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Nope, leme' check him out

@Horatio Cary What passage was the anti semitism onb>

Josoph 8 - 11?

ok thanks John 4 exact?


@here someone give a good definition of Civic nationalist real fast


You guys should add a role named Brown shirts.

it is

Sieg Heil though


You know who the brown shirts are correct?

I'd think it fit



who are the vetted channels for?


Spyro69f 2017-06-19 02:27:27 [Safe Space 3 #news]

Wait was this a non muslim running over muslims?

Where is the role brownshirts


Me and a friend started betting how many 'no go zones' there'll be by the end of this year haha

@everyone What's the worst human you can possably think of

hahah Guys, move here to create a nation of just whites

Spyro69f 2017-06-20 22:12:49 [Safe Space 3 #news]

hahaha dope

@here So im still having trouble understanding that if blacks or Mexicans arn't in my intrest as a white person. Why do they vote for my intrest group. 29% of all mexicans voted for Trump (im going to be using Trump as my intrest for he stands for the white intrest group to preserve the constitution and stop the replacements of whites by slowing it down). 29% is still a very high number, and the main reason I blame it for being that low too is the left wing media pushing this narative that Trump is racist. And so fourth. I do think its an ideological thing, not as much as a genetic thing. If you bring a black to love Trump. He's going to love trump. If hes taught that he is a racist and wants to kill you and deport. you learn other.

Im saying it's high for someone who was pushed so hard as a racist who'll deportem' even the legals

29% of all mexicans who voted. Seems high. I mean if its so genetic. and souly genetic why is it that number.

I mean if mexicans vote demo and against my intrest. Why does a good 1/4+ vote mine.

Some have

That they vote against my intrest goup yes?

I mean if you say diff races have different intrest groups then mine. and have other visions. Why do they vote for a white intrest

1/4 of the mexican voting population are outliers

that seems a tad to big for outliers


Thats why I belive it should've been higher

becasue it was pushed so damn ruthlessly that he'll deport all them mexicans

@Tor wtf is that


Oh welfare

Ok here thats a good example


So if the dem party offers alot of walfare and promisies for that. Why wouldent they vote demo more

its in their intrest

also as i've heard from some other members. They tend to vote demo

Indeed, I do see that

But 1/4

29% of the entire mexican voting population. Is still waay too high

Spaniard decent

no meso american


I mean I understand that having all our own ethno states would prove very benifitial. I think America has slightly different hue to it when it comes to this.

@Tor But the benifets that the party who wants more immigration pushes welfare. which would help them.

srysly and actual ancap person



Im saying the DNC

hahah not GOP

and the DNC does

@Horatio Cary I mean but the mexican imigrants seem to vote with the original stock

a goof 29%


in what typing?

I see it as my main issue in this redpill

I mean im still trying to redpill myself. I think i've come to a more ethno-nationalist.


But when you have 29% of them and for someone who was pushed so hard as someone who wanted to deportem' I think that number seems to hard in my mind. I will have to ponder on this more I beleive

revert to what?


i'll guess we'll see. Trump 2020


I mean if it comes to that. im probably moving to an eastern European country with a majority white pop


I mean if it gets that bad is what im saying


No lol


I was born raised in texas

My dad was too. same as my mom

their parents where Irish and spaniard. But that was further down the line

All European.


@drinkbleach Indeed. im trying to eat


I do agree haha

"to suicide"


in the end, I think if we all had our own ethnic based countries for us to all develope sepretely. that'll work perfect.


lol really.

I thought I needed to hate the jew for that

there it is



I mean I can't just hate an entire group of ethnic people. I belive thats where we differ

even if there are good reasons. I still belive in the idea of induvidualism.



Idk it seems more of a conspirecy to me. (ik i cnat spell)

its based on some actions

I mean, im from america. Kinda what i've been born to think hahha

I mean. How can every jew know of this ethnic strat

thats the outlandish part


(every islamist wants too)

nope. not in their religion to blow us up

btw how the anti semitism in the bible was for the rabbis

the highers

I read more into it. he was angry at the higher jews. @drinkbleach I mean it sounds very much like a conspiricy (All jews cotnrol the whites)

how long is this vid

leme check

oh god

I mean, I blame that on the idea of critical theory being taught in schools and somehow being pushed so hard now

Created by jews ik


I mean they're doing bad I understand.

it is? not here hahaha

you in europe?

AIght' I got some boxed mac. and my coca cola

I was. but it was christan. So it was not preverted


I have a mushroom dick now


@Tor Yes. But again. It just seems like a big conspirecy

I mean I see it. I just think I have to swollow it now.

the redpill that is




I have hahah.




no further explination


I wanted to check it out


How many alt righters/people who are aware of white genocide?


Wtf do we do. Be aware, Whats the future plans of the alt right

Spyro69f 2017-06-21 15:49:14 [Safe Space 3 #shitposting]

Way aheada ya

Is it bad that I listen to shalilay unironic

πŸ‘Œ πŸ˜‚
πŸ† πŸ’€ πŸ‘” πŸ†
πŸ›’ πŸ‘ƒ
⚑ 8=πŸ‘Š = D πŸ’¦
🎺 πŸ† πŸ’¦
πŸ‘’ πŸ‘’ <:Ancap:319246487416471555>

What about them who support Trump? 2020 maga


I think im the only one here who doesn't hate Knee grows


Wow, you found antidote evidence


Wait do you guys actually base your entire perception of blacks off of these apes?

It was degenerate

They bare the cross yet act like that

But basing my entire world view of blacks off of these select few is primitive and autistic


How many?

around 17%

What about the Whites who act like complete apes

lol I have no idea. lol is this the level of intulectuality here? the level of discorse?

you sound like those libs who say were always here to "troll"

So is this an echo chamber

What? no

Im an ethno nationalist


I want to learn your point

But you just said no one has time to try to explain

I belive we should have a whites only country and black only country


For us to prosper in our own way

I came in here a libertarian. Im now an ethno nationalist lol. some memebrs redpilled me

You're assuming

? there is no ethno nationalist role lol

Its just centrist, lib, or civ nat




I chose the one that it gave me an option to

To choose a role, type:
?centrist -> Centrist role
?civicnationalist -> Civic Nationalist role
?libertarian -> Libertarian role
?needsvetting -> to get interviewed for membership

Well there


Still looking mroe into it

I get the idea, but im not really into hating an entire race for some select few fucks

well if thats the case then im red pilled lol

I mean I really dont care about the JQ thing nearly as much


Jewish Question


Is this a speed run?

indeed. Their are some bad knegrows out there

Spyro69f 2017-06-28 23:35:33 [Safe Space 3 #news]

Oh dope

Sounds good


Says expired

Fun white it was





We just caught this

Spyro69f 2017-07-05 07:39:47 [Safe Space 3 #news]


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Spyro69f 2017-07-08 00:39:03 [Safe Space 3 #news]

Hell yeah

Race realism

Spyro69f 2017-07-10 11:21:06 [Safe Space 3 #news]


Spyro69f 2017-07-10 11:21:29 [Safe Space 3 #news]

A perfect gateway for the youth to hear actual facts that arn't twisted by the Kike <:REEEEEEEEEEE:319245722069499905>

They're going to try so hard, but they can't hide from the fact of the jude


Spyro69f 2017-07-11 23:13:54 [Safe Space 3 #news]


Spyro69f 2017-07-12 22:41:15 [Safe Space 3 #shitposting]

The future of America

Spyro69f 2017-07-12 22:41:17 [Safe Space 3 #shitposting]

End it all

Spyro69f 2017-07-13 02:45:03 [Safe Space 3 #news]



Spyro69f 2017-07-13 06:43:02 [Safe Space 3 #shitposting]

Smart and rational politics is further right

Spyro69f 2017-07-15 23:39:14 [Safe Space 3 #shitposting]


Spyro69f 2017-07-16 03:39:27 [Safe Space 3 #shitposting]

haha I think allsup is getting redpilled outside of his vids


I think he's getting there


Spyro69f 2017-07-17 04:49:21 [Safe Space 3 #shitposting]

oh my

This makes me depressed


I feel like even if my generation is racially aware it wont change the fact that we'll be replaced in the future

More of over here in America

Spyro69f 2017-07-21 03:04:14 [Safe Space 3 #news]

Based austria?

Spyro69f 2017-07-21 04:42:30 [Safe Space 3 #news]


Spyro69f 2017-07-21 04:42:34 [Safe Space 3 #news]

here leme get the link Americans and Euros only. I'm trying to get a serπŸ…±er for American Fascist up and running @everyone I have no shame

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Spyro69f 2017-07-25 19:31:52 [Safe Space 3 #shitposting]


Spyro69f 2017-07-28 11:57:35 [Safe Space 3 #rr]

Looks like an Angsty Modern Art exibition

Spyro69f 2017-07-28 12:09:19 [Safe Space 3 #rr]

He wont join the Alt right becasue he doesnt like the way "it devolves the human" and not evolves it.

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