing no response nada

2018-07-25 19:32:52 UTC

I can't say how things were in the past, Bagel, but I can change things today

2018-07-25 19:33:21 UTC

that's just an insulting sh!tthrow in my face. I at least deserved a response for the time and care I put into that

2018-07-25 19:33:40 UTC

well, I'm sorry for that. ok?

2018-07-25 19:34:24 UTC

I'm sure maybe some are, but now you can see that I'm right in saying that the fed party has changed a lot of the past 1 1/2 years and really left many people behind

2018-07-25 19:34:48 UTC

How so

2018-07-25 19:34:49 UTC

Bagel, I wasn't there. but that was the past and this is now

2018-07-25 19:34:55 UTC

am I leaving you out in the cold?

2018-07-25 19:35:27 UTC

Bagel we tried our best to get you elected

2018-07-25 19:35:49 UTC

you can look at the war room and at our discussion there.

2018-07-25 19:36:00 UTC

no you arent ben, I never blamed you

2018-07-25 19:36:24 UTC

I want you to serve with me! Please!

2018-07-25 19:36:49 UTC

this way if a vacancy comes up I can go to TM and say, "I'd like Bagel to be our nominee to keep our majority"

2018-07-25 19:37:37 UTC

People just talk sh!t behind my back as well and just tryna sabotage, this was earlier this year


2018-07-25 19:38:18 UTC

This was the governor of the south who I loyally supported


2018-07-25 19:38:34 UTC

Leinad doesnโ€™t represent the party

2018-07-25 19:38:38 UTC

Heโ€™s out of office

2018-07-25 19:38:51 UTC

Carries very little sway over things at the moment

2018-07-25 19:38:56 UTC

Leinad is old news

2018-07-25 19:39:00 UTC

Donโ€™t pay any mind to him

2018-07-25 19:39:07 UTC

He's burned out of atlasia

2018-07-25 19:39:29 UTC

I like Leinad, personally. I have worked with him and served with him as a delegate in the past

2018-07-25 19:39:38 UTC

but we're a party and we stick together.

2018-07-25 19:39:42 UTC

literally you too LT

2018-07-25 19:40:02 UTC

I have no animus to you Bagel, and you have my support.

2018-07-25 19:40:05 UTC

behind my back

2018-07-25 19:40:11 UTC

I just said that to keep him from raging at me

2018-07-25 19:40:17 UTC

At the moment

2018-07-25 19:40:33 UTC


2018-07-25 19:41:49 UTC

@Oldenfranck did you know that Leinad helped sabotage my reelection bid for lincoln senate in april

2018-07-25 19:41:58 UTC

By voting for wells

2018-07-25 19:42:14 UTC

And counter GOTVing against me

2018-07-25 19:42:42 UTC

I got fucked over by leinad too

2018-07-25 19:42:45 UTC

I really regret getting lured into this party by DFW Liberty Lover

2018-07-25 19:42:54 UTC

I'm too loyal to leave though

2018-07-25 19:43:11 UTC

@Oldenfranck we want to help you win elections

2018-07-25 19:43:19 UTC

And have a seat at the table

2018-07-25 19:44:13 UTC

But you need to put in the effort to win as well, did you pm any voters this election @Oldenfranck

2018-07-25 19:44:14 UTC

Rn I'm ok, but I really hope America at large is not headed into a similar ideological sh!thole that Atlas is in... I think eventually though it will

2018-07-25 19:44:19 UTC

a few

2018-07-25 19:44:40 UTC

Well this is the internet

2018-07-25 19:45:08 UTC

The left will always have an easier time recruiting and having majorities in the game

2018-07-25 19:45:16 UTC

I don't like pming voters that much since whenever I get them I get pissed off and view them as spam, so I try to look from voter perspective and I just tried to run a good platform on a thread

2018-07-25 19:45:43 UTC

Bagel, PMs are how this game is lost and won.

2018-07-25 19:45:47 UTC

Well tbh you made a big mistake posting that toilet pic

2018-07-25 19:45:50 UTC


2018-07-25 19:45:56 UTC


2018-07-25 19:46:21 UTC

Because it doesnt look appealing and classy in the minds of voters

2018-07-25 19:46:53 UTC

I guess I could have made it better from hindsight

2018-07-25 19:47:11 UTC

I was on my own tryna do my best though, I got no advisors or nothing

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