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2017-06-10 15:09:28 UTC

Nah not a rush.

2017-06-10 15:09:38 UTC

I usually take several days to complete a video.

2017-06-10 15:09:45 UTC


2017-06-10 15:10:30 UTC

Indeed, white power.

2017-06-10 15:12:01 UTC

Well I think I jus tliked my own message like a narcissistic asshole.

2017-06-10 21:15:08 UTC

@TNB the marshmallow study is good but I don't know if they break it down by race

2017-06-10 21:15:23 UTC

The best studies are IQ and brain structure stuff

2017-06-13 02:36:22 UTC

@vaultright Thanks I will check it out.

2017-06-15 06:22:15 UTC


2017-06-15 06:22:15 UTC


2017-06-18 05:13:39 UTC

Summary of Human Differences
We are often told that all men are created equal, but this is the biggest lie in world history. Not one person was ever born equal to another; some people have worse hearing and some people have better, some people are blind and some people have better than perfect vision. It is obvious when this is examined that this notion is simply lunacy. The crux of inequality applies not only in regards to the differences in the sexes (as centrists like Sargon of Akkad like to point out), but to even beyond that in the human races. These racial differences can even be broken down further into ethnic group differences, but the broadest category that covers the most differences is race. “What actually is race?” you may ask. Well race is simply put, the taxonomically defined different genetic ancestral groups. Races can be identified by genetic testing, bone structure, skull shape, skull size, and a variety of different biological aspects. Races score differently on intelligence tests, and these intelligence tests are 50-80% genetically determined. (As evidenced by twins reared apart studies, transracial adoption studies, and genes being identified in association with intelligence) This is due to the evolutionary differences in how groups evolved. Some groups (Europeans and East Asians) evolved in the far north where cold winters and agriculture accelerated the development of civilization. It put a higher bar for traits like intelligence and deferral of gratification. This is evidenced by the work of Philippe Rushton, Richard Lynn, Charles Murray, Steven Pinker, and the many other accredited social scientists who have studied this topic. This is a large part of the explanation for why there is such large socioeconomic inequality in the world.

2017-06-18 05:14:59 UTC

2017-06-18 07:51:07 UTC

This is so true

2017-06-18 12:01:51 UTC


2017-06-18 12:02:11 UTC

this is on the sexes rather than race

2017-06-18 22:21:57 UTC

2017-06-18 22:34:48 UTC


2017-06-19 00:05:51 UTC

how long is this?

2017-06-20 06:52:36 UTC

In fact, a case
where a person of one nationality is closer genetically to someone
of a distant nationality than to his or her own compatriots
never happens. If you’re Swedish, every Swede (not counting
recent immigrants) is genetically closer to you than any person
in Japan.

2017-06-21 08:50:53 UTC

For whatever reason, a lot of people think that regression to the mean will keep happening to someone’s descendants until they research original population’s mean. This is not true. Once the next generation inherits an additive genetic advantage in some trait it keeps it. Their kids and their grand kids will continue to have it.

2017-06-23 04:26:02 UTC

Can anyone here please link to evidence that hapas are more likely to have mental health problems?

2017-06-23 04:30:45 UTC
2017-06-23 04:33:02 UTC


2017-06-23 04:33:37 UTC

He's arguing "no it's actually different if they are specifically Japanese-German hapas"

2017-06-23 04:33:47 UTC

What a retard

2017-06-23 04:34:35 UTC

Because they'll be the master race or something

2017-06-23 04:34:36 UTC

@asdf this applies universally

2017-06-23 04:35:06 UTC

Objectives. This study compared the health and risk status of adolescents who identify with 1 race with those identifying with more than 1 race.

2017-06-23 04:35:14 UTC

Conclusions. Adolescents who self-identify as more than 1 race are at higher health and behavior risks. The findings are compatible with interpreting the elevated risk of mixed race as associated with stress.

2017-06-27 00:48:25 UTC

speaking of which

2017-06-27 00:48:41 UTC

two idiots with no expertise are mad at Rage After the Storm

2017-06-27 00:51:28 UTC

@vaultright apologize for the tag but misinfo annoys me

2017-06-27 00:51:38 UTC

and I want people to know this will be happening

2017-06-27 01:17:22 UTC

kraut and jeff are about to go full steven jay gould on us @The Goat

2017-06-27 01:42:09 UTC

I'd like to see what the have to say lol

2017-06-27 01:44:47 UTC

Probably radical centrist nonsense

2017-06-27 02:09:20 UTC

if you want a taste of Holiday (it seems like his thing, just using Kraut's platform) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XUs2ZdLksSc&t=52s

2017-07-08 00:51:17 UTC


2017-07-08 00:51:23 UTC

I think iowa is a good place to live

2017-07-08 01:13:16 UTC

Not very scenic compared to other Midwest states, but probably the most conservative.

2017-07-10 04:19:34 UTC

Dr. Sakaluk,
My roommate had some reading assigned to him in class and I decided to read the article as well. I felt like some of the claims that it made were wrong and I wanted your opinion. Below is a quote from the article.
“There is no biological basis for classifying race according to skin color instead of body form—or according to any other variable, for that matter. All that exists is variability in what people look like—and the arbitrary and culturally specific ways different societies classify that variability. There is nothing left over that can be called race. This is why race is a myth.”

It’s my understanding that we can almost exactly classify people, surely not based on some phenotype but based on things like haplogroups and mitochondrial DNA. Putting people into a "Race" is surely a shallow classification but it could be done. Is this incorrect? This article later goes on to talk about how Americans believe that an Avocado is a vegetable because they eat it in salad but a Brazilian will tell you it’s a fruit because they eat it with sugar; and that just like this example cultural differences change the perspectives of people. This still doesn't change the fact that an Avocado is a fruit. I feel like this article conflates a lot of scientific topics. Specifically saying that simply because there is no accurate way to classify people based on phenotype that there is no way to classify them at all. Am I wrong?

2017-07-11 17:01:28 UTC

I've gotten to a point where debating people on this has become tiresome. I've just become smug and sarcastic. If you're debating someone about race realism ask them to describe the process of Evolution to you. Ask them to describe the specific selection pressures that confer adaptations to mammals and how they work. If a person doesn't understand the biological principle of Adaptive Radiation then debating them will literally go nowhere.

2017-07-11 17:03:44 UTC

I've realized the most vocal people discussing and pushing the (((Narrative))) that we are all the same have no idea what they are talking about.

2017-07-11 17:05:12 UTC

In spite of all that

2017-07-11 17:05:17 UTC

I can't tell you how much I enjoyed speaking with you. I will be out-of-town for the next month, but I definitely want to get together with your group later in the Fall.

Thanks for sending the article. I know Pigliucci through science, and in fact, he reviewed parts of one of my books.

Doug Whitman

2017-07-11 17:05:37 UTC

that's the e-mail i recieved from Whitman

2017-07-11 22:34:03 UTC
2017-07-12 01:57:18 UTC

Regression Happens Once

For whatever reason, a lot of people think that regression to the mean will keep happening to someone’s descendants until they research original population’s mean. This is not true. Once the next generation inherits an additive genetic advantage in some trait it keeps it. Their kids and their grand kids will continue to have it.

Were this not true, evolution would be impossible. Every time a mutation resulted in a genetic change in a trait the next few generations would simply regress back to where the trait was before. Evolution happens, and so regression to the mean clearly does not work this way.

Let’s imagine that my height is 100% the result of a new additive mutation that makes people 50% further, in a positive direction, from their sexes mean height than average. Let’s also assume that my mate has the same new mutation. We are the only two people who have it. We will both give that mutation our kids. They will be just as tall as us. After all, they have the same genes that made us tall. There is nowhere else for the genes to go. Thus, no regression to the mean happens, right?

Well, yes and no. Yes, my kids are just as far from the original population’s height mean as I am. However, the population’s mean height has changed. Thanks to the new mutation being given to my kids, the population’s mean height has risen. Thus, the distance between my kids height and the population mean is less than the initial distance between my height and the population mean was. So, there is a sense in which, as the mutation continues to be spread across the population, everyone will return to “the mean”. But it will be a new mean, and that is not regression to the mean.

2017-07-13 08:08:31 UTC

Catholicism is the third position of religion https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/m/pubmed/17576356/

2017-07-15 13:08:40 UTC

so it marries volk with loyalty to God?

2017-07-15 13:08:43 UTC

sounds about right

2017-07-15 13:08:53 UTC

trad cath that is

2017-07-18 03:27:08 UTC

2017-07-18 03:27:22 UTC

2017-07-18 03:27:45 UTC

2017-07-18 03:29:51 UTC

2017-07-18 03:30:14 UTC

2017-07-19 19:22:19 UTC

@vaultright got any good stuff explaining how Sub suharan africans are far worse than 'African Americans' ?

2017-07-26 07:06:41 UTC

Jews aren't human

2017-07-26 07:49:42 UTC

Do you see slavs as White?

2017-07-26 07:51:01 UTC

Pale skin, hair clolor varries as well their eyes. I'd classify that as white

2017-07-26 07:52:38 UTC

Me on the other hand I look like belong in some cave in the depths of Afghanistan

2017-07-26 07:53:05 UTC

Or driving an Uber speaking Armenian

2017-07-26 07:53:13 UTC

Same difference tbh

2017-07-26 07:56:15 UTC


2017-07-26 15:47:47 UTC

Slavs are indo european they are white

2017-07-26 16:40:10 UTC

Well, Indians are also Indo-Europeans

2017-07-26 16:40:14 UTC

And Iranians

2017-07-26 16:40:31 UTC

Armenians, Kurds, Georgians

2017-07-26 16:40:41 UTC

You see what I am getting at kek?

2017-07-26 17:11:38 UTC
2017-07-26 17:49:29 UTC

And all those people would have been much whiter before the turkish and arab invasions

2017-07-26 17:50:10 UTC

I would describe myself as white.

2017-07-26 21:03:22 UTC

Sounds iffy...

2017-07-27 11:35:52 UTC

Kek, I agree.

2017-07-27 11:38:56 UTC

But to answer you, I have brown wavey hair, hazel eyes and tanned skin.

2017-07-27 11:41:00 UTC

Atleast, I am not a chimpanize or a nigger.

2017-07-27 11:41:21 UTC

Other wise, I wouldn't be able to make this conversation we are having currently.

2017-07-27 13:02:19 UTC

Hazel eyes are master race eyes my dood

2017-07-27 13:02:30 UTC


2017-07-27 13:02:52 UTC

Where are you from? @Abaraxs, Lord of Hosts

2017-07-27 13:03:03 UTC

Australia, mate.

2017-07-27 13:03:14 UTC

New south wales

2017-07-27 13:03:20 UTC

I see

2017-07-27 13:03:40 UTC

Probably huwite <:KKomrade:261639983457107978>

2017-07-27 13:04:45 UTC

Nah, I am a "Syrian Refugee" who fucks Swedish women.

2017-07-27 13:05:17 UTC

As seen here

2017-07-28 11:26:04 UTC

However will you recover from all this "enlightened" skepticism

2017-07-28 11:57:35 UTC

Looks like an Angsty Modern Art exibition

2017-07-28 12:09:19 UTC

He wont join the Alt right becasue he doesnt like the way "it devolves the human" and not evolves it.

2017-07-28 12:13:19 UTC


2017-07-28 12:14:13 UTC


2017-07-30 09:34:06 UTC


2017-07-30 09:48:30 UTC


2017-07-30 19:41:55 UTC

Hey does anyone have that data that shows the whole "blacks commit more crime because they're poor" thing is bullshit

2017-07-30 19:42:09 UTC

I've since lost it due to it being on my old phone which broke

2017-07-30 20:05:12 UTC


2017-07-30 20:05:46 UTC


2017-07-30 20:05:47 UTC


2017-07-30 20:06:55 UTC

that should work

2017-08-16 02:36:38 UTC

I was unable to purge some messages older than 14 days due to a limitation in Discord.

2017-08-16 03:05:40 UTC

vroom vroom

2017-08-16 04:09:06 UTC

vroom vroom

2017-08-16 09:08:48 UTC


2017-08-16 10:15:28 UTC

ALSO someone is a fucking time traveler... https://youtu.be/PvF9PAxe5Ng


2017-08-17 07:40:04 UTC

This should give you some additional information

2017-08-18 04:26:17 UTC

2017-08-18 16:18:43 UTC

I was talking shit with a dindu last night who claimed (before he blocked me) that white supremacists killed more Americans between 2000-2016 than radical Islamists, citing this as a source:


2017-08-18 16:19:20 UTC

The most violent year of WSE was 2015, with nine deaths.

2017-08-18 16:19:33 UTC

Confirming what we already know, that apparently dindus can't read. lol

2017-08-18 16:27:11 UTC


2017-08-27 19:02:31 UTC


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