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Internet fam

Nigger, I got fuck tonnes of thee

It's so fucking funny, because King Tut was half European

Tbh, we were Kangs rather than our grass skirt dancing friend here

Pale skin, hair clolor varries as well their eyes. I'd classify that as white

Me on the other hand I look like belong in some cave in the depths of Afghanistan

Or driving an Uber speaking Armenian

Same difference tbh

That's my name, Allah bless you, Infidel.

Kaffir's like you need to be strung up on telegraph polls.

Idk, I just feel like I need to act like a Jihadist

So, polls came to mind

Got to be Brutal, Goyim,

That's how Terrorism works

We wuz Kangz n shieeet

Take on Van!

Well, Indians are also Indo-Europeans

And Iranians

Armenians, Kurds, Georgians

You see what I am getting at kek?

I would describe myself as white.

Kek, I agree.

But to answer you, I have brown wavey hair, hazel eyes and tanned skin.

Atleast, I am not a chimpanize or a nigger.

Other wise, I wouldn't be able to make this conversation we are having currently.

Australia, mate.

New south wales

Nah, I am a "Syrian Refugee" who fucks Swedish women.

As seen here

Fuck you, leatherman.

It's so fucking deep.

Maybe you haven't considered the fact GOD fucking hates you!?


โ™‚Right Versionโ™‚


Gachi is life

Pffft, Heretic.

It's manly as fuck.

Good for your growing balls and Penis

Mongolian Wrestling tbh

Gooks can't fight unless they know Tai Chi

Then you're fucked

And you call yourself a Catholic Christian

Doing Chinese magic!

The Pleroma, and my name is Abraxas.

Aka I am Australian, and my name is Dylan kek

I am merely the fleshy incarnation of Abraxas

Abraxas is the All btw

Or the God above God

@Fireball Bastard Nigger this isn't Conan the Barbarian, I think you need to contemplate this on the tree of Woe.

@Fireball Bastard Us Stygians worship Seth, fam. You need to get some of muh magical hypgnosis all over your ass

Oh, I thought you were talking about the Connan universe XD

Ben Garrison XD

Yeah, he was a Samartrian

A good one at that

Jesus or the Christ figure?

Right, we going to frolck in the fields of Elsysian fam?



Sounds pretty boring tbh

I'd rather be one with Nature and Gaia tbh

I mean, like eternal death and destruction sounds pretty counter productive

Isn't Barbarism a form of degeneracy?

Yeah, picking flowers, singing, making art, poetry even carnial desires?

Sounds like the Chaos God Khorne has corrupted you, Brother Marine.

Who the fuck is going to see you in a forest?

Or a perrie

A metaphysical one at that

Which anything could happen

Why the fuck are children going on a hiking trip in some Greek Paradise?

This is some fucked up shit fam

I said Elsyium X

Not Valhalla

Yeah, an after life that still sucks tbh

Got to go for the Pleroma fam

Become one with the Monad

Or Abraxas

Or whatever he calls him/herself todday

Duality is fun

I would put Arabs above niggers tbh

Atleast they don't chimp out, just go out with a fantastical bang

Neo-Nazism, now with less citations.

God, atleast keep to the same script of Himmler.

We create gods to worship, it would be fitting for the gods to worship us!


Fuck, and when you thought Humanity couldn't go any lower.

The bar just drops like a Teenager's ballsack in june

Come fucking on!

Why do you strike me while the iron is still hot?

Sounds like the Torah.

Well, should I blow my brains out and try to convice God to hurry the apocalypse?

If there is one, judging by this, I am doubting it XD

Well, we are talking about people who burned alive my anccestors for being "Heretics" for beilving in a Religion which was older, Sethianism.

Now, that's a matterialist speaking^

Pffft, Hylic,

Don't mention those Apes

I live near those fucks

Feels like it

Where are my Aryans ๐Ÿ˜ญ

They want to look white

Ah, but you're not a Indo-Iranian

Iran = Aryan

Indians make me sick tbh

You got some good shit than it goes drinking piss and shitting in the streets

Got to keep to the good old days of Indian culture 700bc to 500bc

@Hard Truth My ancestors conquered Empires, while yours sat around getting high on shrooms in some frozen Fjord, actaully warm.

More of a Wine fan tbh

Also, mead

@Hard Truth You mean, Civilized people like their wine, Barbarian

don't really like Alcohole

It tates pretty shit

What about die jude?

Unless you're talking about your ass, purty boi

It's gonna go down like Shawshank Redemption fam

That move is pretty fucking sad tbh

An expression of empathy is better than one of apathy.

I was more sad about Heath Ledger not going to be the joker tbh

Yeah, because Love and Obsession aren't the same thing

Well, couldn't that just be said about all female life too?

OR male gentials*

@Fireball Bastard Well, shit this is a fucked up world if that is the case.

@Fireball Bastard Nigger! We are run by a fucking cosmic lunatic! Fucking Slugs! He Created Slugs!

He created slugs! They can't hear, speak they can't operiate machinary.

Are we not in the hands of a Lunatic?

If I were creating a world I wouldn't be messing about with butterflies and daffodils. I would of started with lazers 8'oclock day one!

I love that scene so much

Lazers are the best


........__, ,
....../ `---__----__] = = = = = D
.....), ---.(() /
....// (..) ), ----"

Send this GUN to everyone you care about including me if you care. C how many times you get this, if you get a 9 your A TRUE JEW

I wanted to see muh Swasitka

โ”ƒใ€€ใ€€โ— โ•โ•ใ€€ โ–ˆ โ”ƒ
โ”ƒโ–ˆ ur adopted. โ–ˆโ”ƒ
โ”ƒโ–ˆ -Mom&Dad โ–ˆโ”ƒ
โ”ƒใ€€ใ€€ใ€€โ—‹ใ€€ใ€€ใ€€ โ”ƒ

Yeah, they were beat by Turks in the conquering Constaninople game

@40K helper Nigger, where have you been??

@40K helper With your Knacker cousins?

The white Coconut

Wait, only half?

Ah, I see

Sounds like Heresy, brother Marine.

You missed out on so much

Join the General chat, nigger

Also, it's my birthday tommorrow

I am going to be 17 'n shieet

Deep, dark, fanatsies.

Man Englisi Sohbat nemikonam, nigger

Kids these days, with their yiffing, ywf, tbh, shm and kek

That's power!

Gachi will never get old

The meme is eternal

@Spyro69f I 'm a show you who's the boss of this Gym.

@Spyro69f Ah, fuck you, leatherman.

@Spyro69f Watch the Gachi, Colledge Boy!

See this has an ANime ass

Means it's not Gay at all..............

Better than being rick rolled ^


Nor Am I

I just love being a troll

Fallout with more angry slavs

Yeah, call of Pripyat style, nigger!

Hey, I was only after the Gachi, I'm not a Weaboo

When you think you're safe, a Exterminartis is called for being a Heretic.

Nah, I'd be more worried hanging around a Pyschoic Delta Psyker

There is always a chance for basically a greater demon to rape the ever living fuck out of you when you fuck up a roll

Or having gravity suddenly be reversed

Or it raining fucking blood, don't trust a fucking Psyker

They will fuck your game up

Atleast in Dark heresy

Have you guys ever played Black Crusade?

Because I got two rule/game pdfs of them

I like being a Heretic slowly subverting the planet to Heresy

Also being in a Hiveworld is just so dark and awesome

Also, most people put in threat levels depending on how open the Heresy is

Yeah, I find black crusade, rouge trader and dark heresy more intressting, it deals with a more urban enviroments and far more dealings with your average human scum rather than a war zone like in Only war or Deathwatch

Space aids

I hope they are not simply not Dark Eldar or Slaneesh worshipers

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